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I used to blog about the Angels and sports in general. Now I just tweet or post comments/fanshots/fanposts when I have something to say.

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Guy in Angels hat driving forklift at Dodgers stadium


Wonder if the Dodgers social media person noticed that before posting the vine. Angels fans, literally taking over Dodger Stadium?


Angels continue to own the Dodgers

With Friday night's win, the Halos lead the season series against the Dodgers 3-1 with only two games to go, meaning the best the Dodgers can do is tie. We all know the Angels have been better than...


Dan Guerrero's cheapness on display for all to see

Data points showing how Bruin athletic director Dan Guerrero's unwillingness to invest in top tier football coaching staff is costing UCLA.

LAT: Vernon Wells has been catalyst in Angels' turnaround


This article drove me nuts so I had to share it with someone. I know Vernon had a good week, but it's way too early to declare Wells as the reason the Angels' were playing better. This seems like especially bad timing after a crushing loss. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd like to see Wells above .240 before we start singing his praises.

Look where Hurricane Irene is supposed to be on Sunday evening -- right where the Galaxy will be...


Look where Hurricane Irene is supposed to be on Sunday evening -- right where the Galaxy will be playing the Red Bulls. Obviously, weather can change a lot in five days and I'm no meteorologist. I'm assuming the MLS wouldn't let the Galaxy and Red Bulls play in 85 MPH winds, but how bad do conditions have to be for the match to be postponed? And when could it be made up? The Galaxy already have a packed schedule with the CCL.

Sad but true find by Sam Miller

"With Napoli at 2.2 WAR and Mathis at -0.6, the difference is 2.8. The Rangers lead the Angels by three games." No mention of Mathis' CERA or his mythical intangibles however.

UCLA or Liverpool?


Marc Pelosi, the #1 soccer recruit in the country, committed to UCLA but Liverpool wants him too. I'd guess that one of the more prestigious teams in the world will be tough to say "No" to. Here's hoping whatever decision Marc makes works out best for him.


OT: Another reason to hate the Yankees

This has nothing to do with the Angels, but I know every good Halo fan hates the Yankees and the Red Sox, so I was inspired to write this. As I'm sure you've heard by now, tonight's Yankees-Rays...

Al Scates to retire after 2012

No release yet, but the UCLA athletics official twitter announced it. EDIT: Here's the release The main paragraph that sums it all up from the release: Scates will retire after 50 years of service at UCLA with a nation-leading Division I record of more than 1,200 victories. To date he has captured 19 NCAA championships, 21 overall national championships, 24 conference titles and compiled a legacy unmatched by few college coaches in any sport. In 49 seasons, Scates has coached 52 different first-team NCAA All-Americans, 44 U.S. National Team members, 27 Olympians, 26 USVBA All-Americans and seven collegiate Players of the Year. *** It's hard to overstate what Scates did in his career. I hope he gets some mainstream publicity in his final season next year and that he goes out a winner to give him a nice round number of 20 NCAA championships.

It looks like the Pac-10 isn't the only conference with incompetent referees. Coach Howland's...


It looks like the Pac-10 isn't the only conference with incompetent referees. Coach Howland's predecessor gets lucky yet again. Related: We're all rooting against St. John's, right? It's amazed me that people are seriously considering Coach Howland's predecessor as a Coach of the Year candidate. UPDATE: NCAA head of officials calls this "unacceptable".

It's a football game at Angels Stadium!


I have no rooting interest for either team (Servite-Mission Viejo in CIF Pac-5 Championship) but it's kind of cool to see football played at the home of our Angels. (Game is currently on Prime Ticket)


Football and hoops at same time

This may interest only me, and admittedly, I haven't been a Bruin fan for as long as some of the geezers here. But looking at the preseason NIT schedule for hoops made me realize that UCLA football...

Kareem to appear on The Simpsons


As a long-time fan of The Simpsons (and obviously a UCLA fan) this excites me. The new season starts in September. I wonder how they'll use Kareem. It's also amazing the Simpsons is entering its 22nd season. Any other Simpsons fans here?

Scioscia to appear on Simpsons (again)


I saw Mike Scioscia's name in a list of people who are going to appear on the new season of The Simpsons (the season beings in September). Very cool. For those who don't already know, Scioscia's been on the Simpsons before -- 18 years ago! Homer at the Bat is still one of my favorite episodes of all time. Any other Simpsons fans here excited about this?


Avoiding the 8/9 game (Pac-10 Tourney scenarios)

How UCLA avoid the 8/9 game: explaining 2010 Pac-10 Tourney scenarios.

Epic quote about Monte Kiffin


"Monte Kiffin has been very persistent. He’s probably been in here more than is legal. Of course they don’t pay attention to the rules." -- From Charles Loveless, Frostproof HS (Georgia) AD speaking about their star recruit Nickell Robey. Hat-tip to SI's Stewart Mandel's twitter.

Game 3 at 9 a.m.


That's what it says both on's schedule and the official site, Game 3 is scheduled for 9am PT in Boston on Sunday. Way too early.

Lorenzo Mata-Real is shown at about 0:15 in this video making a dunk for the Mexican National Team...


Lorenzo Mata-Real is shown at about 0:15 in this video making a dunk for the Mexican National Team against Uruguay. Unfortunately, that's not why this video has gotten big -- there was a ridiculous brawl in this game, and chairs were thrown. I couldn't find any wrongdoing by Lorenzo in the video (he's a Bruin, we wouldn't expect any), but this video was so bizarre I had to share this with someone else.

Angels have the best record in the AL


Not bad. First time this has happened all year I think, and only 2 games back of the Dodgers for best record in all of baseball.

UPDATE: Men's tennis advances to semifinals


The Bruins beat #2 Mississipi to advance to the semifinals, 4-3. UCLA will play #3 Ohio State Monday at 11 a.m. PT, and you can see live stats and live video here. OTHER SPORTS: Softball won its regional final against Fresno State today, 9-5, advancing to the super regionals, where they will play unseeded Missouri. The Bruins will likely host the series starting either Thursday or Friday (TBD) Men's golf won the Central Regional, advancing to the NCAA Championships, which start on May 27. Thanks to jaffa, templarknight and PEDBruin for updating the scores.

Rich Thompson's back in the majors


Looks like we got what some of you have been wishing for. Ash Thompson scoops the rest of the media.


UCLA gets #1 seed with win and UW loss

UPDATE: ryebreadraz beat me to this in a comment in his fanpost from earlier this week. I haven't seen this anywhere else yet, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the Bruins get the #1 seed in the...

Jeff Miller on Game 4???


I don't read the OC Register all that often, so maybe someone can explain to me why Jeff Miller wrote a blog entry titled "Angels lose Game 4"? Wow, that's some bad journalism.


UPDATE: New magic number: 1

***9:03 PM UPDATE: With the Angels win, the magic number is now 1. The Angels can clinch home-field advantage in the first round tonight with a win and a White Sox loss. My reasoning: The Angels...


[FINAL daily update] -- Bruins at the Olympics

Bumped. Folks if you haven't done it yet, please join us in  giving Gilbert a huge thanks for his incredible effort last two weeks. Of course it goes without saying congrats to all our Bruin men...

Bruin Kara Lang scores a goal at Olympics


UCLA's Kara Lang, playing for Canada, scored a goal in Canada's 2-1 win over Argentina early this morning. It was the first game at the Olympics (soccer always starts a few days before every other sport). I thought that was kind of cool. Also, to keep you in suspense, I'm working on a giant schedule and list of when every Bruin is competing at the Olympics. I'll post it here in the fanposts and at my own blog when I'm done (hopefully later today).


UCLA's first game at the Pac-10 tourney scenarios

I've professed my love of tiebreakers here before, so I decided to work out all the possible scenarios on where all the Pac-10 teams finish at my own blog.Now that UCLA has clinched the #1 seed at...


A look at Dohn and journalistic ethics

Brian Dohn has annoyed me before, but never as much as today, when he wrote: (emphasis mine) I always thought DeWayne Walker should be the guy because he is bright, he loves to compete, he relates...


A look at June Jones' record

I had never considered June Jones coming to UCLA as a realistic possibility until today because I thought I had heard that he really liked it in Hawaii and would only maybe leave for the NFL.But...


USC fans send death threats to Coliseum commission

If for some reason you need another reason to hate USC and its fans, here it is. From today's LA Times (emphasis and ellipsis mine): The bitter standoff between USC and the Los Angeles Memorial...

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