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Building The Ultimate Alabama Team: Running Backs


It wasn't really a contest in the preliminary voting, but in the faint hope that the final tally might be a little more suspenseful, I'm not going to say who the run-away (hey, that's a pun, you...

The Ultimate 'Bama Team: Running Backs


There have been so many great running backs at Alabama - heck, how many do we have right now? - that trying to pick a single guy and call him "the best" is kind of silly, if truth be told. But...

Conference Bowl Comparisons


Too many bowl games? Get outta here! The more the merrier, I say.

Oklahoma From The Couch


Three national championships in a row. Remember talking about that? That was fun, wasn't it? Anybody got a time machine?

The Value of Coach Saban


Seven million smackers, they say. Couldn't be worth it, could it? That money for a mere sports coach? Yeah, right.


The Fallacy Of The One-Game Season

Why is Auburn ranked ahead of Alabama in the polls today? I ask because you couldn't spend two minutes comparing the two team's records and statistics and come to the conclusion that Auburn is a...

Auburn From The Couch


We all thought three years ago that the Iron Bowl could never hurt so badly again. Boy, were we ever wrong. But you know what? 2009, 2011 and 2012 are still in the record books, and when you...

SEC Games of the Week


Turkey and football — the perfect combo.

::sniff:: A Salute to the Seniors: AJ McCarron



UT-Chattanooga From The Couch


Auburn had the week off. Alabama kept its weekly game-prep tempo in place and won easily in what amounted to a scrimmage under game conditions against a team with an offense that is at least...

SEC Games of the Week


You might expect the schedule to start thinning out after mid-November, but you'd be wrong as far as this week's SEC slate goes. There are eight games on the schedule, and while some are snoozers,...

Mississippi State From The Couch


Alabama's string of near-perfect performances and constant improvement is over, but a sloppy Tide was still more than sufficient for the game Bulldogs.

SEC Games of the Week


There's a light slate of games this week in the SEC, light enough that Georgia is involved in the game of the week. That's light.

LSU From The Couch


LSU sure made it interesting for about 36 minutes of their game against Alabama Saturday - but not for 60. There was something about that successful fake punt not quite half-way through the 3rd...

SEC Games of the Week


Big games coming up in the SEC this weekend - or wait, check that. There is A big game coming up in the SEC this week, plus a bunch of games that will probably be boring but are worth watching the...

College Football 2013: Questions and Answers


This August, I wrote a column asking a few questions to be answered in college football this year. Not only is it bye week, but it's November: those questions are due to be answered. So let's get...

SEC Games of the Week


They should probably move the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party indoors this year: to somewhere private, where nobody can see it. Still, it's probably the best SEC game this week. Try to...

Tennessee From The Couch


Re-cap of the Tennessee vs Alabama game

SEC Preview and Deep Thoughts


This week's slate of SEC games is not to be confused with the stellar slates of the last two weeks. South Carolina at Missouri could be a doozy, but otherwise the best game may be UT at Bama on...

Arkansas From The Couch


How good is Alabama? How bad is Arkansas? Whichever team was most responsible for the margin, it looked like 52 points is a relatively fair measurement of the relative strength of the two squads...

SEC Games to Watch │ Week 8


Not a single SEC team is playing a non-conference foe this week, and not only that, but the game in the Tuscaloosa is the only one that looks to be an old-fashioned mud-stomping. Got some good SEC...

The Kentucky Game From The Couch


A re-cap of the Alabama vs Kentucky game "from the couch".

SEC Preview and Stuff: Week 7


There's some good SEC football on the TV this weekend. Florida visits Baton Rouge, Missouri will be in Athens, and Ole Miss will host Texas A&M in the headliners, while Alabama visits Lexington...

Georgia State From The Couch


It was a titanic mismatch that probably should never have have been played, but Alabama did what it needed to do. The Tide was on cruise control from the opening kickoff, and best of all,...

SEC Games to Watch│Week 6


This is a big week for the SEC middle to shake out, as Ole Miss invades Auburn and Vandy hosts Missouri in a pair of knock-down drag-out melees for the coveted SEC #7 spot.

Ole Miss: From the Couch


A worrisome September for Alabama fans came to an end in a not-so-worrisome fashion, as Alabama took care of the Rebel Black Bears and their pre-game yakking ways to a 25-0 tune.

SEC Preview | Week 5


This week Alabama faces what looks to be its last real test before LSU comes calling in November. It's just one of a solid slate of SEC games.

Alabama vs Colorado St. Review From The Couch


In 2011, Alabama stunk up the joint against Georgia Southern, and it was Western Kentucky in 2012. Both those Bama teams turned out alright, but still, two mediocre performances in the first three...

SEC Games to Watch │Week 4


Only a decade ago - even less - Tennessee-Florida was a war, year-after-year one of the biggest college football rivalries in the nation.


Game Thoughts/From The Couch Hiatus

There ain't gonna be a From The Couch this week. I am starting a potential multi-week asbestos trial Monday morning and am slammed until it's over. I'll be back when I'm back. But here are my...

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