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HOT DIGGITY DAMN! Keenum cleared to play for 6th season!!!!!!


Best news for the Houston Cougars football program next year is that Case was cleared to play for a 6th year per medical hardship waiver...... this will all but assure that he becomes the NCAA all - time leader in passing TD's and passing yards! This will also probably make him the 2nd best QB in the draft next year and will hopefully raise his stock significantly.

Chase Clement, UFL Champion and MVP!!!


Did we offer? The former Rice Owl went 16-23 for 237 yards and 2 TD's. Also got the games MVP as the Locos beat the Tuskers 23-20 in a great game. Just this time last year, I was talking to Chase at Reliant Stadium and he was telling me how he was working for an engineering firm here in Houston. All this after he got drafted in the CFL draft and quit the league summer before last. Gotta feel good for the guy. UFL > NFL, specially since you can actually hit someone in the UFL and they dont play like wussies

This is our offensive coordinator... yup, bout sums it up


This is our offensive coordinator... yup, bout sums it up

Anyone else at the game see Curtis Brown punch another member of OUR team after the game!!!???


I did, and wow, the wheels have come off. Also guys, this isnt just a one time thing.. its the end of the road. THe game has passed Mack by. If one of u can raise your hand and tell me we will win at least 9 games next year with the little lesser talent we will have from this year, than you are delusional. This team is imploding, and Mack doesnt know how to fix it

Baylor, #25 in AP


Here's to hoping RG III wont tear us a new one and that Gilbert will get benched early so we might win

College Gameday is coming


... to Eugene, Oregon this week for the Stanford - Oregon game. Jeez, when was the last time they didnt come to the State Fair? This is both sad and embarrassing for this great rivalry

Somewhere, GJ Kinne is laughing his ass off


Anyone who thinks we have a chance to beat OU or Nebraska at all with this popsicle stick O-line is kidding themselves. This is exactly why you schedule UNT or SMU instead of UCLA, I dont care if they do suck... buy the win, get your team some practice and work out the kinks before OU. Good thing we didnt play USC or Ohio State like everyone else on here wanted us to. Hell, even U of H played a better game against these guys with their 3rd STRING QB at the Rose Bowl! This is the tipping point of our football season and our UCONN game.... it will only get worse from here my friends. Accept the Holiday Bowl as a realistic goal and work towards that. If we win 6 of the next 9, I will consider this season a huge success. Yes, GG is talented, but theres no way hes better than Kinne. Hell, hes not even better than Johnson, Keenum, Dalton, Sheffield/Potts, or Griffin. His throws look like hes winding up to throw a slider, receivers are waiting on his passes constantly, and for some reason he has a knack for staring down receivers. I wish we still had GJ to breed competition, if anything. Plus the dude is tearing it up in Oklahoma! Anyway we can get a reverse-transfer or trade from Tulsa?


OU Suks Beer... anyone found it yet?

  Consider this your OU Suks beer thread... Im gonna be in Austin this weekend for the game and figured it would be the only time to pick up some of this beer. Yeah yeah, I know its not the best...

Tray Allen to Redshirt


Wow, I wonder what the over under on season sacks is gonna be now... ill go with 30

Any Given Sunday: The Houston Cougars Edition


In Any Given Sunday, star QB Cap Rooney (Case Keenum) and backup Tyler Cherubini (Cotton Turner) both get hurt during the same game and Willie Beamen (Terrance Broadway) steps in and saves the season. Could this happen to the coogs? Prolly not Before you laugh, poke and say im glad Greenspointexas is sad, I just wish the best for these 2 qb's and say what fun I had watching Keenum play at Robertson last Friday against UTEP. Here's to hoping he will make it at the next level. Hes been a hell of a leader and a fine QB and person as well. Go Coogs, rep H Town well


About scheduling "cupcakes"

Soooo, after opening against Rice today, I was wondering what everyone here at BoN felt about scheduling cupcakes for openers. Yes, im glad we play a decent team from time to time (OSU, TCU, etc)...

Adrian Phillips dislocates shoulder in practice, out for remainder of summer drills?


Adrian Phillips dislocates shoulder in practice, out for remainder of summer drills?

And on the cover of the 2010 Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine is/are....


Case Keenum, Jerrod Johnson and Andy Dalton With title that reads "A Cut Above: A Trio of QB's from Texas that will pile up wins, yards, and awards in 2010." Honestly, if you ask me, I love it. You got the best QB in the state in Keenum, the best dual threat QB in the nation in Johnson and the highly overrated Andy Dalton of TCU. Well, these are the best QB's in the state by far, with maybe Robert Griffin replacing Dalton for #3. If you love Texas football, pick up "the bible," because there really isnt a reason to get any other pre-season magazine than this one. This copy hits stands on Tuesday, June 15th

Vince Young cited for punching a man who was throwing the "horns down" sign in Dallas


Jeez Vince keep it together. I wonder if this will incur any penalty from the league.....

Texas A&M wins Mens AND Womens Track and Field National Championships.. again


2 years, 4 national titles in Men and Womens Outdoor T&F. Add last years gold title, and its 5. Horns Mens placed 17th and the Women I dont even think were in the top 25. I don't know what happened to our Mens and Womens programs in the last 2 years. Looks like the wheels are starting to shake ever since the departure of Jason Vigilante - the mens distance coach.. and stars like Leo Manzano, Trey Hardee, and Jacob Hernandez. On the womens side, Bev's teams havent been up to snuff since Marshevett left Austin. After following UT Track and Field for 6 or 7 years now, its safe to say the Ags have out-recruited us by light years and both their facilities and trophy case are much more impressive (in Track and Field that is). Wonder what Deloss thinks about all this Say what you want about the Ags, but even before yesterdays 2 natl titles, they were still easily the 2nd best overall athletic program in the conference and prolly a top 15 program overall in the nation. Thank god they can't field a football team worth the Charmin extra soft they wipe their butts with.......

Pac-11 to stay at just 11 schools?


per Austin Am. Statesman just posting this as a fan shot since the number of threads on BoN has tripled today

Texas Softball ends season with loss to ECU/ #2 Mens Tennis beat out by the Sooners


Feel bad for the softball team who lost in regional play but thought the Mens Tennis Team (27-3) would make it all the way this year. They lost only one of three times this season in an epic 5.5 hour match. Till next year I guess, Hook em!

Mack Brown and Nick Saban film College Gameday Commercial


Together. Looks like they are playing Jenga and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Honestly, I like Nick Saban. Looks like a nice guy to me

Lamarcus Aldridge Hurache PE's


Wonder if these are available at House of Hoops in Houston?

Sergio Kindle needs microfracture surgery

Here is the DMN link. Note that the link reports a story that Chip Brown broke at Orangebloods yesterday -- that Kindle MAY be having knee issues that MIGHT cause him to need microfracture surgery and MIGHT have kept him from being drafted in the first round. --GoBR-- Well that explains that

NCAA Football 2011 cover boy Tim Tebow interview with ESPN


Damn, was kinda hoping that they would do multiple covers like last year so that Colt could make a console cover.. but oh well. Guess i'll just have to spend the next year looking at his ugly mug as my background on the Xbox

How much would you pay for these?


Jamaal Charles game worn cleats up for bid on Ebay

New Kevin Durant KD II "Texas" PE Colorway


I would rock 'em. I still think its awesome just how much KD reps Texas even though hes from Maryland. PS - The website NiceKicks.com (which has been around for 5 or so years) just opened up their first store LAST MONTH. Guess where? Thats right: 28th and Guadalupe in Austin! I just stopped by there last weekend, I suggest yall do the same. Hook em!

Bobby Reid to try out at LSU's pro day


Kinda feel bad for him, kinda don't. Anyone here think he will even get signed as a FA?


Texas never was talking to the Big 10; shocker

Per ESPN:http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=4943237 Article paraphrased: Dodds says "good for us, but we never even got a call from them at all"   Again, just another off season...

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