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Neuheisel shrugs off hotseat talk


"I'm putting it on me," Neuheisel said. "And I don't want it on anybody else's shoulders. It's been hard for me to watch that position coached by somebody else, and that's no knock on [former offensive coordinator Norm Chow]. Norm's got three Heisman Trophy quarterbacks. But it's what I do. It's what I enjoy doing. I'm excited about the challenge."

Willie Lyles asked Texas A&M for $80K


There's a lot of kindling out there, just waiting for the fire.

SEC Coaches Defend 'Oversigning'


"As Critics Blast the Practice, Spurrier, Nutt and Petrino Say It's Necessary—and Helpful"

Who gets and stops explosive passing?


Look, who's last? In the country no less!

UPDATE: Trees at Toomer's Corner poisoned


Now this is what I call an intense rivalry!



"Emmert raised the idea of holding a mock hearing in which media members participate, and noted that the NCAA instituted a similar process to help media better understand the selection process for the NCAA men's basketball tournament." Yeah, they should use the USC case.

They are #1 in something!


"Last February, the Bruins were running their mouths about how Los Angeles was theirs for the taking, and things were changing versus USC."

Some Great Letters to the LostTimes


Westwood woe So the UCLA basketball players are upset with the Trojan players celebrating before the clock expired. You mean like the UCLA football players did when they beat the Trojans, 13-9? Grow up, boys. Oh, you can be sure SC won't be printing up 63-52 T-shirts. John Mark Newport Beach You're welcome I know that many Pac-10 fans, including some of your staff, were disappointed that TCU was invited to the Rose Bowl over a West Coast team. After spending a few days in Los Angeles and experiencing the Rose Bowl first-hand I can understand why some are hesitant to relinquish such an amazing opportunity. I believe I can speak for most Horned Frogs faithful that L.A., Pasadena and the Rose Bowl provided us with a top-notch bucket list moment. There was no part of the experience that was less than stellar, including the hospitality of the locals, the tournament staff and the Wisconsin fans. We hope someday to have this opportunity again, but for now I'd like to express our gratitude for letting us see why they call the Rose Bowl the "Granddaddy of Them All." Chris Hill Benbrook, Texas

You mean, what Cecil did, don't you?


NCAA president calls for new rules

Vols report special treatment at bar


I thought the sec could investigate an issue in 24 hours!

Someone Gets It - From Rumors & Rants


WTF Award Given to the maker of the most inexplicable, indefensible decision of the year. Winner: The NCAA Nick Saban and Jim McElwain almost won this one for going all Mike Leach with Greg McElroy in the Iron Bowl, but the NCAA choosing to not punish Cam Newton on the heels of their ultra-harsh punishment of USC just sucked. It just sucked. They set an awful precedent for the way parents of recruits can behave towards colleges, and they opened Pandora’s Box in such an obviously stupid way that there’s no way they didn’t know what they were doing. Back in August, I thought the NCAA only cared about problems within programs that involved money. They decided, however, that it only matters when players or their families apparently get anything worth anything, but shoot fire if they’re not allowed to ask for the world. Two hundred and fifty grand just for Cam Newton’s services for possibly one year? That’s outrageous even if Reggie Bush’s family did get a house from an agent or marketer or whatever. Worse, Bush’s parents made a deal on their own that had no effect on Bush whatsoever. He was already at USC and was already great and about to win the Heisman when his parents took some stuff from a potential business partner. Cecil Newton just went around asking for money himself or through intermediaries. And it was those intermediaries that ratted him out, along with Mississippi State the minute it happened. With Bush, the NCAA went on the word of a very shady source who had absolutely no corroborating evidence to back his claims. Even Cecil Newton himself admitted he was asking for money. Any punishment for Newton? Any consequences for Auburn for recruiting an obviously tainted recruit? Of course not. This makes perfect sense all the way around. Yes, the two cases are different and that means enforcement was going to be different, but to punish one team/player so harshly based on very little evidence, then let the other completely off the hook makes absolutely no sense. Jesus Christ the NCAA sucks.



Check out the T-Shirts!

Can't anyone take a joke anymore?


PA announcer fired for song choices

Former Players Say Saban Twisted the Truth


Here's to you, Mr. Saban From the WSJ "Since 2002, Mr. Saban has averaged more signings per season than any active major-conference coach except one, Mississippi's Houston Nutt. The average for teams in the FBS since 2003 is 23.5. As the coach at LSU, where Mr. Saban won the national title in 2003, he signed an average of 27 players per season. At Alabama, where he arrived in 2007, he has been signing an average of more than 28." From the WSJ

ND's Brian Kelly mum on allegations


More problems @ Notre Dame? More:

If You Need A Laugh After Last Nights Game...........

"It's better than dressing as empty seats, as they seemed to be doing for homecoming. "I know this is difficult," Neuheisel said after grabbing the microphone to talk to the 15 or so fans still remaining at game's end. "I don't blame you for being mad. If you keep coming back I promise you, you'll be rewarded.'' Neuheisel has been full of promise since the day he arrived, so he is consistent."

From "The Trojan Empire"


…………"but his main hunting ground was across town at UCLA." "No fanbase was more vocal with "cheater" taunts directed at the Trojans over the summer than that group across town. I’m not going to use this opportunity to deliver an open palm to the Westwood cheek. But the next time you choose to sit there with that sheepish grin and an attitude implying that your shit doesn’t stink, just know that Luchs has swung open the bathroom stall, making it more difficult for the cloud of Febreze to hide the stench. The allegations by Josh Luchs may have little impact on USC or any other program. What’s done is done. But it taints the NCAA’s image, especially after its rigorous campaign to police programs. Investigators made an example of Southern California, picking an apple from a barrel and taking a bite of its fruit. But the center reveals a worm, and the college football powers-that-be must now decide whether to discard the item completely, or as disgusting as it may be, eat around that repulsive area."

This is interesting


Who goofed? I've got to know. Especially interesting is the 4th comment by Fatty McButterpants.....I'm not kidding.

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