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Hall of Fame Coach (not Paul Brown)

After telling everyone the exact problem with our team over and over, we get our sh- kicked in by the blackbirds on national television... -good talk rusty


Dear Marvin Lewis

Dear Marvin Lewis, I f*cking hate you. Seriously, I know I say this every single week, but G*D D*MN I F*CKING HATE YOU!!! To quote John Malkovich "For me, you're somewhere between a cockroach and...


C'MON MAN!! OFFICIAL REPORT: JETS SIGN TEBOW STORY HERE There are few times in life where the phrase "LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" has perfect timing and perfect placement. This my friends is one of those times. The jets go from ZERO qb's with...


"Bengals lead NFL in cap space, but they haven’t spent a nickel"

- Good Talk Russ It's been nice enjoying life, the combine, preparing for another...


Dear Marvin Lewis --

Dear Marvin Lewis, I fucking hate you. I hate you more than Hines Ward and Kimo von Oelhoffen. I hate you more than the Lacy Petersen family hates Scott. In the words of Wes Mantooth: "I hate you,...


Bring back T.O...???

These past 5 days have been my all time favorite.... Right up there with letting go of Jonathan Josephs, resigning mARVIN, spending a fuk-ton of money on Antonio Bryant, and the day we dealt away...


There the HELL is Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson!!

Your welcome...and next time you shut your mouth when you talk to me. However, yes it was good to see them, eventho it was brief and we lost. The baby jr slant that is Caldwell's trademark and J...


Where the HELL is andre caldwell and jerome simpson??!!??

in my first post, i had some things to say about our receiving core and the "security blanket" that many people were oh so cozily snuggled into with andre caldwell..... if not i might personally...


Defensive Preseason Wrap Up

Out of respect for the forum community, I’m not gonna post my typical rant regarding our shellacking of the worst team in the NFL last night. Thank you to my fellow Bengal fans for posting with...


The bengals cycle of failure:

There has been much rhetoric posted recently about the level of frustration bengal fans are "allowed" to vent. While I understand the push for keeping this "pirate code" clean and safe I personally...


somebody's got a case of the mondays......

So yeah......well actually, yeah......, matterfact, yeah...... 1st half highlights: Holding on the opening kick off return. Dalton's 1st throw, continues the overthrow experience. Leon Hall misses...


f*** you!! F*** YOU!! your cool, and F*** You I'm OUT!!!

i'm not tryin to make anyone here feel inferior cause they on the grill b, but i gotta turn around and say the orders to ppl instead of just shoutin them over the microphone. (thx halfbaked) what...

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