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Analyst successful draft

I use metrics in business to help make decisions and you can bet NFL teams do the same thing spending a record amounts of money looking for traits. Try not to bore you with too many geeky details...


QB's rising best thing for Broncos

Several QB's rising on teams boards is great news for Denver. Many QB hungry teams hope to pick them up early in the second round. Draft history tells us teams will attempt to move in the bottom...


Hoping Mike McCoy leaves

I'm happy for the interviews McCoy is getting. He was with Carolina from 2000-2008 mostly with John Fox, before arriving in Denver in 2009. John Fox is clearly comfortable with his conservative...


Sure fire player we should move up to get.

Is there one player that is a sure fire starter from day one, with a high likely hood being a perennial pro bowl player. A player given our recent moves would be more critical than DT, LB, CB, RB,...


Elway has made is first miscalculation.

Bowlen has wisely changed the guard, and I believe Elway will make a fine executive in time.  Hopefully he takes the finer points of Ellis, and evolves.  Ellis is NOT a great executive but has many...


Marcell Dareus worthy of #2?

First understand my expectation of the #2 pick in the draft: Perennial Pro-Bowl player who is a game changer.  Does Marcell Dareus fit the bill?  I don't question he will be  good NFL player...


No CBA no trades no FA change your Mocks!!

I keep seeing this ridiculous mocks and I can't take it anymore.  Trade Kyle Orton for a 2nd rounder- are you kidding?  Sign these 5 FA's so you know what to draft.  Well that will not be the case...


Grade the draft

Draft Strategy:  A+ I must say the way Denver moved the board on day one was extremely impressive.  Whether you agree with picks or not is not the issue.  At the start of the draft they 2460 pts...


Visits and rumors complete lets draft.

A few teams are going to call Denver (Giants, Packers, Eagles, and Patriots)  in fact 2 of them already have.  Patriots will low ball Josh with picks 22 and 53, Denver will counter with 22 and 44...


Broncos Stacking the Board

Broncos have a wealth of picks (4 in the top 80) and most expect one more with Scheffler (5th is my prediction).  I won't attempt to mock the Broncos at this time but simply reveal the board of...


Biggest story of the game was missed!!

Yes I know Orton threw 3 picks.  And no I don't believe the 'system' caused Orton to under throw the ball, or throw directly to Dry Bly.  Listen to Kyle himself - they were bad decision - PERIOD. ...

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