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Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Wrap-Up

Looney Tunes won. That’s the short of it. The end was, as could have been expected, less-than-stellar (and by the final score a totally unexciting blowout). However, the means justify the end....


CC Cartoon Challenge Championship

About a month ago, I could have run a yes/no poll that went something like this: "Is 'Looney Tunes' the greatest cartoon ever?" And the results would have probably been a resounding 'yes,'...


The CCCC Final Four: (2) The Simpsons vs. (13) Futurama

Matt Groening sent two shows from the Fox Conference to this tournament. one of those will play for the Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Championship on Monday night. The Simpsons was always a...


The CCCC Final Four: (1) Looney Tunes vs. (1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I had to use the old Turtles in Time picture. One of my favorite video games ever. And it's hard to make Tweety Bird look mean...but that's definitely a game face. The Tune Squad is a 2.5-point...


The CCCC Final 4 Is Set

Thank you, fellow 'Cloids for a stellar two week run at this completely irrelevant yet necessary exercise. We are sort of where we thought we would be. I did have more than several...


The CCCC Animated Eight: (1) Scooby Doo vs. (2) The Simpsons

The Cybertron Regional was BRUTAL, to put it lightly. Scooby Doo, King of the Hill, The Flintstones, and The Simpsons sounds almost like a Final Four in and of itself. Separating two winners in...


The CCCC Animated Eight: (1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. (3) Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers

Day two of the Animated Eight begins with the Springfield Regional and two shows who took quite different paths to get where they are: Who: One-Seeded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs....


The CCCC Animated Eight: (13) Futurama vs. (2) Rocky and Bullwinkle

Futurama. The Cinderella. Popeye was knocked out by Chip N' Dale yesterday in a match where he surged ahead at the onset but quickly ran out of spinach and conceded six of the final eight votes...


The CCCC Animated Eight: (1) Looney Tunes vs. (7) South Park

We made it folks. There are eight left (and you don't have to type out your votes any more)! Who: Number-One Overall Seed Looney Tunes Tune Squad vs. Seventh-Seeded South Park The Line:...

The CCCC Syndicated Sixteen: TUESDAY

A giant has fallen. Cinderella has arrived. Futurama took down Animaniacs. Yesterday saw mediocre voting turnout but extremely close results. In what's become the norm of this little...

The CCCC Syndicated 16

I had to think of something less 'NCAA-ish' than 'sweet' for the round of 16. Don't like it? Too bad (you love it you know you do). The in-depth analysis below is null and void. It's time to put...


The CCCC Sweet Sixteen is Set!

There are two Cinderella Stories still alive. a 15 and a 13. The big controversies thus far are (of course) the exclusions of Batman: TAS and the merit and worth of Dragonball/Z/GT....


The CC Cartoon Challenge - Round Of 32

Voting Yesterday was down (by a lot). You folks act like there was a Russ Smith event or Adam Duvall hitting a homerun in his first Major League At-Bat or y'all have lives or something, jeez... I...


The CCCC Round of 32: THURSDAY

Thirty-Two remain. Thirty-six have been CANCELLED. **CCCC ROUND OF 32 BRACKET** Today we narrow it further. Eight more beloved shows will be tossed to the side. One note...the 8/9 match up...


The CC Cartoon Challenge Rolls On

I feel as though it should be addressed in a place other than a reply to a 'you did this all wrong you left batman out these seeds suck and you chose them all wrong' comment. No offense to anyone...

The CCCC - Round Of 64

Now we get down to business. The CCCC Bracket is updated with the Play-In Winners, and now we start sending 'em off-air in numbers. Sixteen to be exact. Childhood (or adulthood) memories will...


Your Cartoon Challenge Play-In Game Winners

(^^HE GONE^^) Let's do this. Objectivity was key when I asked you all to narrow down 68 cartoons to fill a bracket. The absence of 'Batman: The Animated Series' is probably one we'll lament...


The Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Bracket

{EDIT: Bracket updated with game times} This seems like it’s taken forever. I wanted enough time to give as many people a chance to weigh in as possible. I won’t bore you any more than that....


Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Voting Ends at 5:00pm 6/18/14

We made it. The final day of nominations for the Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge. I've taken a few requests for a google doc to show which ones we've nominated, and have attached it below: CCCC...


The 6/16/14 CC Cartoon Challenge Update

Guten Morgen, 'Cloids. I'll admit that I said to myself more than once, 'this whole this is silly.' Why yes. Yes it is. It is also humming right along. I told you all last week that we had around...


Let's Pick The Greatest Cartoon of All-Time

Welcome, fellow Chronicloids, to my second-ever Fan Post. As we approach our second consecutive elongated spring sports season by cheering on the Cardinal Nine in Omaha, the inevitable is upon...


Four Tiny Good Luck Charms for the Cards

via Cardinal fans, meet the Sauer Quads (left to right) Lucas, Silas, Maxwell, and their sister Avery. They'll be cheering on your Number One Overall-Seeded Louisville Cardinals...

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