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AJ Moses is a 24 year old child and father who may not need introduction one day, but for now will provide one in the 3rd person (he realizes he sounds like a tool doing so, and thanks you for sticking with this anyway).

He is a writer of some kind with a somewhat unorthodox take on life and thinks that laughter is the only thing that keeps most of us reasonably sane. He is also a Ph.D (philosopher degenerate) in Real Life Genre Savviness. He is never (ever) spotted without his hat and his smartphone.

In his spare time, he enjoys trying to become a professional writer (my definition, not the IRS's), the Dallas Cowboys, spreading his gospel of asshollectualism across social networks such as Facebook, taking pictures of random nonsense in the streets, making real 3D people laugh, and many things best discussed on his personal e-soapbox, which, like him, is not guaranteed safe for work.

If you actually read all that, he...I...really thank you for being bored enough to find out more about me.

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