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Love for GT began for me at the end of highschool when I decided my future would be engineering. GT is and was the Gold Standard for engineering, ESPECIALLY in the Southeast. After getting out in May '07 with a BSEE from Ma Tech, I went straight into Robins AFB in Warner Robins, GA. The 2011 season has been my first(of many to follow) with season tickets, though I was fortunate enough to attend random games here and there since '03.

Football is my passion.
Bushmills is my drink.
Buzz is my hero.
Coach Paul Johnson is my commander.
Georgia Tech is my alma mater and where my allegiance will always lie.

TO HELL.... WITH georgie!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NCAAF Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • NCAAB Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
User Blog

But Tech’s biggest problem Saturday against Georgia was no different than what its biggest problem...


But Tech’s biggest problem Saturday against Georgia was no different than what its biggest problem has been for four years under coach Paul Johnson. Their defense stinks. They can’t stop anybody or intimidate anybody. Two many games come down to pinball games. Bad defense got Dave Wommack fired after two seasons. Bad defense under Al Groh should leave his future uncertain at the end of a two-year contract. Groh hasn’t said definitively that he wants to come back, but the question Johnson needs to ask himself is: Do I want him back? This is no minor issue. Johnson has won 34 games in four seasons. The Jackets’ 8-4 record this season going into their bowl finale certainly is not worse than most projected at the outset of this season, and it’s probably better. But when you have a defense that ranks 43rd in yardage, 56th in points allowed and 89th in third-down conversion, you’re not going anywhere. ... Tech is no better off on defense today than it was when they fired the last guy. Nationally, under Wommack the Jackets finished 28th (2008) and 54th (2009) in total defense. They were 64th in Groh’s first season and went into this week 43rd. Scoring defense in the past four seasons: 20th and 38th, respectively, under Wommack; 37th and 56th (entering the week) under Groh. ... But the head coach isn’t going anywhere. Groh, we’re not so sure. And when Tech fails, it’s usually not because of the offense.

Schultzy @ Atlanta's Joke Constitution What do y'all think? Too harsh, fairly accurate, or off the mark completely? How many years should a coach be allocated to "recruit his players" before it can be deduced that there's not going to be some huge turn-around in performance?

Nesbitt now on the Active Roster for the Buffalo Bills


Joshua is back to his roots in the defensive secondary as a safety playing for none other than... Chan Gailey.

Orwin Smith may miss Duke game


I don't remember seeing him get injured during the game but this could be a major "ouch" for us, come Saturday.


Pulse of the Defense

This upcoming season, several folks are anxious to see the state of Paul Johnson's legendary offense.  While I am looking forward to that aspect of our 2011-2012 season, I'm really more interested...


2011 Footbaw Tailgatin'

So I finally got around to landing my own season tickets for this year.  Now to find a good spot to set up for a few hours prior to toe meeting leather.  Anyone have any good recommendations?  Y...

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