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User Blog

What. The. Heck. (Update)

Brandon Roy drives! He's met in the lane by Yao, who goes up for the block!   Offensive foul.   ...   The only thing that was really Offensive was the Refs tonight.   Yes, I did say...


A Blazer Perspective on the Matchups

Hey Rockets fans!   I posted this a couple of days ago on Blazers Edge, and it got some good response, so I figured before Game 1 starts tonight, I'd re-post this over here before it's completely...



The Matchup   Getting the Rockets in the first round was not great for the Blazers. Especially because one of the Blazers biggest strengths all season (the Center position) is now seriously...


When Brandon is Bad

Brandon Roy is Bad. It's quite obvious to me that he would have washed out of Mrs. Whitworth's kindergarten with this sort behavior. Just look at all of her rules he's been breaking.   He doesn't...


Rec'ing Ball Madness

The last few days has seen an interesting phenomenon. I am, of course, talking about the ever popular "Thank You" threads. It started out innocently enough, but then something happened.   (Big...

Hmmm... I almost nailed it.


This is an ESPN poll, it's pretty cool if you haven't seen it yet. This was mine.


Houston Rockets @ Portland Trailblazers Position by Position (UPDATED: NOW WITH WILDCARD POLL)

(UPDATE: This was made before I looked at the schedule. I had assumed that it was a traditional 7 game playoff matchup (HH,AAA,HH) instead it's the "weighted" kind or whatever it's...


Nobody expects the...

Spanish Inquisition.   Two players do not an Armada make. I'm very sorry if you have a particular affinity for the name, but this is truth. Maybe if we added Ricky Rubio, Pau or Marc, or Jose...



They were made for each other.


My letter to Bernard Fernandez (the guy) UPDATED WITH REPLIES

ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE "Portland hoping Oden isn't another Sam Bowie"   Really?   That's the best you could come up with? You were really scraping the bottom of the recycling bin on that one,...

Oh what the heck. A shameless plug.


Free Beer? I know it's bad to post this twice, but. There. I did it.


Out of Bounds? (free beer)

Ok. I'm not sure if Ben and Dave will be kosher with this, but I don't think it's out of bounds, so I'll tap it to myself and take it to the hoop.   This Saturday I will be performing at the D...


A Playoff Push & Trade Value

   One thing I've noticed through the years, watching many different sports, is that a players percieved value is much higher if he has played on a playoff team, especially one that has gone deep...

Book it.


Book it.


Injuries Re-shape the Playoff Race

The season began as it was thought it would.    LA shot out to an incredibly fast start, which would have been more amazing if the Celtics hadn't matched them practically win for win. Things...


One (or two) more...

Listening to the Quick Chat yesterday the thing that stood out to me was not that the Blazers had been shopping around the league, but that there was a trade fromt he Eastern Conference that could...


The TRUE value of Greg Oden (& Nate McMillan)

Last year the Portland Trailblazers finished 20th in the league with a rebounding differential of -1.0 per game. They averaged 40.7 rebounds per game (good for 25th) and they let their opponents...


Can they play together?

It's been proposed and debated, but I'd like to offer my 2cs on this topic. Can Brandon Roy and Jerryd Bayless play at the same time? First of all, it is very true that both Bayless and Brandon...


Dr. Darius or Mr. Miles

And so we are about to embark on another chapter in the continuing saga of Darius Miles: Lisa Dillman, LA Times: "The Great Clipper Experiment of 2008-09 continued this week with a new...

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