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OT: Telander Interview

Given the nearly-forgotten controversy over his 2008 HOF ballot, and his recent spat with Jay the Joke, Rick Telander has been in the threads around here a bit. Well, he "sat down" with a sports...


OT: Mike North Out, But Who's Gonna Be In?

Ladies and Gentlemen, our long municipal nightmare is over: Mike North will no longer be over-nasally polluting our airwaves. In a statement on his own website, North briefly explained the...


Working Quickly: Does It Help?

The Hardball Times' Mike Fast (a terrifically apropos name) has an article out today that looks at the speed at which a pitcher works and checks to see if there is an correlation to the defensive...

Mike Quade Seems Distracted....


Mike Quade Seems Distracted....


Off Day Fun: Favorite Bad Cubs

Cub fans, for better or worse, seem to have an odd affinity for bad ballplayers. There are likely several reasons for this, none of which are important enough to note here, nor valid enough to be...


Off Day Fun: Ship of Fools

The Cubs are taking the day off, maybe we should, too. So, for this "Off Day Fun," I want to know about the dumbest thing you've ever seen on a baseball diamond. It could be a managerial decision,...


PBP Thread for Workin' BCB'ers

Okay wahtever SBN did with the servers, it sucks. MY browser kept crashing in the game thread, so for you at work, I'll run the PBP over here.   words words words words words owrds words words...


Off Day Fun: Witness to Greatness

It's been a bit bitchy and a bit glum around here, so let's break up the gloom with some off day fun. There was a lot of talk this week about Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game in 1998; for my money,...


OT: Buzz Gets It Right

No doubt most of us saw Buzz Bissinger's vitriolic confrontation with Deadspin 's Will Leitch on Bob Costas' HBO "State of Sports Media special.  I voiced my displeasure here, as did several...


Off Day Fun: Worst MLB Uni's

We've all seen them. Some of us have purchased them. Fewer of us have liked them, but over the years, Major League Baseball has seen some putrid unforms. For example, there were the all-maroon...


OT: A-Rod Gets Outed? Maggs Gets Haircut?

Deadspin once again outstrips its MSM competitors, with this post featuring scanned pages from Jose Canseco's magnum opus, Vindicated. These pages are particularly juicy because they contain, in...


A New Trade Idea!

Okay, we've exhausted the Crisp and He Who Shall Not Traded For rumors, but here's a new one at the end of Phil Roger's MLB Whispers colum was this nugget: Dodgers manager Joe Torre faces a...


"The Little Foolery that Wise Men Have....

...makes a great show." Ol' Bill must've been thinking of the '08 Cardinals. Apparently, in an attempt to...well, I don't what the hell this is an attempt at, quite honestly. At any rate, the...


Slightly OT: Phils get Feliz

In all the hubbub about the Santana deal, perhaps this got missed: the Phillies have signed Pedro Feliz. This deal got me thinking that Philly has a pretty impressive infield, at least from an...


Of Umpires and Oneupmanship

Okay, I'm going to try and keep this from being a huge rant about the Cubs getting screwed by umpires. If I come across that way, please understand that was not my intention. In point of fact, the...


Slightly OT: End of an Era?

Randy Johnson is beginning to make noiseabout retiring. Reading this article got me to reminiscing; I can still remember when he really started to become a force in '90-'91. There was no more...


Jim Hendry on AM 1000

So, our Fearless Leader was just on with Waddle and Silvie, sounding almost Kenny Williams-esque, meaning he had a very "I know how to build a ballclub" sort of tone. At any rate, I'll try and...


Morrissey Mocks Mid-Season Hope

So, today's Tribune brings the latest wisdom to drop effortlessly from Rick Morrissey's fingertips. For reasons beknownst only to Rick and coming about a week after the fact, Rick has decided to...


John McDonough on AM 1000

So Cubs president John McDonough (henceforth JM) gave a interview on Silvie and Waddle's show this morning. Though short, it was an informative and interesting piece and both Silvie and Waddle did...


On Backstops and Batting Average

During last night's game thread, there was some degree of consternation, much by myself, over the apparent lack of batting prowess by our backstop duo of K. Hill and Bowen.Pish-posh, some might...


Right Field, Anyone

Okay, so Floyd's doing a serviceable job in right as I write and you read this, at least with the bat. His defense is...adequate, at best and we all know his Achilles tendon is held on with a wad...

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