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'Get It in His Hands … and He's Gone'


Interesting insight into #9.....from Grantland

The SEC is overrated!


Very good take on the state of affairs in the bCS

Please allow me to introduce myself ..........the Bearfighter returns


"Can you imagine if you went to a job interview and and you asked what the company was like and they told you "Well, you won't get murdered in the parking lot"? Don't you guys have a school that covers marketing or anything?"

UO wide receiver arrested


"Josh Huff, one of the Ducks’ leading pass catchers, is charged with drunken driving and not having a license" I guess it's difficult driving with webbed feet.

Oregon Needs to Pick a Side by Zack Jerome


So let’s be clear. Whatever Oregon did, whatever punishment they get, it doesn’t matter and I am not rooting for it based on wanting Oregon to be labelled cheaters. I am not rooting for it because I think the NCAA will be serving any kind of justice in this or any sanctions situation. I mean, Miami AD Paul Dee, who was letting a ten year cocaine-brothel-abortion-service-booze-cruise go on during his watch was the guy chosen to deem USC guilty of "needing" to know that Reggie Bush and his parents were taking thousands of dollars from a third party that had nothing to do with USC. When you hire a murderer to be the judge at a murder trial, it’s sort of hard to take the whole thing seriously.

Two year's later, timing is right for Tee Martin


"When you grow up in the South," he said, "USC is the one school in the West you know about."

Son’s Allowance Bought Craig James’ Conscience


Craig James is a punk and is running for Senator:)

Charlie, being Charlie


Charlie Weis grants Kansas QB’s release in predictably Weisian fashion

A Playoff Is Coming


"And this led to a real problem. There have been plenty of bad Super Bowls and World Series and Final Fours — but nobody ever watches those and thinks, ‘Why did they have this game?" We KNOW exactly why those games happen — this team beat that team, and that team beat the other team, and that’s why it happened. Matchups happen organically. The BCS Championship, though, doesn’t have that kind of order. Alabama and LSU played each other because, well, a few people kind of thought that maybe they were the two best teams. That doesn’t hold up too well under the microscope." Form Joe Posnanski

USC, one step closer to taking over the Coliseum


Not if Bernard Parks can stop it. 'USC, commission post term sheet for modified Coliseum lease'

Amir Carlisle transferring to Notre Dame, dad says


Quite a bit of flux in the program.....was Amir nudged out???

The First 5 Stars - Meet Kenny Bigelow


Sounds like a beast for the D-Line. From

"The most advanced football uniform system ever assembled"


"While the uniform certainly makes the team more recognizable, it’s their commitment to innovation and building better athletes that allows the University of Oregon to take its place among the nation’s most elite programs." Now if they can only win a big game for once.....

For Our Younger Members, Memorable Day In Trojan History


Missed AD's second half TD return due to trip to liquor store on Vermont. Heard the roar of the crowd as we were walking back to the Coli, said to my friend, AD just took it all the way......the rest was history.

Tilt-A-Whirl (Conference Championship Edition) Pac-12 — UCLA vs. Oregon


I'd rather see the Ducks offense and defense scrimmage. Or just a Ducks practice, so we could see how it is they're able to run their offense that fast with minimal miscues. Or, forget the practice, let's just see the Ducks' offensive skill guys run the 40 over and over.

UCLA Reaches New Low


More humor from the Arrogant one.... Seriously, UCLA? You are not our rival anymore. I don’t want to be seen with you in public. I’m deleting your number. I’m pretending you aren’t there when you show up at parties. You are dead to me.

A must read from the Bearfighter


Wearing white to that game was like wearing white to an Italian restaurant without silverware. Building that brand, Larry! You are disgracing USC, but perhaps in this situation more importantly, you are disgracing UCLA and Oregon, who are playing for a fake title and they know it. It was not the NCAA who said we couldn’t play in this game. It was you, Larry. You made the rules for a title game last year when we decided to have a title. You hoped it would work out differently, but it didn’t.

A UCLA win benefits Rick Neuheisel and Lane Kiffin


From T J Simers "Well, in my mind, from my vantage point, there has been lots of progress," he says. "I understand the frustration of the fans out there. They may not be able to see it because they didn't come to all the practices and they don't sit where I sit." Hey, Karl Dorrell sat where Neuheisel now sits, and based on results, he proved to be a better hire than Neuheisel.

What If Everything Worked Like BCS: The Spelling Bee


If you haven't already seen this, it is spot on

WTFucla - Desolation Row


They’re selling postcards of the hanging They’re painting the passports brown The beauty parlor is filled with sailors The circus is in town Here comes the blind commissioner They’ve got him in a trance One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker The other is in his pants And the riot squad they’re restless They need somewhere to go As Lady and I look out tonight From Desolation Row

"Playin for my bros and that's it!!!!" Te'o posted, according to the Tribune.


Report: Brian Kelly apologizes to players "You can see the players that I have recruited, you know who they are," Kelly said Thursday. "We’ve had one class of kids that we’ve recruited that I’ve had my hand on. "The other guys here are coming along," Kelly added. "It’s a process. It can’t happen overnight. They’re getting it. They’re making good progress."

The case against John Blake


When Blake tells this story, his attorney, William Beaver, chuckles. "When someone tells you that you don't need an attorney," Beaver says, "hire two." Interesting read and BTW, one of the usual suspects is still there, Potuto.

This Just In From Convicts Are Us


Oregon Ducks cornerback Cliff Harris suspended following being cited for three traffic violations. AGAIN!!!!!!!

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