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I guess I am the only one who really, really hates the Utah Jazz


How can the Utah Jazz not be one of the most hated teams of all-time??? This I demand an answer to!

CP3 - Oh? This *is* the droid you are looking for!


Chris Paul wants to be traded to a contender. Am I the only one who thinks he and Yao Ming would work amazingly well together?!?!?!

Reasons to love the Rockets' new acquisition: Brad Miller


There are many reasons to like the signing of Brad Miller. Making Shaquille O'Neal want to punch you is just one of these...

Free Agency is basically over. So... now what?


The Rockets roster is overloaded. But it's not very-top heavy with talent like, say, the Miami Heat. Meaning Daryl Morey is not done tweaking a future champion.

Oh, Happy Day! A team I can openly despise that isn't the Utah Jazz!


LeBron James is a d-bag and the Miami Heat are now the most hateable team since the 2004 Lakers. Well, except the Utah Jazz. I hate the Jazz.

Draft Thread, Part II - The Rockets draft another Calipari player (Patrick Patterson)


Remember what happened the last time the Rockets drafted a player who played for Calipari?

Les Alexander is.... cool? Who knew?


Les Alexander is a poker player? Who knew?

Mocking the mock draft (because I'm bored, you see)


Mocking the mock draft by SI.com. Because I am bored.

And that is why we still love Crazy Pills...


Crazy Pills lived up to his name after winning his first ring.

We have an upset in the 'most punchable player in the NBA Finals' matchup!


It's amazing - Sasha Vujacic is NOT the player participating in the NBA Finals who is the most "punchable"... we have a new champion who has taken the title away.

SBNation meet-up - thanks for being there!


SBNation meet-up recap. Or something.

Dear Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson: Please tell your players to stop fouling. Please.


The NBA Finals have been an eyesore. Please stop fouling. The refs are calling maybe 20% of the fouls actually committed.

Good news: The Astros set the draft bar low for the Rockets!


It's really tough to be a fan of the Astros these days: they keep finding new ways to screw up. Fortunately, this implicitly makes the Rockets look better by default.

Three Rockets-related questions I need answered *now*!


Three questions I need answered about the Houston Rockets ASAP!

So I hear the NBA Finals start tonight


Enjoying stuff I wrote a year ago about how we can enjoy despising the Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Bosh gives his list: the Rockets are not on it. Do not look so surprised.


Chris Bosh doesn't exactly intend to play for the Houston Rockets next year. Move along, nothing to see here.

An open letter to the City of Cleveland


Did Cleveland really expect anything different in the end? This is what happens when you rely on Shaquille O'Neal and Danny Ferry.

Okay, *now* the offseason begins (Utah swept. Haha!)


Utah swept by the Lakers. The world rejoices. Yet another ringless year for the Jazz. Hahahahahaha. Karma.

Ha ha ha - suck it, Utah!


Utah down 3 games to 0. Not that I am rooting for the Lakers, but this restores my faith in the NBA.

Daryl Morey does not have a fan in Jerome Solomon


Daryl Morey is awesome. Jerome Solomon just refuses to see it because Morey won't be his twitter buddy.

Who is more worthless?


Thanks for nothing, Denver Nuggets.

Things to do in Denver when you're dead...


Losers of the weekend? Any sports franchise from the city of Denver. You suck, Denver Nuggets.

To begin our offseason - here is the first "DO NOT DRAFT" demand


One player the Rockets better not draft.

10 reasons to be glad the 2009/10 season is over


10 reasons to be thankful the 2009/10 Rockets season is over... and be eager to look forward to next year.

I guess it must be "overrated player" year for the NBA Hall of Fame


There is no way Dennis Johnson is a Hall of Famer and Rudy T is not. That's just absurd.

Follow The Dream Shake On Facebook


The Dream ShakePromote Your Page Too

Random thoughts on "Chris Bosh as a Rocket" in 2011


Five reasons why the Rockets should NOT make any effort to sign/trade for Chris Bosh this summer.

Has Shane Battier played his last game as a Houston Rocket?


Has Shane Battier already played his last game as a Houston Rocket?

The concept of a "curse" is overrated, but.........(Now with TDS' shortest recap.)


The Rockets two-decade long injury bug is really starting to get annoying. Can anyone explain it?

Ugh. That's all I can say - "ugh!!"


If you are a forward or center on the Rockets roster - you are simply cursed. The injury bug bites again.

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