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I am a HUGE Gonzaga Men 's basketball fan and have been following them for about 15 years.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend most of their home games during these last 5 years or so. Not a season ticketholder. Just lucky enough to have some contacts and a wallet with money! There is something about the atmosphere in the MAC that is electrifying and addicting. There is nothing else quite like it. Yes, I have been to tons of other venues. Nothing compares. But then again, I might be a little biased.

When I watch Zag games at home, my 2 beloved mini schnauzers Raider & Bentley go into hiding. It appears they have had enough of my past yelling about bad calls. They appreciate, almost as much as I do, easy wins...LOL!

Don't ask me how, but they seem to know when a Zag game is starting. I turn on the game and **POOF, they dissapear, even before I say one word. Any other sporting event is o.k., but Zag games? they are outta here!

Favorite Zags: Adam Morrison, Ronny Turiaf, Dan Dicau, {Gary Bell} <-- next fav.

We need a Final 4 and I can feel it coming in the next couple of years...GO ZAGS!!~

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Washington Huskies
  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • Boxing Ali,Ali,Ali...
  • Soccer Seattle Sounders
User Blog

Kelly Olynyk Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


KO runs the gauntlet and gets blasted... for a good cause!


Gonzaga’s 2014 Edition- What’s in the Tank: Kevin Pangos

One of the reasons, and there are many, that the 2014 edition of the Gonzaga Bulldogs may finally return to the Elite 8, or even beyond, is Kevin Pangos. It has been said that for a team to be...


Karnowski Claims his Recruiting is Still Open

So, according to Eurohopes Basketball, Karnowski claims "everything is still open." All I keep hearing is that Karnowski is going to be a Zag...this interview makes me think otherwise. He may...


The Star Bungled Spangler

The story goes something like this: One of Gonzaga’s present and future bigs, Ryan Spangler, an Oklahoma State and Gatorade Player of the Year, who averaged 29.8 points and 17.4 rebounds his...

Top Recruits Reveal Their 2nd Choices-ESPN


Pretty interesting stuff. Now the schools who came in second place can cry in their Wheaties. If what they say is true, and most recruits really only have about 2 schools they are interested in, and make up the rest for fun, we MUST have been one of Wiltjer's 2 top schools, because Few was on him first, and Kyle was saying it was the Zags all along and that we were right there, well, until Calipari and Kentucky stole him away at the alter. Rather, he used his ex-player NBAers at that All Star game to butter him up and twist him into slobbering over the starry lights of Kentucky, where he rides the pine. I was thinking it would be nice to know if we came in second in regards to Kyle Wiltjer, Skylar Spencer, Khem Birch, Katin Reinhart, Antwan Space, DeMarquise Johnson, Bryce Jones, Richard Longrus, and other recent near misses. But then again......why torture ourselves!!

Trent Lockett tranferring to GU? Recruiting Heats Up


To answer TSSF's member, i_am_A_ZAG's question, "What does Zag nation think about Trent Lockett?...I think I would be thrilled if we could add him to the mix for next year. Rumor has it that Trent is coming for a campus visit later this week. I just hope the weather brightens up! What's not to like? He was a top 100 prospect on Rivals, coming in at #80. A big, talented, high flying wing who has all the tools. Supposedly transferring because he wants to be closer to his ailing mother for his last year of eligiblity. He is also a close friend of Sam Dower so that might help. Just read the link and tell me why he would not be a player we can get jacked about. If we have a chance to land a player of this qualty, I say we roll out the red carpet...and pray. This kind of prospect could put us over the top. * In case anyone noticed...I have been very ill, thus, going MIA for three weeks. I'm baaaack. GO ZAGS!!~ More info:

One Armed High School Basketball Star


Wow. What an inspiring story! Starting at the Varsity High School level playing with one arm, and also an "A" student... Incredible. It certainly would be awesome to see that in action.

Sacre Reps TSSFs sign on Senior Night


OK....I took a couple pics at Senior night. I love Robert Sacre reppin Slipper Still Fits. I turned over a Zag poster and scribbled up TSSFs, sorry, the best I could do as it was an impromtu moment. When asked if he would take the pic, Rob asked what it was and said "Oh, yeah. Love to rep the site!" Below, hopefully more pics turn out, sorry, can't seem to get live links, you will have to copy & paste individually. Enjoy!!~ 1. Pregame 2. Sacre for two 3. Sacre runs the court on D 4. Carter mic'd up 5. Sacre waves to crowd 6. Sarbaugh swag and assorted coaches kids 7. KO signs lucky girl's T 8. Sacre's signed head poster, worn by his tatooist buddy, to be permanently displayed at the shop in Spokane {there is another one worn by Dower of this circulating on Facebook, it's the same sign, but notice it is now signed on left ear by Rob}. 9. Another Sacre close up pic with a fan 10. My Fav...Sacre reps The Slipper Still Fits, LOL! {yeah, that's right, Sacre is lookin UP at gaz!...ok, I admit, I am standing on a higher step, heheh} Lots of fun at Senior night!!~ GO ZAGS!!~

Get This: Zags a #7 seed, SMC a #12 in NCAA Tourney


Gonzaga projects currently as a #7 seed and St. Mary's as a #12 seed. Yes, I understand it's a projection but it does make me smile... St. Mary's, probably not so much! We come in second in the WCC standings, St. Mary's wins it, yet we are currently handed the #7 seed and they get a #12. I actually like the region projected for us, and Colorado State in the first round sounds like a pretty good draw. Maybe SMC will learn to actually schedule someone or they can expect more of the same. WCC Tourney around the corner, and a Big Dance a comin...Let's DO this Zags!!~ PS I am really starting to like StatSheet.


An Injured Cougar {BYU} Comes Calling: Can GU pull one more Rabbit out of it's Hat?

For Gonzaga, Thursday's game at the Kennel against BYU will pretty much settle things for the WCC Title, and the seeding for the WCC Conference Championship in Vegas. Two things need to happen in...

PAYBACK, How Sweet it is!


Here's a Fox Sports article on last nights Zag victory. FEW: ''I told them before the game, `Everybody in the building needs to know who the toughest guys were,''' Gonzaga coach Mark Few said. ''Our bigs played tough. Our guards played tough.'' We are now 101-7 all time in the new Kennel....wowza!

Concussion Knocked Sense into Kelly Olynyk


So his concussion was what put him over the top on the redshirt decision... Who knew? "The decision wasn't fixed in stone up until that point, but I then had that concussion in practice. I was on the weak side, and I went to block Sam [Dower's] shot, but he pump-faked and I flipped over his back and landed right on my head. It was pretty bad." "It took Olynyk a month of vigorous rehabilitation and training before he could begin participating in full-contact drills. "Once you're done with the symptoms, you can't just jump in right away; you have to go through a series of stages," Detailed article...I liked the part about how he has added a nice mid range hook to his arsenal, and, that he wants to perfect his inside game. We're gonna need it next year! Will we be better off with him at the 5, instead of Sacre?

Joe Lunardi's NCAA Bracket- Zags a 6 seed.


Sure, it's early and practically meaningless at this point but still fun to see where the talking heads have us...I LOVE our placement in this bracket! I can see us to the Elite 8 facing Dookies. Minnesota? No problem. UNLV? doable. And this projection must be based on us losing the WCC Title because St. Mary's is a 5 seed. If I could, I would lock this down right now. It's getting exciting!

Ryan Spangler up Close


Great video by SWX on Ryan Spangler. Too bad about his broken finger, we certainly could have used the depth this season. The injury to his pinkie finger was found to be worse than expected during surgery and he may be out longer than what was originally thought to be 2/3 weeks. Is it possible to red-shirt him at this point? If not, because of his injury, it seems like a waste of a years eligibility...too bad.

FOUND. Gonzaga's next BIG man


Move over Robby Sacre...Maybe we should be after some of this. Imagine, a 2.0 Will Foster... a much bigger one. This article is...interesting.


Where for Art Thou, Little Engine that Could?

It appears that we have gone from "the little engine that could", to the not so little engine that should, but can’t…...... Why? The nation adored us when we came out of nowhere in 1999 to claim...

The Stats...How we Stack up vs St. Mary's Head to Head?


Time to throw up a fanshot about "head to head" stats to help build the drama. So here it is. I can feel the tension and excitement building. It is nearly time to see if St. Mary's is as good as the stats, and their lofty 15-2 record would indicate...or not. The stats as shown in this link, seem to favor St. Mary's but...they do not tell the whole story. The stats are skewed in St. Mary's favor because they have played a very weak schedule. If they had played the same schedule as we did they would not be looking anywhere near as good as this "head to head" has them looking. Let's see what Dellavedova, Mitchell, Jones, Steindl, and Holt can do vs Sacre, Harris, Pangos, Bell, and Dower. It's going to be tough stealing one on the road in Moraga, but we have played in a couple of hostile venues already. Confident that we will win in a close one.

The Return of St. Mary's, and Dellavedova's Prized Mouth Piece


In light of the current mood of this site, the closely approaching and hugely important game and in honor of our favorite St. Mary's Player, Matthew Dellevadova, I give {for those of you who missed it, and those of you who need a refresher}....a return glimpse into Matthews most prized possesion, his mouth guard. *Please scroll down and see more pics and loving comments.

The "missing link", Why we are Missing Out on Recruits?


There has been tons of chatter, comments, and various perceptions on TSSFs as to why the Zags have seemingly been unable to score on a recent string of recruiting targets. Some excuses: Our coaches were not really that interested, the player(s) were not good enough, they had "issues" of some sort. The player would not get enough playing time, an uncle was a negative influence...and on and on. Here is an article that adds a different, rather unique reason, a reason that I didn't actually feel existed, or was real...but it is. I remember Marquise Carter telling me that he reads this very site. I am sure others do too, and apparently, it can have an effect on recruiting. Who'da thunk? *Make sure you read the comments at the bottom of the article....such nastiness, incredible!

Zags Move up in Polls...Way Up!


Ok, I like the fact that CBS Sports has Gonzaga in at #12 in this weeks poll, but...are we really a top 12 team at this point? We were able to overcome the hack-a-shack tactics of EWU, and the zone of WSU. We we able to finally hold a lead and win going away vs a very tough defensive team, Hawaii. We won our first three games and have suddenly catapulted from approx #22/25ish in the major polls up to an astonishing #12. Perhaps the Pangos showing on National TV helped voting pundits feel that we do not have a problem in the backcourt, given the previous concerns about the loss of Gray & Goodsen, and this has caused them to rethink where we should stand? Some tough matchups coming up that will give us a chance to see if this lofty ranking is merited or not. Pretty amazing climb though...Wow!


2011 Zags Basketball, and so it Begins…

Ahhh, Game Day at last. After what has seemed like an eternity, Gonzaga gets their 2011/2012 season going tonight with an appetizer at the McCarthy Athletic Center against a Big Sky opponent, the...

Stat Guru KenPom has Gonzaga Scouting Report Out


Check out BYU & St. Mary's scouting reports while you are there. He has the Zags with a projected record of 22-7, while he has St. Mary's at 22-5, and BYU at 23-7. The projected final WCC Conf records of Gonzaga, BYU & St. Mary's is 12-4. Sooo, I guess there will be a 3 way tie for the conference championship, lol. According to him we will split w/ St. Mary's, winning at home and losing on the road. Likewise with BYU. Not really what I was hoping to hear but....Let's cheer our Zag team on to stuffing those stats where the sun don't shine!

WCC in for Special Season, says ESPN's Andy Katz


Several things are said in this article that I do not agree with, and the article seems somewhat slanted to favor St. Mary's. A couple things that stand out are : 1. "I think Saint Mary's and BYU will give Gonzaga fits,'' WCC Commissioner Zaninovich said. ....I thing Gonzaga is going to give them fits! 2. "The Gaels, who have fancied themselves as Gonzaga's chief rival, needed another team to chase, to compete with to enhance their constant quest for an improved conference power rating." Erm....that could just as easily have been written to say the Zags needed another team to bolster our rpi, no? It gets old choking out St. Mary's every year, lol. Now we know why we are not doing better recruiting too. According to Katz, we only recruit like 2/3rds of the country, and he makes this sound like a positive. I'd like him to be able to say we recruit 100% of the country. Maybe I ask to much. WCC commissioner Zaninovich is also thinking this might be St. Mary's best team ever. Better than their sweet 16 team. Well, perhaps he has an ulterior motive, because if the Zags were to slip up, and St. Mary's or possibly BYU overthrows will bring a lot of publicity to the conference. Not publicity that any Zag fans would care for, but he sure seems to be tickled at the prospect. Reading this article makes me even more eager to get this season started. I do agree with one thing, and that is with the addition of BYU, it is going to make things a lot more interesting. Let's DO THIS!!~

Off Topic...Top Ramen for Halloween Anyone?


Ok...This is funny. Tony Allen of the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies gave out Top Ramen for Halloween instead of candy. The reason? He is apparently cutting back because of the lock out....hahaha! I'm down with some crunchy Ramen in a bowl with warm tap water now & again but c'mon Allen, bust out the BIG BARS, you aint that broke!

ZAGS Ranked a certain poll.


Click the link to see which poll we are #1 in. Is this a good thing? It is nice to be ranked higher than Butler, BYU, St. Mary's, George Mason and a few others, just for bragging rights...but still.

The Mark Few Show on KHQ Television in Spokane


Here is this season's first show, with Greg Heister interviewing Coach Few about the upcoming season, past years memories, and a segment with Rob Sacre. This show is just one more step in the annual process that lets us know the season is almost apon us. GO ZAGS!!~

Andy Poling doing very well at SPU...who's next?


We need "BIGS". I keep hearing it...and I keep saying it. Perhaps we should have kept Andy Poling in the fold and not let him escape to Seattle Pacific University? That might have helped. I have watched two of his games from last year and he keeps getting better and better. In this exhibition game he helped his team upset highly ranked Arizona! It's going to be interesting seeing how he does, as well as a couple of other transfers such as Grant Gibbs, GJ Vilarino, and Mangisto Arop, who will all be playing soon with their prospective teams, after sitting out a year because of the transfers. * Some interesting notes on GU transfers {provided to me by MikeSequim}: "Some notes for you: Manny Arop will be playing against Grant Gibbs on January21st. Indiana State vs Creighton in Nebraska! GJ Vilarano plays his inaugural for App. State in a exhibition on Nov.3! Andy Poling will play at the UW on November 4th and Arizona on the 3rd." Thanks big Mike!!~ I can't wait to see all the ex-Zags in action and I wish them all the best. GO ZAGS!!...... and Ex-ZAGS too!!~ Editor note: Woops, how did I miss this- "Andy Poling, a Sporting News honorable mention All-American. The Gonzaga transfer averaged 14.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game while shooting 55 percent from the field in his first year as a Falcon"....thanks for the heads up Mike!

Big Rob...the Legend Grows


Here, Rob is listed as one of the top 10, 7' foot big men in the country. You'll have to click the link to see where he is ranked. I was pleasantly surprised! Not bad for a guy who has brick hands, can't rebound, has few post moves, and the vertical of my credit card, huh? {sarcasm} CONGRATS BIG ROB!!~

Zags First Practice


Apparently, our young guards are looking good and Harris is improved. Was shocked to hear that "Mathis Mönninghoff suffered broken ribs after returning to campus from playing on Germany’s U-19 squad", and that Landry sprained his MCL playing for Ivory Coast. Good to hear that Quise had a shot that has helped his wrist finally heal 100%, he injured it last season in the NCAA Tourney. Felt like it would never get here but...The season has begun!!~ GO ZAGS!!~


Revisiting the U.C.L.A. Sweet 16 NiGhTmArE

Ok, I know not many people want to remember this game, especially Zag fans. But because we are so close to Halloween and people are still talking about this devastating nightmarish loss, I figured...

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