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Hockey Prospectus: Chicago Blackhawks Top 10 Prospects


Good breakdown, it's interesting to read how highly they rate Kruger, given some of the confusion surrounding his sudden promotion last season. HP has us ranked 5th among all NHL prospect pools, which is good news for the future.

"Dale absolutely will get a ring," McDonough said. "He had an immeasurable impact on this...


"Dale absolutely will get a ring," McDonough said. "He had an immeasurable impact on this franchise. He will absolutely get a ring and he deserves it."

Tallon will get a ring (ESPN)

Stanley Cup Finals goal chart


Throwing this up real quick, before I start delving into other projects in the offseason. This isn't as fancy or detailed as the other ones I did, mostly because of the volume of goals (check out...

Thread of Joy: The Chicago Blackhawks are your 2010 Stanley Cup Champions!


Let it sink in for a few more moments: They blew all the other kids away, and now they've got Lord Stanley's Cup to prove it. This organization has finally emerged from its forty-nine years in the...

Hawks @ Flyers: Game 6, OT thread


Tied 3-3 at the end of 3; if possible, this game just got even more heartstoppingly stressful. Go Hawks!

No one's getting out: Hawks 3, Flyers 4 (OT)


No one's getting out: Hawks 3, Flyers 4 (OT)

Hawks @ Flyers - Game 3 - fourth period thread


Here we go, into the great beyond. Stats through three Shots: CHI 25—31 PHI (20—24 EV) Hits: CHI 31—38 PHI Giveaways: CHI 16—11 PHI Blocked shots: CHI 20—20 PHI Faceoffs: CHI 39%—61% PHI Event...

Ain't nothing but a love tap: Deconstructing Dave Bolland


Rats! They fought the dogs and killed the cats, And bit the babies in the cradles, And ate the cheeses out of the vats, And licked the soup from the cooks' own ladles, Split open the kegs of...

Harks @ Shawks - Game 1 - heart attack thread


Tied 1-1 off a pretty Sharp goal in the second period. Pacemakers for everyone!

Hawks @ Sharks - Game 1 - 2nd period thread and so on and so on


Efffff I can't figure out the game thread thing, so here's an emergency 2nd period/overflow/new mojo thread. Mmmmm, roomy. Sharks lead 1-0 right now off a first period PP goal that deflected in off...

Hawks-Sharks regular season goalscoring breakdown


In light of the interesting scatter of goals in the Chicago-Vancouver series, there were a couple of comments wondering what the plot looked like for the regular season series between Chicago and...

You wanted to be a fighter, you wanted to be a killer: Chicago-Vancouver series breakdown


If you look really closely, you can almost see the intangibles. (Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune / May 3, 2010) Here's what I love about the playoffs: Each series takes on a different dynamic,...


Shot differential/goaltending season wrap (and some actual math!)

If anyone can find the missing third-quarter shot differential/goaltending report, they get a heffalump as a prize. Trick question! Like most of America (fuck yeah), I got sucked into the Olympics,...


Road trip comparison! Goalies and Defensive Numbers

Comparing the numbers for the Hawks two marathon road trips so far this year. Are the blue liners feeling more pressure?


Shot differential, defense and goaltending (second quarter report)

. OPP S SA DIFF BS SG SV% RESULT . EDM (A) 30 27 3 12 Huet 0.926 W . VAN (A) 17 30 -13 18 Niemi 1 W . SJS (A) 41 24 17 16 Huet 0.917 W . ANA (A) 28 34 -6 8 Huet 0.912 L ...


Entropy: shot differential, defense and goaltending (first-quarter report)

SCH NOTE:  GMH put up this great post on Friday that deserves a look.  I wanted to save it until today though so it wasn't lost in the weekend craziness - plus now we have a few more days until...

Myths and realities of the cap situation


David Morris has a pretty good write-up about the Hawks' cap crunch over at Kuklas, if you guys haven't seen it yet. He illustrates the differences in Tallon and Bowman's personalities and methodologies, and breaks down some of Bowman's options going into next summer's RFA roulette. It's a decent read all around, and if nothing else, should (hopefully) assuage some of the doomsday predictions from our favorite armchair GMs.

Hey, who said bobbleheads were useless, right?


Hey, who said bobbleheads were useless, right?


SI profile on Captain Serious

Don't know how many people are SI subscribers, but for those who are curious, I typed out the short-and-sweet featurette on Toews from this week's issue. Enjoy!   Captain Serious If it's hijinks...


Patrick Sharp and Robbie Gould: an imaginary conversation.

The official site has posted pictures from the Blackhawks-Bears shoot. Toews and Cutler look awkward, Seabrook is trying desperately to keep a straight face in front of a Spandex-clad Briggs, Kane...


This was one for the grandkids.

I don't know if I can handle an entire season of this. Every sport needs drama, but if I didn't know any better, I'd think this team was working off a script every night.     ACT I.People lose...


A "celebration" of your "commitment": Convention, Day 1.

Not much to say about the opening ceremony that I couldn't have said better last year. Nothing thoroughly overwhelmed me like it did when the anticipation was brand new, at least. Two things struck...


Game 5: In my end is my beginning.

For once, I don't really know where to begin, but I don't like leaving bodies lying cold on the ground just because the light is fading and I can't see things very clearly. There are all the usual...


Game 4: Scenes from a children's movie about house intruders.

No Datsyuk. No Lidstrom (and Chelios never plays more than five minutes, so make that "no Lidstrom and only five defensemen"). No Draper on faceoffs. Jesus Havlat on the ice -- you should have...


Game 3: Make love to pressure.

How many moments have we had in these playoffs so far? I'm talking about the do-or-die moments, where -- as a fan, at least -- it seems like the future of the entire world is suspended in time and...


Game 2: The prick of a feather could make a kingdom burn and the bloodshed start.

Looking at the stats, that was a remarkably close game with very few real momentum shifts in regulation. Shots, blocked shots, hits, special teams, goals -- a deaf, colorblind man wouldn't be able...


Line combos after the fourth Wings goal.

Gleaned from the shift charts: Toews-Kane-Sharp Toews-Brouwer-Buff Pahlsson-Kane-Versteeg Bolland-Havlat-Sharp Burish-Eager-Ladd Kane-Brouwer-Buff Bolland-Kane-Versteeg Burish-Havlat-Sharp ...


Game 1: there's a science lesson in here somewhere.

Duncan Keith and the top line had brutal, brutal games. Things the 'Hawks didn't get torched on: faceoffs, hits, blocked shots. Things the 'Hawks did get torched on: everything that doesn't...


That? That's the sound of 22,600+ collectively jizzing in their pants.

If you ever wanted to hear what sports broadcasting nirvana sounds like, please enjoy that link. Wiedeman and Murray's call was especially spine-tingling; I will probably jack the audio and use it...

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