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NHL Draft Day 2 What's the game plan Jim?

The second day of the draft is beginning, what is going to happen today?

Are your drafting skills better than the scouts?

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to which prospect is going to turn out to be the best pick for our beloved Canucks. You build your draft board and time will tell if you are smarter than the...

gmonk33's Mock Draft


We've spent a ton of time pouring over what the Canucks need to do with the #6 pick, but what about the other 29 teams?

The lay of the land at #36


Predicting who’s going to be available in round 2 is kind of like predicting the weather here in Calgary: the sun may be shining now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be raining/snowing/sharknado-ing...


Revisiting the Mocks

This is one of the final weekends for the class of 2014 to showcase their talents.


Around the Mocks

Now that the draft order for non-playoff teams has been settled, there have been a fair number of web pages that have updated their 2014 mock drafts. So far I have found 11 pages who have published...

The 2014 NHL Draft Lottery

On Tuesday April 15, 2014 we will find out exactly where we are going to be drafting in this year's NHL Entry Draft. The rules for the draft lottery are different from the previous CBA, so allow me...


2014 NHL Draft Prediction

Well, we're on the outside looking in here, so I might as well start putting some actual thoughts together about this year's actual draft. I've previously written blurbs on 30 prospects and a...

2014 NHL Draft Prospects Part 3: 21-30!

Welcome to part 3 of this 3 part series on the prospects of the 2014 NHL draft. These prospects are the players ranked 21 through 30 in the February 2014 rankings. The March rankings are out, so...

2014 NHL Draft Prospects Part 2: 11-20

Keep in mind that this is not a mock draft, but merely a brief introduction to the players who are considered to be potential first round picks as determined by the ISS.


2014 NHL Draft Prospects: 1-10

The 2014 entry draft has been considered average by many experts. That said, there are many prospects in this draft that could end up being considered ‘steals’. Obviously we are familiar with ‘the...


V2: EA NHL 14 Rebuild Hypothesis

This is my second attempt at the complete rebuild hypothesis using NHL 14 on PS3. I recognize that the transactions are ridiculous and would never happen in real life. The first version of the...

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