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Is Kyle Drabek's Lack of Control Caused by Trying to be Too Perfect?


Kyle Drabek was supposed to be a star this year.  John Sickel's ranked him the #7 pitching prospect in all of baseball and a very likely Rookie of the Year candidate.  He was a big (key) part of...

2010 Rule 5 Drafted Pitchers in the Majors: Pitch Analysis


What do teams see in these guys? The Rule 5 Draft* is an odd feature of MLB's player acquisition system.  The MLB Amateur (Rule 4) Draft is pretty standard, if ridiculously long, and certainly not...


Intro to Hockey Analytics/Stats Part 2.3: The Importance of Context - Evaluating (and Compensating for) the Effect of Teammates via QUALTEAM and Relative Measures

Welcome back everyone. This is the 4th article in this introduction to Hockey-Analytics/Hockey-Advanced-Statistics.  In case you missed the first couple of articles in this series, you can find...

The Amazing Pitches of the Phillies 19th-Inning Pitcher: Wilson Valdez


In the 19th inning of yesterday's long Phillies-Reds game, the Phils decided to roll the dice and try out a brand new reliever: Wilson Valdez.  Valdez had never pitched a single major league...

Why Can't Pitchers Deal with Jose Bautista by Throwing Outside and Giving Him Nothing to Pull?


Jose Bautista is ridiculous.  He's clearly right now the best hitter in baseball.  But what's curious about Bautista is that he's not mashing in a way that's particularly you can see...

Going to Ground: The Transformation of Charlie Morton


Charlie Morton is a pitcher who wasn't on anybody's radar before this season began.  According to fWAR, he was barely above replacement level for his career (and bWAR has him below replacement...

Derek Boogaard found dead in his apartment in Minnesota


He was 28. Regardless of what team he was on, or what some of us may have thought about his role, that's too soon for someone to go.


Tread Cautiously - There is a reason for people to oppose the new Stadium plan.

The Lighthouse was quite possibly just a foolish dream.  It was never clear where some of the funds would come from; Wang never stopped claiming that he had enough funds to build it even as time...

Article on a metric measuring Goalie Performance


Featuring Quotes from Gabe and Tom Awad. Very fair and balanced perspective, surprisingly.


Intro to Hockey Analytics/Statistics Part 2.2: The Importance of Context - Evaluating the Difficulty of Certain TOI through QUALCOMP and Zone-Starts

In the last post in this series, I explained the reason why, when evaluating players, you need to take into account the context in which that player put up his numbers.  After all, not all ice time...


An Intro to Hockey Analytics/Statistics Part 2.1: The Importance of Context - Time on Ice

Why in interpreting NHL hockey stats, context -- specifically ice time -- is everything.


Jon Niese's abandonment of the Cutter appears to be an overreaction to Bad Luck

Earlier this week I wondered why Jon Niese had seemingly abandoned (well, greatly decreased his usage of) his cutter, which was his best pitch last year. This strange trend continued today. Well...

Latest ESPN mock draft - Isles select Ryan Strome?

  1. EDM- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
  2. COL- Adam Larsson
  3. FLA- Sean Couturier
  4. NJD- Jonathan Huberdeau
  5. NYI- Ryan Strome

An Introduction to Hockey Analytics Part 1 - What is the field of Hockey Analytics and why might you be interested?

Discussing hockey metrics, advanced stats, and how they can help any fan think about hockey.


Joel Sherman's Latest Lunacy Involving Jon Niese And Dillon Gee

A quick note on Jon Niese and JoelSherman's latest lunacy.


Who should win the Calder? A look at the three finalists.

This week, the NHL announced its three finalists for the Calder Trophy - its own rookie of the year.   All three players were forwards with pretty good seasons, and though perhaps a D man...

A look (with Pitchf/x) at what's going on with R.A. Dickey this year


Long story short - his problems have to do with not only location issues, but also with a pitch usage change.

Knuckling Again - Unsuccessfully? What's up with R.A. Dickey


Last year R.A. Dickey was quite a bit of a revelation for the New York Mets.  While he clearly outperformed his peripherals, he still had a very good year highlighted by an excellent ground ball...


Calder Trophy Race: End-of-Season GVT Update.

  If you remember, way back in in February I broke down the Calder race using advanced statistics and concluded that any of the three big candidates had a real case for the Calder.  I ignored...

Big Results from a Small Stature: How does Tim Collins succeed and should we worry about his release points?


Tim Collins is a pretty fascinating pitcher.  Listed at what's been described by nearly every news outlet as an extremely optimistic 5'-7" (and then described in those same news outlets as being...


A Quick Look At Mike Pelfrey's First Start Through PITCHf/x

A quick, graphical look at Mike Pelfrey's Opening Day start using PITCHf/x.


Is Kyle Okposo really a goal scorer? (A Quick Statistical Look)

Let me get this out of the way first:  I really like Kyle Okposo.  I've always considered him the first piece of this rebuild and a crucial piece, and in certain ways he has shown some of that...


Please sit Nielsen for the rest of the season: concussions are nasty

Katie Strang reported that: "Nielsen day to day with concussion symptoms; Wishart and Hillen also both day to day, with shoulder injuries."  Wishart and Hillen's injuries aren't worrisome (though...

A Pitch F/x Primer: Some tips on Run Values, Pitch Classifications, and Heat Maps


Since 2008 (really 2007), Pitchf/x data has tracked every pitch thrown in the major leagues. As a result, the sabermetric community has learned a great deal about how various pitches and pitchers...

Al Montoya to be a UFA after this season


Well this is sad news. I'm not a big believer right now in Montoya long term, but I really wanted to see him next year. As it is, he's due to become a UFA if we don't re-sign him first. And if I were him, I'd probably refuse to sign a deal and take my chances with free agency. He could probably get a bigger deal that way.


A quick look at the play of Islander Forwards

The season is almost over, so I think it's time to start taking final looks at the individual players on this team to think about next year, and where we have holes to fill.  In this post, I'm...

How often should Michael Grabner score on breakaways?


At BehindtheNet, Gabe uses data to take a look at how often on average players score on breakaways and compares that to the shooting % of players from that same distance from the net on non-breakaways and on shootout attempts. The data shows that on a breakaway, the average player will have a shooting % of 25.6%, so they should score 1 out of every 4 times. It'd be interesting to see what Grabner's actual percentage is....anyone want to tabulate that? (He also looks at 2 on 1s)


The Isles can't tank, but the draft pick means every game is a win, no matter what the result.

In a perfect world, the Isles would get the #1 draft pick this year.  Theoretically that can still happen in one of two ways:  either one, the Isles collapse/tank and finish worst in the league; or...


TINSTAAGP: There is No Such Thing as a Goalie Prospect (Or why you shouldn't get too excited about Poulin, Mikko, or Montoya)

There's a cute baseball acronym among some baseball circles:  "There is No Such Thing as a Pitching Prospect" (TINSTAAPP).  The idea behind the saying is that pitching prospects, or really pitchers...

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