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Great Islander Video


Great video by the tune of Shake it Out by Florence and the Machines. Starts with ohhhhh.......then your like yahhhhhhh

Just Because......


So this is a battle against your favorite 4th line player on the "best" 4th line the Islanders have had, against a player and team you love to hate. Enjoy August.

Damon Severson......Anybody?


Was looking through the final TSN draft list there, which is always good stuff and saw this defensmen listed at 45, a bit behind our number 34 position, but seems like at 6'2 200lbs, put up some decent points in the WHL this past season, and is a very good skater who does not shy from the physical game would be worth a mention. Anybody hear anything on him or any knocks?

Thomas Out....Confirmed


So Tim Thomas will not be around next year instead focusing on family, friends, and faith. This has to be a shocker for the Bruins. Do they think Rask can carry the brunt of the season on his own, do we see a pick up or promotion from the bruins to find a backup? This is pretty big.

Niagara (Ryan Strome) Playoff Highlights


Just incase you are interested, the OHL site has highlights from most of the games up on their site. This particular game has two highlights from two separate games, so watch the 2nd half of the video to see Niagara vs Oshawa. Ryan Strome scores two beauties in this one. Good looking shot, something I think separates him from JT is that he has booming shot from outside of the circles. Also watching the other videos, his vision and passing are excellent. He is the playmaking center that his line mates are benefiting from.


Available Coaches

Ok, since we have been giving a ton of grief towards Cappy and most of us are feeling his days are numbered, whether he is fired this off season or very early into next season, I thought it would...

Grabovski Agrees to 5 year 27.5 Million Add to PAP fire


Add to the PAP fire with this signing, that is basically 5.5 million a year (not that I know how it is structured). WOW. The guys is a good two way forward with 45 points and will put up shy of 60 points. Had 58 points last year almost making 30 goals. YAY for toronto spending money.


The Nino Niederreiter Files

A look at Nino NIederreiter's careful and slow development at the NHL level after the New York Islanders decided to keep him at age 19 instead of return him to the WHL Portland Winterhawks.

Another One Bites the Dust


Coach Terry Murray of the Kings was given the boot today as Coach John Steven (ex Flyers) is now on interim duty. Question: If this was last year and Coach Gordon had just been fired, do you think the Islanders would have picked up either Paul Maurice, Terry Murray, Bruce Budreau, or still stayed within the Organization?

Fistric Suspended for 3 Games


There you go boys, some Justice handed out by Judge Shannahan.

Highlights: Sound Tigers 4, Hershey Bears 3


Taking on the Hershey Bears the other night the Sound Tigers won it 4 - 3 on some spectacular goals and goal tending from Thor. Looked like a really fun game to watch. Nino scored on a penalty shot with some nifty moves, while Ullstrom keeps rolling with his 6th goal in 6 games (10 overall). Making a strong statement to push for the big club as the first call up. His goal was a coast to coast, drive to the net. Thought it was worth posting up.

Number 6 Power Rankings ESPN


Well tickle my pickle, we made the biggest jump in Power Rankings, I have ever seen. Seems like Lebrun and company think the Isles are for real. Went from 27 (where the rangers now sit) to number 6. Normally I hold no stock in these rankings, as they are usually more comical if anything.

Someone Mention Petrov


Game is from Sept 13th. Check out this goal by him at around the two minute mark. A little dipsy doodle oh wait I am a power forward and rush the net goal. Oh wait, what do you say, multi-point game. Yes, next goal at 3:30. Did I mention I am 6'3 and you do not have a crease clearing d man, must be the isles. 6 goals and 3 assists on 11 games played this year.

And the Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round


More ideas and talk about the Coliseum, this time a trifecta of Casino, Race track, and Coliseum = sports entertainment destination. This would be on State land and would require state approval. Probably easier than Nassau. Anyways, really just wanted to use that title for something.

Strome Verbally Agrees


According to TSN at least, Strome has verbally agreed to an entry level contract. Wednesday being the deadline to sign all contracts for the final roster assignments. So question, do we Strome in 9 NHL games this year? Only way I see Strome or Kabanov being given NHL time, is if they are playing on the top lines where their skills would shine. But I dont see it anyways.

92-93 Team to be Remembered


Pretty awesome, finally a reunion of the team that made us believe one last time that they could make a run for the cup after the amazing win in game 7 at Pittsburgh in 1993. Turgeon, Thomas, Hogue & Flatley among honorees for Islanders ’93 Reunion. Only downside? They are playing the Sharks that night instead of the Penguins.


Quick and Dirty +/-

So since we brought this up a few times during discussions, I thought it would be appropriate to get a quick plus/minus interactive going.  You guys know what to do, so lets get the first reactions...

Next Captain to be Named Wednesday [Newsday]


Boom, want to make your bets, make them here.

Cullen: Next Step


Surprised myself, when I saw this little article on the TSN main page, some good thoughts and more coverage is always welcome.

Coliseum Ice Death Trap


Katic to have surgery and miss the season most likely, because of falling from a rut in the ice. Compares to Mark Streit's injury last season. At what point is the ice deemed dangerous and factored into the man games lost.

Slaughter House 2 (Rookie Games Up)


Incase you missed the rookie games, they are both up on the link above. Enjoy and Scrutinize, then enjoy it again and project future line ups.

Top 20 Islander Prospects


Top 20 Islander Prospects written by Tony Stabile. Looks like he does a good job evaluating the talent and ranking them justifiably. My one gripe would be Rhett, I do not think he has Jeff Tambellini written all over him. The kid is bigger and uses his body. I think his NHL time cannot be seen as anything. I do think think he will make a push for the roster, but ultimately play in Bridgeport again, upping his totals and making a case for an immediate call up.

The Whale has Spoken


Yah, thats right, you know who I am speaking about. The article speaks about zoning for the land in question.

Apparently this Meaningless Stat has the Isles High above everyone else


Over at TSN they have decided to compile a meaningless stat (according to everyone over there) that makes the Islanders and the Chef look like the best defensively minded team in the NHL. We Have three forwards in the top 25 and SEVEN defensemen in the top 25 in take aways in the league. Now their may be some bias overall with the scorer, but I am curious what we would see if these numbers were further broken down. What would the percentage of take aways look like before and after the famous December 16th date. Since the Isles were tops among points in this period of time and became more of a complete team , I would say that most of these numbers increased during this time. Frans is Frans. Bailey, well now he can use this stat to pump his asking price. JT, just shows how Sneaky he can be and just be a great positional player making up for the lack of wheels. AMAC and Hammy would be no surprise either on Defense.


Islanders in the Community

One topic about the new arena deal and the Islanders possibly leaving Long Island, which has not been heavily spoken about, is how much the players and organization give back to the local...

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