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The Martin/Gabbert Reclamation Projects: "49ers Pan For Gold"


Nice take by an intelligent and underexposed writer named Mike Tanier. He compares Jonathan Martin to a penny stock and the 49ers as a savvy investor who can afford to take on the risk.

One readers early keys to victory vs. Seattle

After watching the Seahawks divisional round victory over the Saints, a few keys to victory over Seattle came to light: Power-run with two backs. This serves to expose their weaknesses in gap...


2013 NFL Draft Results: Eric Reid is the Harrison Barnes of the 49ers' draft

When the 49ers traded up in the draft, I was excited, but when they picked LSU defensive back Eric Reid, I was surprised and a bit disappointed. He wasn't someone I expected to be picked in the...


Pre-Combine Bold Predictions for the 2013 Draft

The draft is still 71 days away, and we're in the dead period between the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft Combine. But for those of us who like to say "I had that FIRST!" it's fun to make bold...

Remember the LOLine?


This year's offensive line has been a pleasant surprise, so much so that those of us who remember when the offensive line used to be like might be ready to laugh about the ol' days when Singletary was driven to say things like "Chilo's gonna make me knock him!" (check the 0.50 mark of this video)


Brad Seely and the 49ers Special Teams

We take a look at the 49ers special teams and break down what to expect heading into 2012.

And in today's supplemental draft, former Baylor WR Josh Gordon goes to...cleveland in round 2.


And in today's supplemental draft, former Baylor WR Josh Gordon goes to...cleveland in round 2.

Word of Muth Scouts the 49ers


An OL Guru takes a look at the 49ers offensive line play for Football Outsiders.

Niners Nation Predict the Pick League


Fill out your mock draft of the first round and compete against your fellow Niners Nation-ers for bragging rights. League Name: Niners Nation Password: Niners2012 Please use your NinersNation screen name so we can keep the entries straight. Good luck!


"Baseline Athleticism" vs. "Insane Upside": Randle vs. Hill

We take a look at the different kinds of receivers on the market in the 2012 NFL Draft, and which might best fit the 49ers needs.


The Devil’s Advocate: Reasons Why the 2012 49ers Will Miss the Playoffs

A Niners Nation user takes a look at the potential downside for the 49ers heading into the 2012 season.

Daniel Kilgore Scouting Report


I'll grant that it's a bit ironic posting a Niners Nation link on Niners Nation, but this post from last Spring seems newly relevant, given the team's reluctance to go out and spend big free agent dollars on a Right Guard to replace the departed Adam Snyder (who signed with Arizona) and Chilo Rachal (who remains unsigned).

Manning Contract Details

This is why the Niners were not going to sign Manning; he apparently cares about the money more than we expected. In fact, I'm surprised he considered the 49ers at all, given that they were certain to have offered much less than this.

decent Geoff Schwartz scouting report


It's written from a Detroit Lions perspective, but there's some decent info there.

Spreadsheet of Combine Results


This is the best place I've found for combine results. It's all in a handy spreadsheet format and when the times for the drills and 40-yard dashes start coming in, they distinguish between official and unofficial numbers by having the unofficial results in italics. Highly recommended.

Mayock's 2012 Draft and Scouting Combine Preview


Great stuff from one of the scouts whose opinion I respect the most. Check it out.

Kiper's regrade of the Niners' 2011 Draft


Kiper's regrade of the Niners' 2011 Draft


Cheap Points in 2011: Is Regression to the Mean Good for the 49ers?

The 49ers had league-high number of turnovers and return-yardage in 2011 yet failed to get touchdowns in the return-game (fumbles, INT's or Special Teams). Are they "due"?

Tom Brady's stats from 2003 vs. Alex Smith's from 2011


The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2003. Just sayin'...


"Elite" Vs. "Game Manager" Misses The Point

A great breakdown of why "elite" quarterback is not the discussion to be had.


Did Harbaugh tip his hand as to how he'll use Kaepernick?

A Niners Nation user breaks down an intriguing run play used by 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Alex Smith vs. Kevin Kolb Stat comparison


Of course stats don't tell the whole story, but it is interesting how similar they are...all the way down to their respective ages! All stats via I, for one, hope that Adam Schefter is right and that Kolb does end up with the Cards or Seahawks, because there are few QBs in the league that scare me less as a Niners fan!


#MockThree 49ers Draft Haul

@Tre9er, Ninjames and I participated in a Twitter mock draft over the past week and were responsible for the 49ers picks. You can check out all of the picks at O...

Forced mediation coming for NFL/NFLPA*


This is good news because it means that a deal will likely get done more quickly--perhaps even before the draft. Still, it's pretty pathetic that the two sides can't agree to a deal on their own!


Burn After Reading--Ryan Mallet as 49ers Savior?

49ers, Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Mallett...Degrees of separation and conspiracy!

Prince Amukamara Scouting Report


Doug Farrar (one of my fave draft guys) breaks down Prince Amukamara. He says that his floor is "a decent and slightly overdrafted cover corner" and that his ceiling, with the right coaching, is "a star waiting to happen." He compares his upside to Revis', who had some of the same question marks prior to the draft coming out of Pitt. Very interesting.


Official Josh Johnson Linkdump

As everyone on this site will agree, the 49ers QB play didn't measure up to a winning standard in 2010, and while some of us are happy about the way this has led to Singletary's departure and Jim...

Here's a viewer's guide to Week 17 for fans of the NFL's worst teams (and unfortunately we qualify...


Here's a viewer's guide to Week 17 for fans of the NFL's worst teams (and unfortunately we qualify at this point). Includes current draft order, each team's Week 17 matchup, and analysis of whether your team's Week 17 opponent has reason to try to win the game (as far as the playoff scenarios are concerned).


Winning, and The Turnover Battle under Singletary

I take the following axioms to be self-evidently true: 1) Winning the turnover battle correlates to winning football games. 2) Good teams win the turnover battle. 3) Very good teams can lose the...

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