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41414 Lounge

That's right, the lounge is back

April Lounge: Featuring Games That Count!

baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball

March Lounge!


December Lounge


We lounge here

November Lounge: What's up y'all?

It's November. The days getting darker, but spring training and the return of baseball are just around the corner....kinda.... Not sure who all is still lounging, but here's the lounge.....

October Lounge

Where we lounge

September Lounge! omg omg omg omg omg

September is here! Apparently these threads only stay open for a month, so I'll try to be more on top of it when we need a new thread. Got distracted yesterday by my college football/A's baseball...

Kurt Suzuki traded to Nationals


Kurt Suzuki and cash to Nationals for catcher David Freitas.

August Lounge: Wow, July was fun!

When I left last month, I certainly had no idea we'd do THAT well while I was gone. I'm sorry if my return has doomed the A's. I expect you all to take up a collection to send me abroad again. It's...

Game 104 (con't): bbg loses power, hopefully transferred up to Oakland for the rest of the game


baseballgirl has lost power, so I'm pinch-hitting with the new game thread. Seventh inning stretch time, A's down 3-1.

July Lounge Thread: The one with the All Star Break

Buongiorno Loungers! This is your local traveling lounge mistress here to start off the second half of the year! Yes, that's right, we're into July now, the next year is now closer to us than the...

June Lounge: This one has donuts

Today is National Donut Day! YAY!!! National Donut Day is on the first Friday of June each year, succeeding the Donut Day event created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the women who...

May Lounge: April's 10-12 record brings May's....

*bump* In April, we had one lounge. Our team went 10-12 in games that count. It seemed like we played Seattle every other night. No one new went on the disabled list (though Braden was...

April Lounge

April is here. Baseball has decided to return to the bay area once again. Here's your lounge for the month. I got nothin' else. (if I edit this, will it bump back up to the top?)

3/2/12 Lounge: March on in and make yourself comfy!

March is here! YAY!!!!!!! This year, March brings us baseball games, basketball madness, Mad Men newness, and oh so much more! Happy lounging everyone!!!

February Lounging: It's a short month, maybe one will do....

We're already one week into the month, which means only three weeks left.....if we fill this one quickly (and with pitchers and catchers reporting in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS we might do that) I can...

Lounge for the week of Jan. 23rd...

Since these things have been lasting more than a day or two each, we'll just set this one up for the week and see how we do...... Don't forget to visit stormtown's DLD on the main page. For your...

1/19/12 Lounge - perhaps for the weekend?

'm out of town this weekend, so I'll leave y'all with a fresh thread before I go. And for Bed: Enjoy, my friend, enjoy...... And hey all, don't forget this: Have a great weekend!!! ...

1/17/12 Lounge: Do the new guests know about the naked requirement for lounging?

Gather round the fireplace, and pull up your blankies and pull down your pants, because it's lounge time. (btw, don't search "naked campfire" in google unless you are ready for the...

1/16/12 Lounge: The one when gigs is procrastinating

I've gotten so much stuff checked off my "to do" list today, but there's a big one right at the top that I'm procrastinating on. So, a new lounge for you all. Of course, if you want to talk about...

1/12/12 Lounge: The one when gigs remembered Beaker is awesome

I went and saw the original Muppet Movie tonight (you know, the 1979 version). They asked at the beginning who our favorite muppet is, and I automatically said Animal, because, you know, he's...

1/8/12 Lounge: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

So based on that last thread, there seem to be some people confused with the point of AN. Let me remind you: via Yes, this is a baseball blog. Oh, who am I kidding, it's the...

1/4/12: Lounge like it's the last first Wednesday of the year....

That last thread looked a little full, thought we could use a fresh one.

27 December 2011: The Lounge

Just a few days left of 2011!!! I for one am ready to kick this year to the curb, although I've got a few things left in 2011 to of which is to start this lovely Lounge for you...

Thank goodness for winter vacation....

omg, I don't have to go back to work until 2012. That sounds amazing. AMAZING. My plans for the break: sleep, eat, watch movies, sleep, go to movies, sleep some more, lounge, sleep, eat,...

12/14/11 Lounging for the rest of the week

It's finals week here. The students have decided to take out their frustration for exams on our poor little bell on the front desk. It's not jingle bells kids, STOP HITTING THE STINKIN' BELL!!!! O...

12/4/11: Sunday football lounging

Y'all were so talkative last night, I don't know that anyone's even awake yet for a new thread, but here it is!

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