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Tobias Harris to "test the waters"


So he'll "go pro", but likely will not hire an agent. See how he gets evaluated, and then have until May 7th to pull his name if he intends on coming back to school.

Pearl Announcement Soon


VolQuest is reporting that Hamilton & Pearl met this morning and an announcement is coming today. A source says the school is going to try and pay him to accept NCAA allegations and move on.

Pat Summitt Scotty Hopson needs your help

Pat Summitt Scotty Hopson needs your help

Lekan Ajayi will be in Knoxville this weekend


We are in severe need for a center next year. Would be nice to get this guy.

How can Tennessee beat Oregon?


ESPN's Pac-10 blogger, Ted Miller, gives his thoughts.

Kings' Shootaround with Wayne Chism


Just ignore the last 10 seconds of that clip

Texas A&M to the SEC - a chance to step out from Texas' shadow


But Texas A&M can change that dramatically by joining the Southeastern Conference. It could offer recruits a choice, a chance to play in the best football conference in the nation, in front of rabid fans and in sold-out stadiums, in cities and college towns that their families can drive to. And the best part -- A&M would likely double its current share of TV revenues. The Aggies would be getting more than Texas.

Bone and McBee awarded scholarships next year


They take the last 2 available. Stephen Pearl to get an academic scholarship.

getting ready


getting ready


Statistical Odds to Win it All

Pomeroy has used his Log5 formula on this Pythag numbers to determine the odds that each team has at winning it all. His ranking isn't too kind to us in the first place, ranking us better than...

Ohio State's easy road is over


I'm uneasy about ESPN now writing favorable things about the Vols. Here is the latest: "Teams under Pearl have been known for a full-court pressing trap defense, and while the 2010 squad doesn't necessarily press as much, it does average 8.1 steals per game, and its turnover rate is among the top 30 teams in college basketball (23.4). Discounting the three losses while Turner missed while recovering, Ohio State has struggled against pressure defensive teams that give them a case of butterfingers (e.g., losses to Purdue and Minnesota). Pearl has the luxury of combining UCSB's and Tech's strategies: He can start guards Melvin Goins and Bobby Maze to ball-hawk Turner, or he could use J.P. Prince (and his long arms) to pick up Turner just beyond half court and force him to move east and west, where he can be trapped. Whichever strategy Tennessee employs, the Vols have the defensive edge and the ability to send the second No. 2 seed home early."

NCAA Diaries March 20


Good stuff. Also, check out the videos from the last few days.

Tennessee has no business being in the Sweet 16.


Tennessee has no business being in the Sweet 16.

By Andy Katz

Giant Killers: Saturday Games


No. 6 Tennessee (23.1) vs. No. 14 Ohio (31.3) UPSET CHANCE: 7.2 percent The Bobcats shot an incredible 58 percent against Georgetown in the first round; that will be tough to repeat against the Vols' efficient defense, which ranks eighth in the NCAA. And our model doesn't see Ohio as particularly able to maximize possessions: The Bobcats are adept at minimizing turnovers, but Tennessee is even better at generating them, and while Tennessee is weak on the offensive boards, Ohio is even weaker on the defensive boards. The Vols probably won't be able to shoot well from the outside (31.8 percent 3-point FG shooting, 267th in the country, versus Ohio's 29th-ranked defense). But that probably won't matter unless the Bobcats can grab some steals and turnovers and keep the Vols' big men cold for long stretches. Tennessee is #3 on their list of potential upsets behind Butler and Baylor. They can't effectively evaluate the Villanova game, but that might actually rank ahead of Tennessee for likely upsets.

Bryce Brown is no longer part of #Vols program.


Bryce Brown is no longer part of #Vols program.

per Austin Ward

Bruce Pearl has no control of this team. I smell an upset. I don't like either team, but go with...


Bruce Pearl has no control of this team. I smell an upset. I don't like either team, but go with the Aztecs.

Dr. Brackets' cure for your NCAA pool

Giant Killing in the Midwest


More piling-on by ESPN: BEST BET No. 6 Tennessee (23.1 vulnerability rating) vs. No. 11 San Diego State (67.0 Giant Killer rating) UPSET CHANCE: 15.5 percent The Vols don't score from outside (just 17.6 points from 3-pointers per game, on 31.3 percent shooting, 282nd in the NCAA). And they don't hit the offensive glass (32.2 percent offensive rebounding percentage, 195th in the country). Of course, with their defense (eighth-most efficient in the nation), they often don't need to do any better in those categories. But in a Giant-Killing scenario, those weaknesses are harbingers of doom. Meanwhile, the Aztecs aren't your everyday pesky Killer -- they're tall, just average at generating turnovers and weak from long distance. But San Diego State is dominant on the boards, grabbing offensive rebounds on 40 percent of missed shots (ninth in the country, and best among potential Killers). Combined with outstanding shooting inside the arc, that makes them efficient on offense. (San Diego State is terrible from the free throw line, but, contrary to popular opinion, that's OK; Killers need to seek points elsewhere to be successful.) The Aztecs' propensity for blocking shots (22nd in the country) helps limit opponents to just 43.4 percent shooting on 2-point FGs, making them efficient on defense, too. And they played one of the strongest schedules among Killers. A year after getting snubbed by the NCAA, San Diego State could be real trouble this time around. (the chance of upset at 15.5% is only 0.3% better than Houston's shot at upsetting Maryland, and is about the same chance they give Sam Houston State of upsetting Baylor. Of course, don't expect anyone on ESPN to consider that upset a foregone conclusion like they consider ours.)

Giant Killing in the West


BEST BETS No. 4 Vanderbilt (34.3 vulnerability rating) vs. No. 13 Murray St. (94.5 Giant Killer rating) UPSET CHANCE: 32.5 percent Does Murray State actually exist, or is it simply the fervid invention of some chronicler of giant-slaying hoops legends -- Jim Carroll, perhaps, or Dean Oliver? We believe the Racers are indeed real, but we're rubbing our eyes, as they've posted the highest rating in GK history. Why? Start with the fact that they excel at seizing extra possessions whether they start with the ball (offensive rebounds on 39.5 percent of missed shots, 12th in the NCAA) or their opponents do (sixth in the country in steal percentage, leading to turnovers on 24.6 percent of opponent possessions, 11th). They're efficient shooters, hitting more than 55 percent of 2-point attempts and more than 37 percent of 3s. And while they're not big, they rank sixth in the nation in block percentage, helping limit opponents to just 41 percent shooting on 2-pointers. All told, the gap between Murray State's effective FG percentage and its opponents' is a whopping 11.5 points. Bonus: The Racers don't rely on free throws, either, which, as we've often mentioned, is a common trait among historical Giant Killers. So while the Racers played a weak schedule and don't protect the ball particularly well, they still have a profile unlike any we've seen. And in Vanderbilt, they've drawn an opponent that doesn't generate turnovers (19.3 percent of opponent possessions, 243rd in the NCAA) and allows opponents second chances (offensive rebounds on 34.4 percent of missed shots, 249th). Maybe worst of all, 74 percent of the Commodores' scoring margin comes from the free throw line. That's the highest proportion among Giants, and a sign that Vandy can be dangerously easy for an underdog to neutralize, particularly in a loosely called game. If our model had a nose, it would be smelling history right about now.

Dance Lessons: Depth charge?


ESPN finding more ways to write off Tennessee. Kind of. They are dispelling myths about successful tournament teams. This episode explains why a deep bench doesn't necessarily translate to a deep tournament run. Actually, they suggest the opposite may be true. Their research suggests that teams with a core group are more successful than teams using a 10 man rotation. Tennessee is #1 in bench minutes used of all the teams entering the tournament. But Tennessee still has 3 starters averaging more than 25 min/game (Chism, Hopson, and Maze. Also, Brian Williams is averaging just under 25 since becoming a starter against Florida) I think Tennessee's numbers are inflated due to the numerous lineups and different rotations that Bruce has tried this season - and a full utilization of the bench during the suspension of 4 players. Now that we have a reliable rotation, this article suggests that we need consistent production from that core group if we want to make a deep tournament run. Kind of a no-brainer, right?

Ok, I said MurraySt "could" upset but they won't. I am taking Vandy to reach the Final 4. Ogilvy,...


Ok, I said MurraySt "could" upset but they won't. I am taking Vandy to reach the Final 4. Ogilvy, Taylor and Walker will come to play.


Should every day be signing day?


Talk of an early signing period for football recruits, much like the one that exists for basketball recruits, is a near-annual occurrence. But one Alabama high school coach has an even more radical solution, one that would go a long way toward cleaning up the recruiting process (which is precisely why it would never fly). Mobile Davidson coach Fred Riley says that prospects should be able to sign a letter of intent -- and lock in their scholarship -- on whatever day of the year they decide to commit. This would make players honor their word, it would force them to make 100 percent sure they wanted to go to a school when they decide to make a commitment, it would keep schools from pulling offers, it would keep schools from taking more commitments than they have scholarships to give, it would keep coaches from having to scramble to replace late defectors, and it would keep other schools from poaching committed recruits. It certainly sounds like a win-win situation all around, though we suppose kids could still choose to announce a commitment and not sign. But it is an interesting notion, creating a world where a commitment -- from a player or a school -- actually is a commitment.

Pretty much sums it up


Pretty much sums it up


Roland Ratings and +/- from the LSU Game

J.P. Prince with the best +/- and Scotty Hopson with the worst.  JP played pretty well on defense, and he was successful slicing through the zone on several occaisons.  Meanwhile, Hopson wasn't...

I guess it's now a tradition


Black shoes for the SEC tournament

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