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Old Injury Reports?

Because I have no life, I am trying to do an un-scientific study of injuries in the NFL to see if artificial turf does indeed cause more injuries, as many players claim. I was hoping someone on...

Baseball Prospectus Free Friday!


Today and next Friday (Sept 28) everything on BP's website is free, which I assume to include the article on Hanson and Polanco that David posted on the front page.

National Media Slams Stark, Huntington


Jeff Passan over at Yahoo! Sports has picked up on Dejan's article and quotes anonymous sources who call the methods "over the edge" and another who says "they don't know what they're doing." While it's tough to say if these are the same sources Dejan quotes, it certainly not good for the national media to be blasting the front office.


A Theory on Pitching Development

Unfortunately, my college degree is a bachelor in Sports and Entertainment Management, so deductive statistics is a bit over my head. However, I have been giving some thought to the way the Pirates...

Pirates Recall Chase D'Arnaud


I really hope this doesn't preclude them from recalling one of Leroux, Wilson or Locke. This might indicate that Kevin Correia is going to move back into the rotation.

Former WV Player Fails a Drug Test, 2nd this year


Ugh. Vince Payne (presumably no relation to Bobby Payne, Augusta National Chairman) failed a drug test for a drug of abuse about a month ago before the Pirates released him. Ordinarily this wouldn't be news but Zack Dodson also failed a test for a drug of abuse (not PEDs), which I'm sure will raise questions about the culture in WV.

Kevin McClatchy giving MLB ownership suggestions...Seriously.


According to the article, the city of Sacramento is looking to bring an MLB team to the city and is getting "insider advice" from McClatchy. If this is real, I pray for the sake of Sacramento that they do not get a team. Otherwise, all of Pittsburgh will weep for them.


Willie Colon Moving to LG

For those of us who have been hoping for this day to come, rejoice because it is here. In a discussion with WDVE's Mike Prisuta, Colon confirmed that he will indeed move to left guard in order to...


Jason Worilds moving to ILB?

Note: I had posted this as a comment in the story on Stevenson Sylvester, but I didn't want to hijack the thread, so I created a separate Fan Post. I have to admit, I have been caught up in draft...

Tim Alderson's Velocity is Back!


According to Tim over at Pirates Prospects, Alderson hit 93 multiple times during his outing today, and generally worked in the 91 range. He's much more interesting at this velocity you know.


Tim Tebow is a Jet

Adam Schefter is having a huge day on Twitter right now. In addition to reporting on the Saints bounty punishments (I'll let someone more intelligent than I write those up), he reports that the New...

Mike Tolbert signs in Carolina


In what has to be the most puzzling collection of RB talent, Mike Tolbert signs in Carolina with a 4 year deal. I'd have to imagine that one of Steward or Williams will be dealt, and I'm guessing it'll be Williams. He'd make sense in Denver, reunited with John Fox, whose current backfield consists of Knowshon Moreno who can't stay healthy and was arrested in February for DUI and Willis McGhee, who isn't getting any younger.


2012 Salary Cap Set... And You May Not Like It

Reports all across the Twitter Machine right now seem to indicate that next year's salary cap will come in around $120.6 million, which is essentially the same as last year. It appeared for a while...


Is Losing Mike Wallace Worst Case Scenario?

Being that I have nothing more exciting to do with my life than sit around, catch up on episodes of House and read articles such as this one I've been thinking a lot about the possibility...

Rockies give Jim Tracy "Indefinite" Extension


This is arguably one of the strangest things I've ever seen. WTM is quoted in this article, and it's one of the most accurate summations of his managerial capabilities I've ever seen. Apparently, Tracy has more photos of Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd than Pedro Ciriaco had of Clint Hurdle.

Pirates Will Not Sign Dmitri Young


via Rob Biertempfel on Twitter. It's on Twitter, so it must be true! Assuming it is, this is news no matter what your position was relative to the fence. In other news, pitchers and catchers cannot report soon enough.

#Pirates inquired about Roy Oswalt and were willing to jump into bidding, but were rebuffed.


#Pirates inquired about Roy Oswalt and were willing to jump into bidding, but were rebuffed.

Rob Biertempfel via Twitter By Charlie: Obviously, the Pirates are in a tough spot, but if they want to sign a free agent of this caliber, they need to do more than make inquiries and vaguely-competitive offers. I suppose doing something to sign guys like this is better than doing nothing at all, but given that the Pirates never, ever seem to sign players like this, it's probably past the point where we ought to praise them too much for trying.

Arron Asham Out With Concussion


according to the Trib. As the sixth Penguin to be diagnosed with a concussion or concussion-like symptoms (side note: what's the difference?), I suppose this maybe a valid time to ask these questions: Is it coincidence? Is the medical staff being more cautious after being criticized for Sid's handling? Is it something in the way they play? Is it something in the water?

When Do Hitters Peak?


This is an interesting article from FanGraphs that certainly caught my attention when WhyGavs passed it along on Twitter. The article examines when hitters peak in their K rate, BB rate and ISO. The results are certainly surprising.

Pirates Sign Kris Johnson


Former first-round pick (2006) from the Red Sox has signed with the Bucs, according to Kevin Goldstein's Twitter. Johnson's scouting report includes "a 90-94 mph fastball, a mid-70s hard curveball, and a very good 83-84 mph changeup." But his numbers in AAA the last three years were, well, disastrous, and he's now 27. Sounds like a Neal Huntington project to me. UPDATE by Charlie: Prepare for lots of, 'The Pirates are so cheap, they just replaced Paul Maholm with a guy with a 12.63 ERA in the minors!' As if other teams don't make minor-league signings too. That said, I'm a little mystified as to what the Pirates see here - they must love Johnson's stuff, because otherwise, signing a guy who somehow allowed seven homers in 20.2 Class AAA innings last year wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, unless they needed someone to throw batting practice. Also, Aaron Thompson signed with the Twins.


First Base Options

I know there is already a thread specifically for the winter meetings, but with the options seeming to fly everywhere, I figured this might not be a bad idea. I've heard numerous rumors floating...


Pirates Finalize 40 Man Roster

This via the Bucs Insider Twitter machine.    #Pirates add Matt Hague, Starling Marte, Jordy Mercer, Rudy Owens, Duke Welker & Justin Wilson to 40-man roster; DFA Eric Fryer, Xavier Paul   For...


Penguins Trade Mark Letestu

The Pens have moved center Mark Letestu to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a 4th round pick in the 2012 draft. Personally, I didn't think they would get a fourth rounder out of Test Tube, so I'm...

BA Breakdown of Spending Relative to Slot


Jim Callis just posted this on his Twitter account, but I thought y'all might find this interesting. It shows amount spent to sign the picks made in the first ten rounds, and compares that total to the total of the suggested slots. The number of teams below 100% certainly caught me off guard.


Evan Meek Has Torn Labrum

Well, there's bad news, then there is this. Wow this stinks. Based on personal experience with a torn labrum, I am shocked that he was even able to throw a baseball, let alone 28 pitches just a few...

Joba Chamberlin Done for the Year


Given how bad their bullpen has been this season, and especially given that they are now missing two pieces they expected to be back-end studs, is the time right to move some bullpen depth for say, I don't know, Jesus Montero?


Pirates vs. Phillies, 4 June 2011 (OVERFLOW)

The Pirates lead the Philadelphia Phillies 4-2 through 4 and a half innings. From my perspective, Charlie Morton hasn't been as sharp as usual, but he continues to battle. Highlights thus far: B...


Bad News on the Injury Front

Bad news has come on the injury front via the Twitter, specifically thanks to Rob Biertempfel. He reports on his twitter page that Ryan Doumit has a fractured ankle, and will be out at least a...

Sticker shock: Teams being told asking price on Dylan Bundy is 6 yrs, $30 million. For Archie Bradley, 5 yrs and $20 million. #mlbdraft


Well, this could likely eliminate Bundy from the discussion. Personally, I don't feel like the price would match the production.

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