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Sherman: Mets open to dealing Wright


It's Joel Sherman so take it for what it's worth. I gotta say it would be hard enough to see Reyes leave as a free agent, but Wright getting moved in addition to that would be very, very difficult to take. That said, the front office listening to offers doesn't mean he'll be traded.

Thome signs with the Phils


I'm surprised that he signed with a National league team. There were rumors that the Phils did try to trade for him last year. He should be a nice bench player for them and maybe start early in the season if Howard misses some time.

Beltran switches agents


Pretty surprising since he seemed to have a close relationship with Boras.

Major, major spoiler from tonight's Impact Wrestling tapings


TNA just pissed away six months of storytelling in a few weeks. This is why they don't draw any money

Theo Epstein on the brink of joining the Cubs?


This is all coming to a head and if he does go to Chicago I'd bet he hires Francona. Theo has made his mistakes but he has two world series rings and is still a top notch GM and I don't get why Boston would let him go. Another thing is a top notch GM like Epstein joining an NL team is a bad thing for the Mets.

Tomko gets arrested


Man what a fall he's taken. It was only four years ago that he looked like he was gonna breakout and become a huge star. He had a falling out with TNA soon after and was never the same after that. He did get signed and released in record time by the WWE, and had a short run with TNA where he just looked terrible and did nothing of note after coming back as A.J's masked attacker.

Hogan re-signs with TNA


For those that don't know Hogan's TNA contract was coming up this month and Dixie Carter in her infinite wisdom decided to re-sign Hogan even though he's done nothing good for the company. He hasn't brought in new viewers or added to ppv buys. Dixie is so damn clueless.

Francona on the way out of Boston?


According to Rosenthal he likely is which is surprising. I wonder who would replace him if he's a goner? Bobby V? Boston would be the perfect place for him imo.

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