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Regression is Inevitable - Example 124030: Evgeni Nabokov

Evgeni Nabokov's numbers have regressed back to his norm, which is still good but not the headstanding form he showed through mid-winter for the New York Islanders.


Time to Sell on Evgeni Nabokov

Editor's Note: FanPost front-paged for this hot topic of the next two weeks. Evgeni Nabakov has been amazing for the Isles over the past few weeks, and he's certainly been responsible for the wins...


BrooksBaseball Player Cards: An Amazing Resource For Mets Fans Who Are Curious About How Pitchers Pitch In The Major Leagues

One of the more interesting developments in the study of baseball over the last few years — whether you're interested in sabermetrics or not — has been the public release of pitch-tracking data, or...


ESPN's 25 under 25 - How could they leave off Tavares? (Going through Greenberg's point)

Why ESPN's Neil Greenberg Top 25 NHLers under 25 list was wrong to exclude New York Islander John Tavares -- not because it used advanced stats, but because the numbers he used don't give the full picture.


NHL Possession Numbers Update - Isles going the wrong direction

Last Month, on November 7th, I noted how the Islanders real problem wasn't finishing their opportunities, but simply that their opponents were getting more opportunities than the Islanders were. ...

Diagnosing the Islanders' Problems - Interlude - Don't blame Marty Reasoner

Quick Interlude in this series - we'll have more on the forwards after Thanksgiving, but this needed to be said first. Two related complaints that have gotten a lot of traction lately are the...


Diagnosing the Islanders' Problems, Part 1: An Inability to Drive Possession

What ails the New York Islanders? Possession, possession, possession.


A look at Hockey Prospectus' projections for the Islanders in 2011-2012 - Part 1: Forwards

Hockey Prospectus released recently their annual for the upcoming NHL season. It's $9.99 for the PDF version, and I recommend you all get it. Hockey Prospectus provides some of the best statistical...

2011-12 Hockey Prospectus Annual is Now Available in PDF Form


Now Available: The 2011-12 Hockey Prospectus Annual is now available for purchase in PDF format. The annual contains HP's 2011-2012 projections for every player in the NHL, analysis of each team, and various other columns (including analysis of the top 100 prospects and more). Disclosure: I helped Timo Seppa with the Isles' section in this one - by which I mean I looked it over to check if there were any errors, but of course there were none (Timo was a regular at Isles games last season). The paperback edition will be out in a short while, if you'd rather have a hard copy, but the PDF is only $9.99 and is a great value (even after you've read the posts, it's a nice reference book for throughout the season). I'll have a review up of the whole annual more in depth in the next few days (hopefully)

Any Islander Fans out there willing to help us all out by Recording Scoring Chances?


Derek Zona of Copper n Blue, the creator of the scoring chance project, has sent out the call to action. The Isles are the only Atlantic team without any collecting scoring chance data, which is depressing. Know this: Collecting Data will require watching every game and using the DVR, almost certainly - a reason I can't do it myself. Follow the link in this fanshot for an explanation as to what is required of a scoring chance recorder.

Jon Niese's Cutter is the third most unlucky pitch in baseball this year.


Niese has had the most unlucky cutter of anyone in baseball and the third most unlucky pitch overall. In addition, Bobby Parnell has had the worst luck on his four-seam fastball of anyone in baseball.

The UN-Luckiest Pitches in the Majors This Year


Two weeks ago, we took a look at what individual pitches in baseball were the luckiest pitches in baseball all year, or rather we looked at the pitches that owed most of their success to outside...


Does Bobby Parnell need additional time to Warm Up?

Bumped from FanPosts. --Chris --- Bobby Parnell is a pitcher who relies a good deal on throwing gas.  And this year, he's done that pretty successfully - his fastball is at the highest velocity it...


The Dickeephus: How Awesome is it?

A 53.5 MPH Dickeephus taken for a strike by poor Wes Helms in 2010.  (Thanks to Mike Fast for the image)   For most of 2010, R.A. Dickey befuddled opposing batters with 3* pitches: a fastball, a...

The Luckiest Pitches in the Majors this year.


Pitch Type Run Values, as found on Fangraphs (using BIS classifications) and other locations, attempt to use linear weights to determine how good, or how bad, specific pitches are during each...


Introduction to Hockey Analytics Part 4.1: Possession Metrics (Corsi/Fenwick)

One of the things you sometimes hear from people talking about a hockey game is that one team is "controlling the pace of play."  What this tends to mean is that one team has had control of the...


"No" Isn't necessarily the End: It Could be the Best thing to happen to the Isles in a while

It's now pretty clear that Nassau County voted down the Islanders' referendum.  And there is a lot of doomsaying going on.  Which is just silly in my opinion: the "No" vote may be the best thing to...


An Introduction to Hockey Analytics Part 3: The Perils of Sample Size

Another look at the importance of context -- via sample size -- in NHL and hockey statistics.

Jeff Paternostro and I talk Met Pitchers, particularly the closer situation and on the issues of Mike Pelfrey


Amazin Avenue's Jeff Paternostro and I talk on his podcast about the Met Closer situation and the likely suspects to fulfill this role (Pedro Beato, Bobby Parnell, Jason Isringhausen) and then about what to do with Mike Pelfrey going forward.


How likely is a sophomore slump for Travis Hamonic?

Travis Hamonic had a breakout rookie year at age 20 for the New York Islanders. How likely is he to experience a sophomore slump?

Blake Comeau.....Power Forward?


Copper and Blue has annually been doing a listing of all the players who qualify as power-forwards...guys who score and hit for the most part. For the first time ever, an Islander is listed among the players who qualified for that definition....Blake Comeau. Go read it and give your thoughts.


Intro to Hockey Analytics/Stats Part 2.4: The Importance of Context: The Concept of the Replacement Level Player

An overview of advanced hockey stats: The concept of the replacement level player.

Why the Isles (and other teams) won't attempt to sign an RFA to an offer sheet


Since this is a recurring thread around here, I thought this article would be of interest.

Corey Pronman of Hockey Prospectus ranks the Islanders' system (the Isles' Prospects) #2!


The Money Quote: "2. New York Islanders: Calvin De Haan and Nino Niederreiter left a little to be desired last season, but otherwise there is nothing but positives to say for the Islanders. Getting Ryan Strome and Scott Mayfield were tremendous hauls at the 2011 draft, Matt Donovan looked very impressive in college and I have heard nothing but positive remarks about controversial 2010 draft pick Kirill Kabanov. This is a very well-stocked system. " Go read the full thing.


Islanders' need for a top 4 defenseman is enormously overstated.

Is the Islanders' quest for a top four defenseman unnecessary?


Comparing Marty Reasoner's GVT to the final GVTs of Islanders Players in 2010-11

Comparing free agent acquisition Marty Reasoner's 2010-11 to that of his new teammates on the New York Islanders.

Subway Series Pitchf/x (and Everything else) Live-Chat


Today, starting at 6:45 p.m., Lucas Apostoleris and I (and potentially other BtBers) will be holding a live-chat during the Mets-Yankees game, featuring Met pitcher Jon Niese against Yankee pitcher...


Want to make a splash Garth? Sign Tomas Vokoun

With the move recently to try and sign Christian Ehrhoff (A move I disagree with for the reasons outlined here:), Garth Snow has shown he's willing to go for a big splash, even if it costs a bunch...

Is Kyle Drabek's Lack of Control Caused by Trying to be Too Perfect?


Kyle Drabek was supposed to be a star this year.  John Sickel's ranked him the #7 pitching prospect in all of baseball and a very likely Rookie of the Year candidate.  He was a big (key) part of...

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