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'One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy's sayin', "Whadda ya want from me?' -Goodfellas, 1990

Lifelong Philly fan. Born and raised in Philadelphia, currently living in DC.

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User Blog

Crips Release DeSean Jackson

"We’re a group that represents intimidation and toughness, and his (Jackson's) ties with Washington contradict those values. So it was best to cut ties."

Saints Fans to Run Up the Art Museum Steps

Summary: Saints fans are planning to run up the Art Museum steps and infringe upon one of our beloved landmarks, and theyre telling people in advance!?! This should be fun.

Larry Fitzgerald Trade Speculation

I see the calls over at WIP lighting up already.

Eeagles DC coming from the college ranks?

While a lot of us all had our eyes on Donatell, there's a new rumor getting addd to the mix....

Run, Andy, Run!

If I don't try to make myself laugh, I'll cry.

Michael Vick did not break both of his legs in a car accident

Not sure about you all, but this story is going viral on my facebook feed. The embedded link is to a known hoax website. Vick is fine.

Best BGN Fanpost of All Time

An oldie but goodie. This healthy recipe should be a staple in the diet of every Eagles fan.

Flyers Uniforms Declared Best in Professional Sports

"Dang if those orange and black getups don't sing like Kate Smith in the Spectrum before a playoff game. They're paradoxically straight out of the 1970s and timeless all at once."


Troglodyte says what?

Does anyone else have the SBNation Newsletter banner get stuck on the top of their screen no matter how many times they sign up or try to click on the X and close it? Its very annoying because it...


Can't wait for the season to start!

This is a content-deprived fanshot, but I have no shame since we're in a lull. Just wanted to share a quick comment with my fellow faithful... I was on my laptop not paying attention to the TV...

When the Skins faced us on Sunday, how many of us knew they were down an LB because the master of...


When the Skins faced us on Sunday, how many of us knew they were down an LB because the master of disguise, Rocky McIntosh, was being punished for pulling a Zack Morris? (i.e. a reference to the episode where he put a pair of sunglasses on a mop and fooled Mr. Belding into thinking it was him sitting at his desk during detention.)

G Cobb Cobb'd his own article

Cobb hilariously writes: "I think Spags could work with the "Wide Nite" and incorporate it into his plan for using the defensive line." If I had an account, I'd log in and let him know: "Cobb'd". Because I am that cool.

Andy Reid said he didn't hear it. Jason Kelce said it was impossible NOT to hear it. Did Jeffrey...

Andy Reid said he didn't hear it. Jason Kelce said it was impossible NOT to hear it. Did Jeffrey Lurie hear it?


Andy Reid's Work Schedule

One of my buddies forwarded me this hilarious timeline which he got from Maurice on Barstool Sports .  After reading up on Andy's daily regimen, I now completely understand why he never runs the...

Don't do it, Swoop! There are still 11 games left!


Don't do it, Swoop! There are still 11 games left!

Don't do it, Swoop!! There's still 11 games left!


Don't do it, Swoop!! There's still 11 games left!

Skip Bayless: Eagles Were Lucky to Win

"My Upset Special was Rams for 1 REASON. SJackson runs wild. 1st play storms 47 yds for TD. & HURTS QUAD?!? Out! How lucky were Eagles?"


What I'm Looking For This Sunday

As a casual fan who lacks the discipline to research stats or trends, there’s a few things that will be at the forefront of my mind come Sunday.   After the jump, I list five of them in no...

Jimmy's Here.... (Cowboys suck!)

This is a new commercial that the NFL will air this season. Apparently its based off of something that Glen Macnow did when one of his son's friends came over. (He said they got the idea after he told the story on the air one day)

Fans Attending San Francisco Game Shoot Two People After a Pre-season Game

Unruly fans also knocked someone unconscious in a bathroom during the game. During pre-season. Wow. But since there wasn't any booing or snowballs involved, we'll continue to be the country's most ruthless fans.

Reid Thinks Maclin Will Start Season Opener vs. The Rams

"I think he’s going to be ready," Reid said. "I guess I’m optimistic. I’m waiting to hear the results, but I’m optimistic."


Depth Chart?

When will the Eagles publish the first official depth chart? still lists Ernie Sims and Dmitri Patteron as starters and frankly, that angers me.

Eagles sign Florida's Chas Henry to compete with Rocca

The write-up said he should be a solid punter. But it also said that he was the back-up punter going into his senior year...

The Feds seize

One less source to watch the Eagles online....

Does anyone even care?

The pro-bowl is this Sunday and I could care less. I liked it much better when it was after the season ended, because it extended the football year just a little bit more. It was like bringing the dead back to life. Plus, all of the players would be available, and all would be much more relaxed. With the game scheduled for the weekend before the superbowl, all eyes are on the superbowl. Boooo!!!!!

Dallas Green's granddaughter killed in Arizona shooting

The young girl killed in Saturday's mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz. was the nine-year-old granddaughter of Phillies legend Dallas Green.

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