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Student Athlete Hypothetical & Student Athlete Discussion

Hypo: H1. If a student is a break out star and does not accept a scholarship, is he bound by the same rules as scholarship athletes? For instance, if Johnny Football decides to pay his way through...

Forbes: College Football's Most Valuable Teams


Spoiler Alert: FSU is NOT on the list, which goes hand in hand with saying there are no teams from the ACC.

The Most Efficient Highly Ranked University


Perhaps the best compliment we have been given by US News & World Report! Go Noles!

Rest in Peace - Florida Highway Patrol Major Billy Smith


The man who has provided security for FSU coaches since 1964 has passed away.

BCS Rankings


Wow! How are we behind WV?



Nike will be releasing FSU Lunar TR1 Rivalry shoes at 12 PM EST.

FSU jumps to 97 in the US News & World Report


Florida State University is now tied for 97th in the US News & World Report's ranking of American universities.

Support fellow Noles by voting in Sprite Films Contest


The films by our Noles are "Wild at Heart" and "Message in a Bottle." More information is provided in the link below: http://news.fsu.edu/More-FSU-News/Online-polls-closing-soon-Vote-now-for-student-filmmakers-in-national-contest

Chicago Bears sign Lorenzo Booker


Booker was signed to a one year deal to compete for the third string position. According to local writers, it seems unlikely he will make the 53-man roster.

Heather putting in her two cents...

BEWARE: What you are about to read might make you dumber!

Bye Bye ACC


Hey all, Just created this Facebook group regarding our (FSU and Clemson) potential move. It has been opened to everyone.

Bye Bye ACC


Just created this Facebook group and I have opened it to everyone. I plan on posting any article I see regarding the potential move. Post any suggestions, comments, etc.


ACC and Academics

I have a major question - why do we care about being associated with the ACC for Academics? I listened to the podcast (twice) and I'm left wondering about staying in the ACC for Academics. Why does...

Board of Trustees Member Jim Smith speaking about the Budget Shortfall


"Florida State needs to decide if we're going to be in big-time athletics or not," Smith said after the meeting. "I think we've got the support to be in big-time athletics. I think we're structured wrong. "Frankly, I hope this is a wake-up call," Smith added. "We have some very, very good coaches here. When they wake up and realize that they have less resources than these schools that are raising (their budgets) 15-20 percent a year, then they will be gone. You can't blame them for that." Any thoughts? The article was published May 3rd, perhaps foreshadowing?

Sources: UNC reprimanded, not fined


UNC is guilty of "widespread academic fraud" and everything is fine, public reprimand. (Don't get me wrong, I understand the precedent it would set if UNC was fined.) Our athletes cheat on an ONLINE music class and we receive scholarship losses. Favoritism by the NCAA and ACC for UNC, priceless.

College Gameday Commercial


Do not forget to vote - we are currently 16!!!


HB 7129 - Contact Rick Scott

Hello all, I must preface this post by stating that I am a Seminole and a member of Tomahawk Nation; however, this is an issue that impacts both our universities. I am writing because we (as...


HB 7129 - Contact Rick Scott

Hello all, I am writing because we (as Florida State graduates, fans, and Florida residents) need to contact Governor Rick Scott and ask him to sign HB 7129. For those of you that are not familiar...


Parking for FSU Tailgating

Hi everyone, I will be returning to FSU for the first time since graduation in 2008. As a student, I never had to worry about parking, however, the good ole days are over. I am not a Booster and I...

Randy Shannon to resign as HC of UM.


Randy Shannon to resign as HC of UM.

I was told by two reliable sources close to the situation in my hometown, Miami. Go Noles!
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