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Data For A Better Basketball Team - Interview With Raptors Analytics Guys


Here's an interview by one of the guys with the MaRS Data Catalyst team (I work with them through my day job) and Alex Rucker, a founding partner of KBAR Consulting LLC and, at present, the senior analytics consultant for the Toronto Raptors. It's a quick read, but gives some neat insight as to how hard the Raptors are working when it comes to advanced metrics.


In Protest of Greg Monroe's 4th Quarter Minutes

In protest of the way Mo Cheeks has been using Greg Monroe, our best player, in the 4th quarter here is a FanPost of just Greg Monroe photos. Because Greg Monroe is best. via i...

Josh Smith's Top 10 Plays Via


It's not always all doom and gloom when it comes to Josh Smith. He can do some pretty awesome things, and I hope we get to see this much of his talent on display in Detroit!

The Story of the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest


In the wake of the 2013 dunk contest travesty, here's a fascinating and compelling oral history of one of the greatest dunk contests of all time: the showdown between MJ and Nique in 88.

Canadians Use NBA Stats to Study On-The-Job Adaptability


Canadian researchers try to find parallels between NBA player stat fluctuations and the shifting needs of employees who are part of a team environment. Seems pretty self-evident but it's good to know that's how our research dollars are being spent!


Should College Athletes Just Major in Sports? (from TIME)

Am I allowed to just cut and paste an entire article here? BECAUSE I JUST DID. Here's a really fascinating article from TIME about whether athletes should drop the academic charade and just major...

DBB Movember Campaign?


Does anyone want to grow a moustache this month and raise some money for prostate cancer research? And also look really awesome? It starts tomorrow, November 1st! The only thing you need to do is give yourself a clean shave and then let your testosterone do the rest of the work. I created a group called DBB Moustache Aficionados if anyone is interested in joining!

Gary Payton Thinks The 04 Lakers Could Have Taken Us


From an interview with SLAM Magazine. SLAM: What was the difference between the Miami team that won and your 2004 Lakers team that lost 4-1 to Detroit? GP: People don’t really understand the complexity of the situation in 2004. First off, the team was banged up. If Karl Malone didn’t get hurt, we would’ve won. Secondly, Shaquille O’Neal was fighting with the ownership of the Lakers. And thirdly, Kobe Bryant was going through a rape charge. Here was a young man who thought he was going to jail for the rest of his life. He wasn’t really into basketball at that moment, and I can’t blame him. I would’ve been thinking the same thing—you on a rape charge, you don’t know. He had to go to Denver everyday. He didn’t think he was going to beat it. The media and everybody was talking about how he was going to lose the case. And then he had lost his wife. He needed to get in control of his life. So people didn’t understand that his focus, understandably, wasn’t there, and we had a lot of problems. But what people don’t realize is that when we all played together at the beginning of the year, we were 19-2. Karl was averaging 19, I was averaging 20, Kobe was averaging 17, and Shaq was averaging 18. And then when Karl went down, everybody stopped playing. And we still maintained and got to the Championship.

DBB Fantasy Basketball League


The DBB Fantasy League is back! The draft is set for Saturday, October 27th, at 9 pm but can always be changed if that doesn't work for people. Sign up and play! Last year's champ was BandwagongerPaysTheDues. I think it was because he had Greg Monroe.


NBA Finals Open Thread

Hey, there's still basketball being played! Here's a thread where we can talk about that. Or red pandas. Or Perry Jones. Or Katy Perry. via

Pistons 88-89 Box Set On Sale At Amazon


Amazon is listing the Pistons 88-89 Championship box set on sale for $33.25 instead of $64.98 if anyone is interested in reliving the Bad Boys' glory days. Also the 2004 championship DVD is listed at an absurdly low $1.19. No pressure or anything, but everyone should own this. Not only is that cheaper than a coffee, but it has more blocks and dunks than a coffee.

Awesome tribute video for Big Ben put together by the Pistons' crew.


Awesome tribute video for Big Ben put together by the Pistons' crew.

Lawrence Frank on Work Ethic


Some of it is cliche, but Lawrence Frank gives a good interview.

New Tom Gores-Approved Photos of Tom Gores


Tom Gores (or his associates) just uploaded some new images to his Flickr stream. You check out the head tilting here: I like Tom Gores, but I still maintain that he reminds me of an SNL movie villain. Slow news month? Yeah, kind of.

Darvin Ham Gets A New Job


Saginaw native Darvin "Ham Slamwich" Ham has been added to the coaching staff in LA with Q-Star. Remember that time he broke a backboard? Good luck working with Kobe, Darvin!


Book Review: "The Rivalry: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and the Golden Age of Basketball" by John Taylor

A book review on "The Rivalry", a very detailed look at the careers of Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! I'd say don't party too hard but the lockout might...


Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! I'd say don't party too hard but the lockout might be long and uneventful, so party as long as humanly possible.


Shaq Retires

Shaq Fu has officially called it a career after 19 years in the league.  That's a long time for a guy that big.  Some of my favourite Shaq memories: via

SLAM Is On The Biyombo Wagon


6) (NR) Bismack Biyombo - Baloncesto Fuenlabrada - 1992 - PF/C So what exactly is a Bismack Biyombo? It’s a top prospect in this year’s draft, that’s what. The Congo native, currently playing in the best domestic league outside of the NBA (Spain’s ACB) had his coming out party recently at the Nike Hoop Summit, where he posted the game’s first ever triple-double (12 points, 11 rebounds, 10 blocks) while going up against the best American high schoolers. While there is rumors that he is a lot older than his listed age (currently 18), that is more speculation than fact. What is fact is Biyombo is 6-9 with an astonishing 7-7 wingspan, is a terrific athlete, a devastating shotblocker, has out of this world potential and shows great leadership skills. Serge Ibaka redux.


Playoff Open Thread

So there are a bunch of teams in the NBA playoffs not named the Detroit Pistons. What's the protocol for playoff chat? One great big general thread? Different threads for different games? Since...


March 16th Game Thread: Toronto @ Detroit, eh?

Pistons take on the equally hapless Toronto Raptors at The Palace tonight - a true battle for lottery balls.

Return Of Sheed?


Could it be? Sheed is planning on coming back to the Celtics for their playoff run? I don't want to even guess how fat he is right now, and if I were his team mates I'd be pissed that he didn't have to go through the grueling season like everyone else did. It seems like a bad idea.

I like slam dunk shots: 2011 edition.


I like slam dunk shots: 2011 edition! The roomer is that the participants in the 2011 slam dunk contest will be: Blake Griffin JaVale McGee Serge Ibaka Brandon Jennings Seems like an eclectic group. I'm hoping for some crazy Blake Griffin jams and some hilarious JaVale McGee flubs (like his classic: Maybe instead of dunking it, Serge Ibaka can just try to block Griffin?

A big man getting a steal, leading the fast break, and dishing to a guard for an assist? ...


A big man getting a steal, leading the fast break, and dishing to a guard for an assist? CONTROVERSIAL!

89-90 Champs T-Shirts for $10


The NBA Store is selling some pretty sweet back-to-back championship t-shirts for just under $10 right now (regular $26.99). And there might be a 15% off Thanksgiving thing happening right now, too. Check it out. Edited to add: use TIME4THANKS as a promo code during checkout for your 15% discount.


Detroit @ Memphis Game Thread

I'm 2 for 2 on game threads! It's 33-32 in the second quarter for the good guys. Can we win this game? Will we find a way to lose this game? Is Kriz going to watch it all by herself? I don't...

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