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User Blog

Who gets farther in the Tourney? UT Mens or UT Womens B Ball team

Hint: Its an easy answer.     Your FanPost must be at least 75 words long. Right now it's only 5 words long. If you just have a quote, link, video or photo you'd like to share with the...

Texas #14 in newest Coaches poll rankings

Baylor and A&M unranked. Im still unsure how we are ranked this high. 23 or 25 would be more like it. But hey, any ranking is a good one! Hook em!


Way too early 2010 Football Season predictions

Its well known that my reactions and "insight" to Longhorn basketball and other topics on this site has been nothing short of ridiculous and short sighted. However, I am asking everyone to put away...


East/West Shine Game at 2pm on ESPN2 Open Thread

Roster info here:http://www.shrinegame.com/rosters.shtm Still mad that they moved it from Robertson Stadium here in Houston. Should be fun though to watch some people try and improve their draft...


Best 2006 Draft pick? VY, Bush or Super Mario?

After reading some ESPN articles on possibly re-thinking the 2006 draft pick order/decisions, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the top 3 draft picks of 2006 and decide really if...

Graham Harrell to OSU

as a "Quality Control" person, whatever that means


Should Dan Buckner be kicked off the team?

Yay or nay? Regardless of whether or not this case gets dropped, I still find it funny that our players even manage to get arrested while on full scholarship playing football for one of the best...


Will Muschamp to Tennessee? Lol

If he goes, I will stop posting on this site. For the last time people, he isnt going anywhere! Here is how it works: Head coaching job opens up - Some 15 yr old posts on FB that he would be a...

The coolest UT commercial you've never seen

The coolest UT commercial you've never seen

Anyone else listening to this song right now?

Fits the mood, also one of the best, IMO football related songs out there


Big Question: Did Colt finish most accurate QB?

What was his season completion percentage? Anyone know? Thanks for the help!


Im not sad about last night, im sad because....

We lost the championship in 3 sports in the last 7 or so months. First baseball (finishing 2nd), then volleyball (finishing 2nd), then Football (fininshing 2nd). We came so dang close in each one...

Its official: LA Zoo Orangutan picks TEXAS!

This whole article/picture/thread confirms it for me!


Boise State

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Again, you play an amazing BCS game and come out with a win to prove all the haters wrong. You shut up the overrated Horned Frogs fans and save the University of...

Adam James Closet Cell Phone Video: AKA Trapped in the Closet part 13

Adam James Closet Cell Phone Video: AKA Trapped in the Closet part 13


The absolute BEST game ive seen in the past 2 years or so: BGSU vs. Idaho

Wow. Forget UT vs Nebraska, ND vs. Boston College, etc etc. We have just witnessed one of the best college football games played since the 2006 Rose Bowl. The funny thing was that Rob Ackey (Idaho...

And the next coach of Texas Tech is.... this guy!

And the next coach of Texas Tech is.... this guy!

DJ Monroe DWI Video

I know this is a little late, but didnt see it posted on the site. Good thing he got pulled over, he definately should not have been driving. He even pukes in the back seat ("But I just choked on my bubble gum!").


What if.......

Its a slow night at work tonight so I was thinking about a few things that some of the other posters on this site have brought up in the past few weeks. Mainly, what would have been had J. Charles...

Shawn Williams is still out for the Horns game vs. Michigan State

not too big of a hit to the Horns, but wonder how much longer he will be out

The best season highlight video out there- *New*

Some of yall might have seen this on Mackbrown-texasfootball.com, but I think its the best ive seen so far this season (complete with dozens of Craig Way's calls). Except for the fact that the music is horrible

J'Covan Brown cleared to play against UNC

Per the most informative Longhorn sports twitter out there

PSA: Face Value BCS Natl Championship Tix onsale from Ticketmaster starting right now!!!

I know yall prolly already knew this, but just in case people wanted Rose Bowl tix for $275 each. I Just bought my 4.

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