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One of our own's in traction ....

I have permission to post this. Saw on SombreroGuy's Facebook that he and his SO were involved in an ATV accident over the weekend and are recovering. SG's got a broken arm and a bunch of staples (and is told he'll need surgery to put in a plate) and his SO broke her leg. They're both going to be okay, but thought you guys should know. I'll hoist a cold one for you tonight, SG.

Caps Opening Night - We're On.

Score! Good news, everyone. I've got a place that has alcohol and a full menu and will be showing the Caps opener, so we're on for opening night. I'm not sure about the quality of the beer there,...

A/B Scrimmage Tweets


From @cmasisak22. Let's just say that this scrimmage is not exactly a defense/goaltending clinic.


Fan Forum TeleConference #2 - Brooks Laich and Matt Bradley

I didn't take as many notes as I did last time (I'm running a fever) but here's some things that stuck out to me in the forum teleconference call with Brooks Laich and Matt Bradley.   On being...

Rookie Game To Be Streamed


The rookie game at 3 PM tomorrow will be streamed on ... and it won't be filmed by Stretch. He's a little busy.

No Regular-Season Blackouts for the Caps


Looks like all 82 games this season will be televised one place or another, according to @capsmedia.


Opening Night Shindig - Caps @ B's

We talked about this a little bit way long ago back in the doldrums of mid-August, when the schedule first came out, and I got enough interest to throw it up here as a FanPost. Now, especially with...

Bleacher Report on the 2009-2010 Caps


If this has already been posted somewhere, delete it, ok? I didn't see it but that doesn't mean it's not there. Bleacher Report's Bryan Thiel takes his own crack at the State of the Union for the Caps. He's closer than most, IMO. Related: BR's also got the Caps on top of the East next season.

Tanguay ends up in Tampa


Contingent on medical clearance, but. This could make Tampa Bay real interesting. story here.

NHL Contraction - The Sequel


The Baltimore Examiner thinks the NHL needs to contract too, but its choices of teams and resulting divisions leave me scratching my head.


Who (if anyone) should the Caps trade on defense?

Schultz for Norris! Okay, just kidding there :) With Jurcina's arbitration award in, here's what the existing cap structure looks like: AUTO-GENERATED CAPGEEK.COM LINESFORWARDSAlexander Ovechkin...

NHL Regular Season Schedule Analysis


Not sure if people already posted / saw this, but On The Forecheck analyzes travel mileage, back-to-backs, and more for each team, plus has a complete NHL schedule for all teams for those of us who follow more than one team.

Jurcina files for arbitration; Mo does not


Per Tarik, Jurcina is the only Cap to elect arbitration. The others have until 7/15 to sign their QO's or work out a deal.

Bourque, Bourque, Bourque talk hockey


This is a video, but SB Nation is being stupid and won't embed it correctly. Chris looks bored.

UFA Spreadsheet


I tossed together an Excel spreadsheet from James Mirtle's posts on the subject that shows all the UFA's currently on the board this year. I'll try to keep it updated.

Send your thanks to the Bears!


The Patriot News is doing a special commemorative section for the Bears' Calder Cup win tomorrow. If you see this by 3 PM, follow the link to submit your thoughts for the paper.


Bears Celebration (photo-heavy)

So I'm a nut. I drove up to Hershey for the celebration, and it was a good time. Just seeing the guys in T-shirts and jeans was worth it, and getting to see the Calder Cup up close and personal was...

Giant Center open Friday night


Looks like Hershey is going to open up the Giant Center to watch the live broadcast of Game 6 from Winnipeg. Admission is free, concessions will be available. *checks gas tank* Friday night drive, check.

Granato gets bounced


The Avalanche announced in a press release Wednesday morning that Granato, assistant coaches Jacques Cloutier and Dave Barr, goaltending coach Jeff Hackett, Assistant to the General Manager Michel Goulet and video coordinator P.J. DeLuca will not return in those roles.


Hershey Tailgate Party - 6/6/09

All right, everyone. Since it sounds like there's significant interest, I'm pulling together an impromptu tailgate party at 3 PM on Saturday in the Giant Center parking lot. If you're going to be...


Who stays and who goes?

Hockey world remembers Mueller


A really nice piece on Robert Mueller and some eye-popping statistics. The man really was a beast - and did you know his club retired his #80 after he retired last November?


Hershey Trip?

Don't know if you have ever seen this - a hockey blooper reel. Washington is the beneficiary of two...


Don't know if you have ever seen this - a hockey blooper reel. Washington is the beneficiary of two of these :)

"That (series against New York) wasn't a circus," Boudreau said. "It wasn't Ringling Bros. We're...


"That (series against New York) wasn't a circus," Boudreau said. "It wasn't Ringling Bros. We're playing Pittsburgh. Welcome to the circus."

- Bruce Boudreau, on the second round

Giroux Wins Les Cunningham Award for 2008-09


The Les Cunningham Award is given for the AHL's MVP - sort of like the Hart. Now, if only he could do that at the NHL level....

Canadiens Confirmed For Sale


This link is in French, but here's a rough translation of the first couple of paragraphs: The Montreal Canadiens and Bell Centre are officially for sale. Radio-Canada learned Tuesday that approximately ten enterprises have displayed interest in purchasing the arena and the 100-year-old team. BMO Marché, tasked with evaluating the future of Tricolore and the Bell Center, identified approximately fifteen potential buyers. These buyers have until 5 PM Thursday, local time, to present their offers to the Gillet family. (Translator's note: The context of "Tricolore" suggests that the word is French idiom for the Habs team.)

3. Bruce Bourdreau, Washington Capitals After an extremely successful season last year, leading...

3. Bruce Bourdreau, Washington Capitals After an extremely successful season last year, leading the Caps to their first Southeast Division title in seven years and making the playoffs for the first time in five, Bourdreau is back at it again in 2009. Washington is once again atop their division with 102 points, and Bourdreau very well may repeat as the recipient of the Jack Adams award. Bourdreau runs his team with a very high level of respectability, which is evidenced by the way he handled the Ovechkin "celebration" in Tampa last month. After the incident, Boudreau went and personally apologized to Lightning coach Rick Tocchet for the whole ordeal. "I respect that he came by my office, face-to-face. It was a nice gesture." - Rick Tocchet Grant Beery, MVN Outsider, "Top Ten Coaches of 2008-2009"
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