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He just said "Eagles" and "Superbowl" in the same sentence and noone is laughin!


"What the Eagles did in that game was a preview of what any Super Bowl team should be capable of. They trailed 14-0 in the third quarter before making a number of adjustments, among them to utilize the zone-read running game they had abandoned to start the game. Their first such run came in a fourth quarter in which they would rush for 223 yards and score 28 points. "


RANT POST: I hate you Andy Reid, Oh great destroyer of our football team.

Let me count the ways. I hate the early timeouts. After all these years, it has to be your fault. Keeps happening, different QBs, players, coordinators. 3 minutes into the game yesterday and...

Bang cartoon, football funnies!


If you haven't seen Bang cartoons and you like football, you are missing out!

Allen injury hurts Eagles


I didn't see Nate Allen leave the field, but I did see Colt Anderson. I was asking why he was in right before he took a PI in the endzone. Sure seems like we missed him out there late int he 4th Q.


New Eagles BGN logo; Why is the eagle taking a dump??

I'm posting this to voice my hate for the fact that the new BGN logo has the Eagle taking a dump in the middle of it. What else could that little drop be? So if you hate it too, please...


Fantasy Football chumps, you know who I'm talkin' about?

If you play fantasy football, whether for money or not, you play with a chump. Maybe two. This is a spot for you to call out these chumps for their dumb@$$ moves, where they probably won't...


Did I just have an A-ha moment? AR to set up Vick success

I was reading a post by Sikahema about Vick being a pocket passer, which he is not. It got me thinking though. Maybe Vick shouldn't be spending as much time reading defenses. Maybe he...


How do you feel about Vick right now?

There is a lot of angst about our starting QB right now. We should never jump ship after two preseason games, and I am certainly not. I hope we can have a successful season and make some big...


Ugh-ly first game, but not all bad...

Ouch in a couple different ways. Injuries for one, the 1st team play for another. Looks like exactly what we did not want to see for our first impression of the '12 Birds. I'm starting to get...


Preseason week 1 roster battle poll: Bryce Brown vs Chris Polk

Hey everyone, I'm putting together some roster battle polls. Watch the preseason games and vote who you think is leading for the roster spots! words words words words words words words...


Predicting the Eagles depth chart/53 man roster

I'm taking my own shot here on the roster for 2012-13 season. I like the additions we made in the offseason, and gearing up for what we all hope is a great season for the Birds! Offense: QB: Vick,...

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