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I would like to submit a request for this GIF to replace the "Screaming Lady". Your thoughts?


I would like to submit a request for this GIF to replace the "Screaming Lady". Your thoughts?

We started the ballgame with the idea that we wanted to make (UCLA) work from side-to-side. When...

We started the ballgame with the idea that we wanted to make (UCLA) work from side-to-side. When you do that, you’re not going to be as vertical as you are with play-action or whatever. All of that (horizontal passing) was play-calling because of the way we wanted to start the ball game. The idea was we wanted to go at a fast-tempo going from side-to-side. We felt that would work to our advantage.

Yes. Supposedly, this is a real quote from Greg Davis after the UCLA game.

You can try on your own to describe the epic shit-fest that was the Texas-UCLA game, or you can...

You can try on your own to describe the epic shit-fest that was the Texas-UCLA game, or you can watch this video. Sums it up quite well.


#4 TCU vs SMU open thread

The supposed "best team in Texas" according to some (including Ivan Maisel) currently trailing 7-0 to SMU halfway through the 1st quarter. Discuss the game here for those bored on a Friday night... ...

Scipio Tex from Barking Carnival lays the wood on the Texas coaching staff

PB already referenced this post in his "Upon Further Review" post, but wow... Scipio wrote a number of eye-opening, sobering statements that reflect poorly on the Texas coaching staff on the offensive side. Not only do we have Greg Davis' lack of football IQ, playcalling skills, and an inability to adjust on the fly, we're talking about the staff not giving 100% in recruiting, complacency after winning our national championship, a lack of accountability, and poor player development. While I love Mack Brown - he's the CEO and is ultimately responsible. Here are some snippets from Scipio's post: "We’re ASPIRING to be an average offense." "Mitchell is struggling with Scott Smith. Do we help him? No. We never adjust for a mismatch, we just allow the brutalization to continue – see Suh last year. Can we bench him? No. Why? Because our offensive coaches went through the motions in recruiting and development for 2-3 years after the MNC and Colt’s legs saved our asses. Yesterday’s low staff accountability creates tomorrow’s low player accountability." What's the point of recruiting 5-star wide receivers and running back if your pass protection and run blocking are 3-star? "There is zero accountability on this staff offensively and with a head coach that measures offensive efficacy by a W if the team wins 6-3 or 10-7, there’s no reasonable reason to expect real systemic improvement. We’re not good at anything." Yikes. Here's a comment to the post that I find hard to disagree with: "Scipio: What a brilliant write up. I feel exactly the same way about basically every word you typed. So I’ll just add one thing: I can "live" with having a shitty OC and OL coach. If you’re bad at your job, and you try hard to fix it but still fail, well, at least you’re trying. But our offensive staff other than Major (including Mack) is the model of complacency. They honestly don’t give a shit about how utterly embarrassing their performances have been of late (the last two years) and continue to ride Muschamp’s voodoo-like coaching acumen to almost completely undeserved success. We are imbecilic on offense, and nobody seems to give a shit outside of the fans. If I were Muschamp, I would have ended all of them by now. ACCOUNTABILITY. Have some pride in your work and at least admit when you are not doing your job. If Mack actually had the audacity to say those quotes listed above, I’m going to flip shit."

Tre Newton Replaces Cody Johnson as starting RB

Not exactly shocking. One note-worthy item is Johnson sprained his ankle near the beginning of the game.

Damion James' first NBA summer league game

In about 28 minutes of action, he scored 11 points, grabbed 5 boards, and accumulated 7 personal fouls (10 foul limit in summer league)

Click here to surf on BON... with a little flavor of soccer!

Very entertaining and guaranteed not to annoy! In fact, I suggest to open this link in multiple tabs!


[Poll] What should be done with the 2004 BCS Championship?

What should be done with the championship? Obviously, USC has been officially stripped of the trophy. The next best teams were Oklahoma, who got blown out by USC in the championship game, and...


A&M star recruit Tobi Oyedeji dies in car accident

I didn't find a link yet, but wow, what a horrible tragedy. T&Ps to family in Bellaire, Houston. I believe Tobi was the highest ranked PF in the basketball recruiting rankings.

UT profits from stadium renovation over security investing

"Good grief, who is in charge down there?" asked Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds, making a joke on his own behalf. "He needs a raise."

Early look at MLB standings show...

Just three games into the season, we're the only winless team.


Texas vs Wake Forest GameFlow, season recap

Link to box score and play-by-play data Note some additional info besides what's in the box score is listed below it: Points in the paint-WF 42,UT 26. Points off turnovers-WF 7,UT 18.2nd chance...


GameFlows for last 4 conference games + season totals

Sorry for being ridiculously late on these. Lets just say along with my busy schedule, my motivation to do these has decreased significantly due to our mediocre play. I'm probably not going to make...


Thoughts on adding a loser's bracket in the Big Dance?

With the ongoing speculation of the NCAA Tournament expanding to 96 teams, the criticism of it is clearly legit, as it would lower the quality of basketball, along with eliminating any element of...

Barking Carnival's Texas/Baylor post-game recap

"I thought the use, or lack thereof with respect to Jordan Hamilton was abjectly asinine. Unless this guy is validating his shoe size by exposing himself at midcourt, you have to play him as many minutes as possible to get him ready for primetime. Point blank. Bad with the good. Good with the bad. You do Jordan Hamilton, his confidence, team chemistry, and the program itself an absolutely huge disservice by having the talented wing on the bench to prove a point about a random quick shot. Especially when that quick shot happens amongst a litany of other player errors all over the floor. Come on, Rick. This kind of hardline coaching has no value at all in light of what’s been going on this season. Zip, zero, nada. The benching makes little sense in the context of Hamilton’s marked improvement over the last month or so." Agreed 100%, and same goes for the treatment of Brown. These mind games with Barnes are hurting the present AND future of this program.

(Random) Lance Berkman spoke to Gilbert after MNC

You contacted Garrett Gilbert after the National Championship Game. Why? ''I told him I was proud of the way they responded to a tough situation. I was trying to think back to when I was a freshman. You think about the magnitude of that game, the whole deal. He played great. It was great to watch. It was inspiring. You could tell when Colt went out, they were reeling. The defense. The coaching staff. Everybody. It was like, 'Oh my gosh, what do we do?' The team as a whole collected themselves in a short period of time, and they had a chance to win that game in almost insurmountable odds.'' Big Puma is awesome.

The 2006 Freshmen Class - the best recruiting class in the history of Texas Basketball. FROM LEFT...

The 2006 Freshmen Class - the best recruiting class in the history of Texas Basketball. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Matt Hill, Damion James, Harrison Smith, Kevin Durant, D.J. Augustin, Justin Mason, Dexter Pittman.

Texas vs Missouri, Texas Tech GameFlows

Just getting these in before the OSU game... Link to Missouri GameFlow Player (min) +/- +/- per min A. Wangmene (11) +10 +0.91 J. Hamilton (25) +7 +0.28 G. Johnson (27) +1 +0.04 C. Chapman (1) ...

[ESPN] Pat Forde compares Calipari's success to Barnes' failure

Pretty good read. Forde points out Calipari gets to start off from scratch this year with a new team, along with having better freshmen than Texas and playing in an easier conference. On Barnes: "His freshmen aren't as good as Kentucky's -- even if they think they are. The hardest guy to coach in college basketball might be a five-star recruit with a three-star understanding of the game and a seven-star opinion of himself. The Minutes cannot say for sure that that's the case with the Texas freshmen, but at times you wonder."

Tremendous analysis on Rockets' financial outlook

Brief summary: Scola, Lowry, and their agents won't be exactly be pleased with what the Rockets will offer them. Think Carl Landry. It's going to be hard to get Hayes back. Hoping he re-signs at the vet-min. Alexander is going to paying a shitload of luxury tax next year. You can't call him cheap owner at least for next year. A sign-and-trade for Bosh/Amare (or any other big FA), while possible, will be complicated and will probably require a 3rd team involved.

T-Mac's Debut

Tracy McGrady did what? Excuse me, but 26 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, in his first game since before Christmas is pretty strong. Yeah, no way this guy could have helped the Rockets the last two months. (That's almost as bad as the Pacers trying to convince people that T.J. Ford — 23 points on 10-of-19 shooting off the bench against the Rockets — shouldn't be on the floor.) Did I mention that the Rockets were 10-13 from the time they told McGrady he wasn't good enough to play with them until last week's trade deadline? McGrady will be up and down as he builds back fro the knee surgery, but any of those ups — like the one he had Saturday night — could have helped the Rockets maintain a solid position in the playoff race. It didn't make a lot of sense at the time, and makes even less sense now.


Texas vs Nebraska GameFlow

Box score and play-by-play Link to GameFlow   Player (min) +/- +/- per min J'Covan Brown (30) +41 +1.37 Avery Bradley (26) +32 +1.23 Dexter Pittman (16) +25 +1.56 Damion James (23) +24 +1.04 J...


Texas vs Oklahoma, Kansas GameFlows + Season and Big XII Totals

I'll go ahead and post all the data followed by a few notes: Link to OU play-by-play Link to OU GameFlow Player (min) +/- +/- per min Justin Mason (18) +9 +0.50 Jai Lucas (16) +7 +0.44 Dexter...

Comparing UT to Florida's 2005-06 Champion Team

This is just a thread made by some poster on shaggybevo.com, but it's an interesting comparison. While I've heard people here compare this team to Clemson and Wake Forest (won their first 15-17 straight games to start the season and then tanked), here's a comparison I'll support.

[BC] Texas vs KU Post-Mortem

"Everyone else for Texas sucked out loud, especially the coaching staff. Thanks for wasting the energy we started out with early on in this game. Thanks for wasting Avery Bradley and his out of this world ability to the tune of just 3 points. Thanks for wasting the opportunity to beat a dead-legged Kansas team ripe for an upset with your inept handling of this basketball team. Thanks for sucking the life out of all the momentum this team enjoyed going into 2010 with your abject stubbornness and lack of creativity. In reality, thanks for nothing. You deserve that mausoleum of a facility you constantly carp about. Reap it. By the way, how much money is Villanova paying Jay Wright? It’s now germane to the discussion."

Jordan Hamilton flowchart. Got it from another site.


Jordan Hamilton flowchart. Got it from another site.

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