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Since the day he was born, he was an Angel fan. Had he been weak and flabby, prone to bouts of inattention, abandoning games in the seventh inning, or been disfigured by an affinity for teams bought by giant cable incomes instead of the hard earned cash of a beloved tunesmith/cowboy he would have been thrown from the cliffs of Fernando Mania and left for dead on the floor of Chavez Ravine.

Nursed in the warm bosom of Gene Mauch’s radness, then as a young boy, hardened in the cold, desolate eras of Cookie Rojas, Doug Rader, and Buck Rogers, he returned from his trials a man, but more! Encompassing more excitement than Bobby Gritch’s mustache, reeling off baseball wisdom faster than Gary Pettis can strike out, with more raw power than the millions of hitters who seemed to hit home runs off Willie Fraiser, all the statuesque dignity of Brian Downing, and the stone cold looks of Kirk McCaskill…. he is Gitchogritchoffmypetis. The friggin General Sherman of Angel fans.

I also like pizza and mint.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
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User Blog

Fishing Off the Long Beach Docks for Angels Bullpen Gold

As I stare morosely into the bottom of my now empty glass of Popov and Squirt, I am plagued by an almost paralyzing fear, a fear born of the fact that I, along with most fans, and even GMs, would...

A Good Snapshot of the Mighty Albert's Pre-History.


A quick account of Albert Pujols getting drafted and dominating the minor leagues. Because it's important to know our history.


Souring on Werth/Crawford ...What Can Be Done?

I'm just not convinced that it's a good idea to tie up 5 years and 70 million on a guy like CC/Werth.  Maybe if one of them was sure to fix our leadoff/OBP problems, or provide huge power numbers,...


The Kouz+ A Trade = Cheap Upgrade?

MLB.TradeRumors threw up the old "Non tender candidate?" question and it got me thinking, why not trade Napoli and some more youth (or Matt Palmer) to the Royals for David DeJesus? He and Naps'll...

Saunders + kids for Haran looks more than fair to me.


Yep, how could Reagins have given a talent like this away for Haran?

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