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Positives and Negatives from Week 1

Last nights game was incredibly fun to watch. As a younger generation Eagles fan, the only coach I have ever known has been Andy Reid. Experiencing such a complete change in play calling and pace...


2nd Annual BGN Playoff Pool

I started this last year and got pretty decent participation. Thought I'd bring it back for another year to entertain us while our Eagles are playing golf. Hopefully this is the last year I do...


Forum for all sorts of mocks

(Not another mock draft thread no one cares. I know, I know) It's ridiculously early to be talking about this but that's reality at this point. I thought maybe this could be a forum for people to...


Putting the Season in Perspective

It's been awhile since I've done anything on here or really gauged the feelings of everyone on BGN, but with that said, I have to share my thoughts. The Eagles are 3-3 heading into the bye, losers...



Tampa Bay reached agreement w/former Saints guard Carl Nicks on a five-year, $47.5 million deal


BGN Playoff Pool Results!! The winner is.........

Thanks everyone who participated! Took me a little while to tally it up I've had a busy week. Amazing but only 1 person had the pats in the superbowl! The maximum number of points someone could...

The Whole SOPA Thing, Story by BSH


Jason, I noticed you didn't post anything about SOPA, but SOPA could really affect this site. If you guys haven't heard about it you should go read that article. It would be horrible if this happened


BGN Playoff Pool Update

Hope everyone's picks are halfway decent, I know with my packer saint nfc cg i'm screwed, but whatever. For the points reward system i think it makes the most sense to award points similar to...



what the fuck does brian rolle tweet. hes like talking to himself

Remember when Dennis Allen interviewed with the #Eagles for DC job last Jan. but decided to take...


Remember when Dennis Allen interviewed with the #Eagles for DC job last Jan. but decided to take the #Broncos job? Good times.

per @Jeff_McLane

BGN Playoff Pool

Just because the Eagles aren't in the playoffs doesnt mean we can't have some fun. I've organized a little playoff pool so BGN can all still stay interested in a fun way. Not sure what the level of...

Bleacher Report Mock Draft


They have us hauling in (in the following order) Michael Floyd WR Mark Barron SS Lavonte David OLB Ryan Lindley QB Audie Cole ILB T.Y. Hilton WR Eddie Whitley FS Quentin Saulsberry C Chad Diehl FB Davin Meggett RB not sure how much i agree with some of these picks. they have kuechly going early 2nd round. i also think this free agent class is stock full of talented recievers (bowe, VJax, colston) so drafting wr first might not be necessary


Evan Mathis

Evan Mathis is so cool. I'm currently playing Words with Friends with him. Does an athlete get much cooler than that? His name is ergoism for anyone else that wants to play. Maybe this isn't worth...


What is Our Biggest Need?

*edit* [what should we draft first] I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t know the answer to this question. As of today (12/5) the Eagles have the 8th pick in the draft. I’m not saying...


Reid Isn't Going Anywhere

BGN is blowing up with posts about Andy Reid needing to go. Am I mad about this season? Yes. Do I blame Reid? To an extent. I blame Reid for hiring Castillo, I blame Reid for refusing to give...

Is Andy Reid's Time Up?


A serious thing to consider now.


I Dare Someone to Find Positives. I Sure Can't

This team is really bad.  There will probably be dozens of fanposts saying the same things, but I obviously need to get this off my chest.  We really are bad.  The defense is horrible, we keep...


Lets Take a Look at All 32 Teams

Week 3 has just about come to a close and I though I'd evaluate all the teams based on their records and determine if their record portrays what their season is going to be, or if we shouldn't...


This is truly sickening, if I may rant.

Wow. There's not much more that can be said about the game today.  If it weren't for LeSean McCoy, who I believe is the best player on this team, there wouldn't have been one thing we did right. ...



So after last nights game I'm sure theres a lot of panic at the linebacker positiion, and rightly so.  I think Matthews in a few years could be a formidable starter, but I don't think he's ready...


Offensive Line

So the Eagles have a few question marks on the line this year after last years collapse, and i'm not convinced Dunlap or Justice are reliable enough to protect Vick's blindside.    I do think the...

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