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Jerry's Draft Rules - Update: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Time to retire the rules, 'cause Jerry's not in charge anymore! While trading down at a loss (read: pouting) after their top tier targets were chosen does sound like a Jerry move, there's no...


Preseason at Jerry’s: the Red-Head’s True Genius

  Ever since Jason Garrett’s introductory press conference, Cowboys fans have been wondering how personnel decisions are being made in Dallas these days.  Jerry alluded to giving Garrett final veto...


Short-Stacked Cowboys Limp In

This is football, not poker.  And I don’t even know much about poker, just some fancy terminology I’ve picked up from watching poker on tv out of sheer boredom.  But I’m a big fan of metaphors, and...

Would You Rather: Roy or Plax?


foxsportssouthwest.com was bored enough to write a whole article on the obvious fact that the Cowboys aren't interested in Plaxico Burress. Duh. But it brings to mind an interesting question: if you could replace Roy Williams with Plaxico Burress, right now, straight-up, no salary cap or contract implications, would you? I don't think I would, but I'm not a Roy hater as much as some.


Jerry's Draft Rules III - Grading the Rules

The 2011 draft is old news.  By now most of us loyal Cowboys fans have completed the usual post-draft reaction phases:  Denial - (for 5 minutes after pick #40: “surely they’re about to announce...


Jerry's Draft Rules II - the Mock Draft

With the draft just days away now, almost all of the workouts, interviews, and grading are done.  All that remains is the speculating, which happens to be something I do just as well as the next...

Cowboys Run Blocking "Effective"


Apparently Scouts Inc. has unearthed some game tape of the Cowboys running game that I just didn't see last year: they claim that the offensive line did "very well" at opening holes for Felix and company. I'm dumbfounded by this statement, as it was perfectly obvious to me that the Cowboys run blocking got very little push in short-yardage situations and was so unreliable that draw plays were pretty much the only effective runs. Anyone else see "effective" run blocking from the O-line this year?


Jerry's Draft Rules

My goal for this year’s draft build-up is to know what the Cowboys are going to do on draft day before they do it.  I have my own opinions about draft needs and player ratings, but I’m more...


taking back my apology (an open letter to Roy Williams)

Dear Roy Williams, You may recall that earlier this season, I wrote to you to officially congratulate you on a job well done over the first five weeks of the season (if not, you can look it up...


Would you rather...?

I see 3 possible scenarios for the rest of the season.  As none of them end in the playoffs and Super Bowl glory, I'm a little conflicted as to which one to wish for as the season painfully...


Don't forget to apologize...

to Roy Williams.  In the middle of the wasteland of a 5-game opening stretch, Roy's been one of the few guys who has done his job well, consistently, and without making the bonehead play at a...


Just because nobody's mentioned Crayton in a Fanpost yet today...

Hey, it's an attempt to be funny at this boring time of year... but for those of you who already have enough humor in your lives and really enjoy the endless Patrick Crayton conversations, why not...


Mr. Jones and Me (my agenda for the off-season)

First off, kudos to Jerry and the boys on an excellent season.  Sure the ending was disappointing, but we won the East, beat the snot out of the Eagles--twice, silenced that mess in Washington...


Offensive Confusion

Everybody has an opinion on what's wrong with the Cowboys offense.  It's Romo.  It's Garrett.  It's the WRs, or lack thereof.  It's the pass protection.  It's all of the above.  Well, sitting here...


Giving the Draft a dose of Reality

So in this time of football-deprivation, I've been watching Michael Irvin's 4th-and-Long reality show.  And I've gotta say I've enjoyed the show so far, especially the appearances of the legendary C...


Jumping the Gun on the final 53

I've given up on trying to make sense of the Cowboys draft--gotta just trust and follow along obediently at this point.  Good thing I'm religious!  Anyway, with nothing better to do, I'm going to...


NFL Investigating Eagles Equipment Violations

This just in from the NFL newswire: The NFL Officiating Office is looking into several alleged equipment violations by the Philadelphia Eagles following their loss to the Dallas Cowboys on...


NFL to play season in Brady's honor

I just saw this info over at nfl.com: The rest of the 2008 NFL season will be officially played in honor of injured New England QB Tom Brady. A statement released by the commissioner's office...

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