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Robert Horry is a Hall of Famer. End the debate.


Robert Horry is now eligible for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Here's why he belongs and why there really should not be much debate about this fact.

Rockets blow big lead to the Hornets. Streak over


Rockets hold Hornets to 88 points. Surprisingly, 88 points was enough to win. The Rockets' winning streak is over. All of one night after a big victory against the Lakers.

Royce White gets advice from a new friend


Ruminations from the Bench: Where Royce White gets advice from a former Rocket who has all sorts of insight into Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets and the NBA lifestyle.

Is James Harden a victim of Hero Ball?


Is James Harden falling prey to Hero Ball? The game against the Miami Heat certainly indicates that he just might be.

The Dream Shake enters Year 6


November 2007 seems so long ago. Back in the before time -- before the Dream Shake existed as a venue for me to moan, cheer, complain about and support the Houston Rockets. Six seasons later, we...

For the last time, the 1994 Rockets would have beaten Jordan


A quick retort to Simmons' "footnote" column on Grantland about the Rockets' 1994 team being the most questionable of all time.

Kevin Garnett ruined it: Why the NBA’s "one and done" rule is better than the alternative


Kevin Garnett ruined it all. Why the NBA's "one and done" rule is a good thing that's better than the alternative and why it should probably be a 2 or 3 year delay instead.

Why Houston Rockets fans remain spoiled by Hakeem Olajuwon


Why the Houston Rockets and their fans continue to be spoiled by Hakeem Olajuwon's greatness.

How much is Linsanity worth in a trade?


Linsanity is two weeks old. But enough about the media hype. What value does Jeremy Lin have in trade?

I'm told there's this thing called "Twitter"


I created a Twitter account. This could be a worse idea than the Jump to Conclusions Mat. Or not.

Praise for The Dream Shake


"Makes other blogs look silly... adds a new flavor to NBA coverage." -- Complex Magazine "Just a great site with a great community." -- CBS Houston


Where to watch the Baltimore/Juggernaut game on Sunday?

As a preliminary apology to the proprietors of 360 Sports Lounge: I am sorry, but we cannot watch the game at your bar. The good guys (nor any other Houston team) have ever won a game when there...

The TDS Tip Jar


Got a tip or rumor for the writers? Drop it in the tip jar.

Five reasons the Rockets could not beat the Lakers


Can someone please explain to me why Kevin McHale was wearing a purple tie when the Rockets were playing the freaking Lakers last night?

A Memo to Chandler Parsons


Who let Chandler Parsons steal Robert Horry's #25? This is a travesty that much be corrected immediately. (And I like Chandler Parsons, which makes this all the more awkward.)

"I'm in a glass case of emotion!!!"


David Stern and Dan Gilbert have done the NBA wrong... and this is coming from someone who thinks the Rockets got the short-end of the trade that never was.

A Friendly Reminder: the next 10 months never happened


Why the lack of excitement for this upcoming 66 game NBA season? Because a year from now I'll swear it never happened.

My prediction for the NBA Lockout: brought to you by Phil Connors


I know someone who has a perfect perspective on handling a potentially long NBA lockout: Phil Connors.


How the Texans will go 9-7 this year. And why that is a *bad* thing.

In one month and six days, it will have been a decade since the tragedy of 9/11.  It will also mark the day our Houston Texans will host the Indianapolis Colts to kick-off the post-lockout 2011...


Why NFL Players Are Not The Enemy (Alternate Title: It's Not "Billionaires" Versus "Millionaires" Here)

Ready to string the players up for not immediately agreeing to the owners' proposal? Hold on a second and read this.

We won't have Shaq's fat @$$ to kick around anymore


Shaquille O'Neal has finally reached the point where his talent cannot overcome his laziness and appetite. He has retired from the NBA after 19 seasons. And only one ring sans-Kobe.

But What If McHale *Succeeds*, Mr. Solomon?


The Rockets and their fans deserve better local journalists. Not only are we stuck with Richard Justice, but now Jerome Solomon is trying to mimic those same negative qualities. The Kevin McHale...

Bring back the Kiss of Death: Why I want Mario Elie to be the Rockets' next head coach


the Rockets should hire Mario Elie to be the next head coach. I'm not even kidding. Elie has all the technical and personal skills to be successful as the sideline leader of an NBA franchise.

Coach Sleepy is gone. And no one should be surprised.


Rick Adelman is gone. This is not a surprise. It's also not a slam on Adelman's coaching ability or the job he did with the Rockets. It's merely a difference of opinion between Adelman and the...

Marcus Cousin's long, strange trip back to Houston


I think this is how Marcus Cousin ended up signing with the Houston Rockets today. I could be wrong though. [hypothetical situation involving Marcus Cousin, Daryl Morey, Les Alexander, text...

The Houston Rockets as... characters from "Archer"


The Houston Rockets as... characters from the TV show "Archer". Enjoy.

To all who watched last night's HOU/PHX game: Do Not Blame the Referees


Yes, the referees were questionable at best in the Rockets/Suns game last night. But no, they are not the reason the Rockets lost.

Rick Adelman has some explaining to do


The Rockets' youth movement has begun. I do not think Rick Adelman got the memo though. One of his eight bosses needs to inform him that Hasheem Thabeet, Terrence Williams and Patrick Patterson...

Looks like we will not have to worry about the Utah Jazz for the next decade


The Utah Jazz trade Deron Williams. Giving up on the playoffs, and potentially life itself. Hahahahahahahaha.

Reggie Miller not a HOFer? Blasphemy.


Reggie Miller not even being a finalist for the HOF is an absolute joke and should be remedied ASAP.

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