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An A's fan for more than 38 years- the A's are in my blood. Even though I live on the East Coast, Oakland has always been the only team for me. We've seen the good years and bad years- but still we keep rolling with the green and gold....go A's!

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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Mazzaro Makes Major League History?

http://www.foxsportskansascity.com/msn/05/16/11/Mazzaro-explodes-in-major-league-spotlig/landing_royals.html?blockID=523864&feedID=5128>1=39002 I got to admit,  when I heard Billy Beane was...


Is there still a walkway from Airport Courtyard Marriott to Coliseum?

Not a baseball question exactly-  but something I'm sure many of you would know.  We're making our annual pilgrimage to see the A's this weekend but it's been years since we actually stayed right...


Happy Thanksgiving to All of A's Nation

On this somewhat cool and overcast day in the Southeastern U.S,  I send out a Happy Thanksgiving Greeting to all of the A's Nations Folks in the Bay Area and around the world.   What a wonderful...


Beane is right- it wasn't just about lack of power

  Beane disputed, however, that the main drag on the A's season was the lack of power. "It was our health," he said. "That was the biggest issue. I'd take health over power."  h...


Don't forget your All-Star Voting

Pardon me if this has already been discussed-  but is there any active push for AN members to organize All-Star voting for our guys?  I realize that there is no way for the A's fanbase to compete...


Okay, why Fox instead of Powell?

I understand the Fox out of Options Bind we're in- but if Landon Powell is called up to catch, why did he not catch last night?    I'm sure somebody can give me a statistical breakdown on the...


The Trouble With Rajai?

I really, really  like Rajai and had high hopes for him this season-  and I was convinced that he would be one of the sparks for this offense.   I know it's only a few weeks into the season, but...


What would a contending team draw in Oakland in 2010?

I was watching the 40,000+ mostly silent fans at Safeco Field yesterday and wondering about how great it would be if 40,000 showed up to see this new exciting A's team when they return home.   I...


Why does Ray Ratto Hate the A's?

I'm sure this question has been addressed before,  but can someone tell me exactly why Ray Ratto hates the A's?   Since I don't live in the Bay Area,  the only exposure I have to this jackass is...


The beginning of a dynasty?

I was watching a broadcast of the 1974 World Series this weekend on the MLB channel-  a World Series that I remember well. I was twelve years old and had just begun to follow this crazy West Coast...


Reflections on 2009

Well, another season come and gone-  sort of sad note the way our boys finished out the season- more of whimper than a statement of promise.  But after four decades of watching all sorts of A's...


What's the deal with Mcdonalds Pop Up Blocking Posts?

Maybe it's just my computer but for the last three weeks or so, these blasted Mcdonald's pop up ads have been blocking out the A's Nation Posts?  Anyone else having this problem?  Unlike most...


Why is Casilla still in big leagues?

Okay, this is not some post to beat down on Casilla/Garcia-  just a question posed to those who pay a lot more attention to the details and inner workings of the green and gold than I have time...


The bigger disappointment- Crosby or Giambi?

Now, I  know that Giambi's career is far more colorful and full of more gold stars than Bobby's will ever be-   but lately I've been wondering just who might be the biggest disappointment to A's...


What's the deal with the 9th inning bunt attempt?

Okay,  did Geren & Co.  really give Cabrera the sign to attempt a bunt in the 9th inning last night- or did he do it on his own?   It was probably one of the worst bunt attempts I've ever seen and...


Remember the Fallen Officers

This has nothing to do with baseball-  but reading the news about the three slain officers (and the others injured) really makes me focus on what's more important in the world.  I'v e known quite a...


For A's Baseball Card Collectors- Something Free

Okay,  I'm hesitant to do this because I really hate the hassle of boxing up things and looking for tape and going to the post office...blah blah blah,  but if you (or your kid or perhaps your...


Jersey's & Bobbleheads

I was just noticing on e-bay that there are a ton of the Vida Blue Jersey's for sale- most in the thirty dollar range.   It seems that this is the way it always works- whenever there is a...


Andrew Brown takes BART?

The Chronicle reports that Andrew Brown rides BART to the games when at home. If true,  I find this to be a totally cool reflection on what this dude is made of.  In the era of whining,...


Expectations of a catcher?

I'm a big fan of Suzuki-  I think he's a sharp kid with a bright future for either the A's or some other team.  However- with his offensive abilities floundering and his tendency to kill rallies- ...


Hannahan and his wad of "Chaw"

Maybe if he was some huge hulking guy or something, it wouldn't be as noticeable, but does anyone else think Hannahan looks pretty ridiculous with that huge chunk of chewing tobacco sticking out of...


Has Jack Cust lost his swing?

I like Jack Cust- he looks like a smaller version of Babe Ruth- and he always seems to be having fun when he's playing.  However, does it seem that he's lost his ability to hit Major League...


Typical Low Attendance

Does it seem that the A's attendance is lower than normal this year or am I just imagining things?  Having seen five of the first seven games now,  it looks like two thirds of the Colisieum is...


Charles Thomas?

I'm sure this has been discussed but I've missed the trail...does anyone know what has happened to Charles Thomas?  I see he's not on the Sacramento Roster and he certainly isn't a part of the A's...


Moneyball or Monkeyball?

I'm not going to dive into the "Oh my God, another Lousy trade" tirade, all of that left me with the ridiculous acquisition of Charles Thomas a few years ago-  but one must wonder if the era of...


Dan Johnson to Minnesota?

Any truth to rumour?


Another gut-thumping loss

In the words of Ray Fosse-  today's loss was a real thump in the gut.  When will it end? It's bad enough for the bullpen to pull their all too frequent stunt and blow a lead, but to have men on...


Worst Offense in A's History?

I'm not much of a stats person, but I doubt if this years green and gold is really the worst offensive team in A's history- but does anyone know which A's team might have been the worst? I recall...


Melhuse Treated Fairly?

I know Adam hasn't played a lot of games for us - especially since Mr. "I can't hit but I'm mighty durable" Jason Kendall came on board, but Melhuse has been a reliable backup for several years...


Interest in Lastings Milledge?

To be honest, I haven't really paid much attention to this young man last year- except for the posts I've read on the AN Blog here.  So when I finally start to check him out-  it seems that he's...

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