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Isles Analytics Livecast Monday 7:10 pm

On Monday night, we'll talk about the Islanders offseason from an analytics angle, with illustration, and what's happening currently with the team as it's now constructed.


In Focus: Defenseman Targets for the Islanders

garik looks at some players around the league who could help shore up the Islanders defense.

Day 2: Evaluating Grabovski and Kulemin signings

Nikolai Kulemin is a "former 30 goal scorer" in the say way Brad Boyes is a "former 40 goal scorer," but Kulemin's running mate Mikhail Grabovski may make the package deal worth it for the New York...


Closer Look: Evaluating Isles free agent signings

None were considered major, but a few New York Islanders free agent signings could be real asset in next year's campaign. Let's quickly go over some of their statistics, both fancy and otherwise,...

Recent Stat Comparables for Top 2014 Picks

Taking the points per game of the top 2014 NHL draft prospects and adjusting for age and historic comparables. Is Nikolaj Ehlers a guy worth going "off the board" for?

The 2013-14 Isles rookie forwards, and what's next

Over the last season, the Isles debuted a whole bunch of rookies for their first significant NHL time. In particular, four rookie forwards got at least 20 games played in the show, which is enough...

A PITCHf/x scouting report on Rafael Montero

What does Rafael Montero throw, and when and how does the throw it? Can his mix of pitches hold up at the major league level?


Raw 2013 and 2014 Neutral Zone Data for those who want to play with it.

I've just uploaded complete 2013 and 2014 Neutral Zone Data on to google docs for others to play with. Download the files, don't try reading them through google docs, they're too big.The Files: h...

Griffin Reinhart: Good news/Bad news

The always industrious garik16 takes a look at some reasons for optimism and worry about Islanders defensive prospect Griffin Reinhart.

2013-14 Neutral Zone Stats, and the Isles Future

A look at full-season neutral zone entry figures shows which New York Islanders are helping, and which ones are part of the problem.

Goaltending Options: What should the Isles do?

Everyone knows the New York Islanders desperately need to address their goaltending, but the likely available options this summer all carry caveats or red flags.


Isles Neutral Zone Play through 60 Games

A FanPost by garik16 on the Islanders play in the neutral zone. WITH GRAPHS!

WOWY: Brock Nelson makes every Islander better

Brock Nelson's many different linemates in 2013-14 makes him ripe for a "WOWY" analysis, and the data shows he is, well, really really good.

Isles D Analysis: Which pairs work, which don't?

A fair amount of criticism from New York Islanders fans this year has come from two parts of the team especially - the goaltending (which has been well covered by many many articles) and the...

Teaser: Isles D pair Corsi (Min. 30 TOI)

Here is the Corsi of each Islander defensive pair used for at least 30 minutes this year. Fuller post to come later.


Islanders Review: 32-Game Neutral Zone Analysis

A look into how each individual Islander has fared during their trips into the neutral zone through the team's first 32 games.

MacDonald vs Various levels of Competition

A look at Andrew MacDonald's performance versus various levels of opponent quality: Is there any situation that looks good?

A Hockey Analytics Preview of the Metro Division

Mainstream media have made their (often bizarre) predictions, but no hockey analytics fans have. Here is one for the Metropolitan Division in 2013-14.


How much of an issue is Nabokov?

Evgeni Nabokov is a below-average NHL goalie, but is that such a big problem? Or does the Islanders' goaltending problem lurk deeper under the surface?


An Intro to Hockey Analytics/Statistics Part 2.1: The Importance of Context - Time on Ice

Take the offensive regular season numbers of the following two players: NAME Games Played Goals Assists Points Player A 44 14 19 33 Player B 43 13 9 22 Player A looks more...


An Introduction to Hockey Analytics Part 1 - What is the field of Hockey Analytics and why might you be interested?

Hi Pensburgh. My name is garik16, and I'm an Isles fan who posts a bit on Lighthouse Hockey. I came around to Pensburgh during the first round of the playoffs last year, and thought you guys...

PITCHf/x: Zack Wheeler through nine starts

A review of Zack Wheeler's PITCHf/x data through the first nine starts of his big league career.


Pitchf/x Analysis: Jenrry Mejia's first start

A few years ago, Jenrry Mejia came up as a reliever for the New York Mets. Mejia was the Mets' top pitching prospect, and it certainly seemed like a waste of his development for him to be a...

Hamonic-AMac via Analytics: A working top pair?

Is the Islanders' "shutdown" pair really doing the job they're tasked with? Here's a look at what the underlying numbers say.

Bouchard and Regin: A Deeper Look

Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Peter Regin: Who are these guys? Where do they fit? Are they any good?

Who is Cal Clutterbuck? A Stats View

He's a guy known for lots of hits and being a pest. But how is his game? Can he actually play hockey?

How important is neutral zone play REALLY compared to offensive and defensive zone play?

WARNING to regular LHH readers: This is an in-depth analytics article without a clear Islander focus. If you're interested in learning more about hockey, read on. If you come here for Isles...

PITCHf/x scouting report on Wheeler's first start

Super Tuesday last week has come and gone and of course the result has been a ton of superlatives about Zack Wheeler and his stuff. We clear up some misconceptions about his repertoire using...

Setting the Stats Straight on Streit & Strait

Lighthouse Hockey community member garik16 looks at the underlying numbers of the Islanders alliterative defensive duo of Brian Strait and Mark Streit, who was traded yesterday to the Flyers.

Isles Analytics Review Part 1: Neutral Zone +/-

Well guys, the season is over and I'm going to be starting a series of posts reviewing the Islanders' individual performances through Hockey Analytics - what some might call "Advanced Stats." I'm...

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