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Wizards can be this summer's Rockets/Warriors

Last year, the Rockets and Warriors took low playoff seeds and turned themselves into the up and coming contenders in the league. Rather than rest on their laurels, both chased Dwight Howard. The...


Assumption that Ariza will re-sign

He's a UFA and the Wizards have already made long term commitments to Webster and Porter. Even if Ariza is a starter, those two always present a threat. Ariza is in his prime and this is probably...


Is Barbosa the answer?

Michael (Chicago) Hi Amin, the Bulls could use another point guard for the remainder of the season. Does a free agent like Barbosa make sense or with the improved play as of late of Snell...


2014 RFA Max Deal - Get a Big Man

Many fans (me included) have been coming up with scenarios about what move the Wizards can make to take us to the next level. Most scenarios are about trading Okariza and the forward flotsam. ...


Screw it...Draft Len

I've been reading all of the back and forth over Porter vs. Bennett. I've been weighing it myself. The long, skilled SF with average athleticism and the looks of a "solid" player or the...


The Case for Cody

Of the projected top 10 picks, there's a 7 footer that's 3rd in scoring, 2nd in rebounding, and 1st in PER amongst the group and will be available when we pick. Cody Zeller is really being...


Draft Trade Up...Into the Late 1st

The Wizards are set to have a lottery pick this year, but also two 2nd rounders (38, 54). The way this draft is looking to play out, it seems like it would be in our best interest to use our 2nds...


Executing the Ten Point Plan

I feel like I'm the only one that sees that we are following the ten point plan exactly as described. There's a lot of skewing the plan and cherry picking in order to justify gripes. The plan is...

Jodie Meeks considering Wizards


Looks like the Wizards are one of the three teams he's most considering. He could definitely add more shooting to our rotation.


Is MKG still an option

I'm not sure that acquiring Ariza stops us from taking Kidd Gilchrist. With so many MLE or less caliber SGs on the market, we might use our remaining $5 mil or so to get a shooter. With Wall and...


Ariza and #10!/Powell2daPeople/status/210516554415218689 We have the cap space to absorb his deal. Beal and Ariza would be a fine temporary wing duo. At 10 we'd have o many...


Wiz/Clips/Jazz Trade Proposal Wiz get: Raja Bell, Brian Cook, Utah's top1st round pick (top 5 protected), $3 million (from LA) Clips get: Nick Young Jazz get: Eric...


Time to go all in

Via Marc Stein's twitter A growing number of execs starting to believe that Magic will indeed give strong consideration to doing Dwight deal before season starts Time to throw all our chips into...

Leonsis to show Grunfeld the door?


Whenever a team is sold the new owner is likely to replace the current basketball staff with a new group. With that in mind, the Wizards, who have had another terrible season, could have a new president and head coach next season. The team saved a lot of money in future season's by trading Gilbert Arenas and agreeing to a buyout with Mike Bibby and that could lead Ted Leonsis to replace Ernie Grunfeld and Flip Saunders after this season. "Everyone likes to hire their own people and Leonsis is no different," a league source told Peter Vecsey of the New York Post. "And it's not as if the team's record over the last few years or all the bozos Grunfeld brought in favor him staying." According to Vecsey, Leonsis thought about replacing Grunfeld when he became majority owner of the Wizards, but at the time couldn't find a suitable replacement. Grunfeld is under contract though next season, while Saunders has two more years remaining on his deal. -- Nick Borges


Two Max Players

  If the math I'm doing is correct, why don't have enough assets to swing for the fences and try to bring in Lebron and another max deal player?


Get Involved in the Utah Trade

It's been a little while since I've commented, but I've been operating mobile and Blackberry's can't post on BF.  Now that I have a chance to put something up, I want to throw out an idea that I've...


Josh Smith

After reading Prada's piece "Lessons from the Finals", three parts stood out to me, spending money, no lateral moves, and waiting for that "meatball pitch" deal.  A rumor has popped up on the...

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