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Meyers leonard could be the answer.

Finally we are geting to see the kinds of things that Leonard can do on offense. His defense is very weak at this point, but on offense you can see has very good range. The three pointer he hit...


Time to admit we need to trade LaMarcus Aldridge

If you look at the future of the Portland Trailblazers, it looks a whole lot brighter, in my opinion, without LA. Right now he is worth the most he is ever going to be worth. In fact I think he...


Here is a stat that is VERY frustrating !

In the last 5 games, in the last 33 minutes in those 5 games we have outscored our opponent 57-22 and lost all 5 of those games. Amazingly the wins we have had would increase the disparity. Why...


We need Coby Karl

Coby Karl was the one guy that I thought deserved to make the team after pre-season, but did not. I have been following his games and stats while playing on the Stampede. I think he is the...


Why are "experts" so down on the blazers

For months, I have been telling anyone who would listen, that the blazers will win over 45 games this year. Everyone seems to think they will win something like 35. Are you kidding me? The...


35th anniversary Videos....I created them a few years back

A few years back I created these videos. It is something I have always wanted to do. I have more of them on my computer. I took the audio from the Blazermania album and put that audio to the...


Anybody else done with the nightmare Raymond Felton?

Raymond Felton, while he has had some ok games he is an absolute obomination. If coach K says one more time. "we believe in Raymond...blah blah blah...I will shoot myself in the face. Raymond...


start Joel, Aldridge, Hickson,Batum,Flynn

yep...this would be my starting lineup. Flynn has chemistry with Hickson and doesn't make the same ludicrous turnovers as Felton. We would then become a great rebounding team, with permeter...


Kaleb's simple tweaks show how stale Nate was

The Blazers obviously played with more effort in their win over the Bulls. Effort, a lot of times, comes from the joy of the game, which, by the way, was evident by the smiles and exuberance that...


The Schonz is my hero. check out these 1977 videos

The Blazermania album form 1977 is something I memorized as a young kid. All my life I wanted to put the audio of that game to video. I created a few clips of different games. The blazers used...


Mike Rice Called us Felton Bashers "haters"

Mike rice must be losing it. Raymond Felton scores on a final second first half layup and mike rice says "take that haters" Is he insane? Raymond Felton has been an absolute abomination at point...


Nate needs to go!

I have wanted Nate out of here for at least 4 years. He is a talent killer. He destroys the fun and creativity that players have with his strict dogmatic coaching. The players are like robots. ...


Our guards blow.

It's not surprising that Jamal Crawford is having the same effect that Brandon Roy did on the Blazers. What happens with players like crawford, Iverson, mello and yes your our beloved Brandon Roy,...


Sad for Roy happy for the Blazers.

While I feel sad for Brandon Roy, I am excited that the minds of the current players are freed to play the kind of basketball that is more "democratic". I always enjoyed Brandon's great moments...

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