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Cavs enjoy homecourt advantage over the Lakers in race for the NBA's best record

From the PD, a short article outlining the remaining schedules for the Cavs, Lakers, and Magic. Home court advantage is in favor of the Cavs during the stretch, strength of schedule fairly even for all three teams, though the Cavs have the most difficult.

Justin Masterson's Value

This is from the Fangraphs roto analysis, but there's some interesting information regarding Masterson's numbers through the minors and particularly his splits. Of promise, it looks as though his slider is developing into a secondary pitch for him. He still lacks a good pitch to use against LHB, and rarely uses his changeup. I wonder what the pitching staff has in mind to address this (add another pitch? perhaps a cutter), or if anything can really be done considering his arm slot/angle seems to be the underlying issue to his poor performance vs. LHB.

Not a Rookie: Luis Valbuena

John Sickels did an article recently on Luis Valbuena in Sickels' "Not a Rookie" series. Talks about Valbuena's development through the Seattle Mariners minor league system and how both Sickels and Baseball America missed out on him during much of that time. Predicts that he will be an average second baseman, good pop, solid defense but with limited range that may detract from him being able to put up even average defensive numbers. One of the posters makes a point about Valbuena's ability to adjust when repeating levels, all at young ages, and the concensus seems to be that his BB% will rise this year as he's always had good BB/K rates in the minors, but didn't have it translate in his exposure at the major league level.


Lost Child

Hi, I'm stopping in from Fear The Sword (Cleveland Cavs blog) to see if the parents of one of your posters, atlantalove want to pick him up as he apparently got lost (maybe ran away?) and wondered...

No Foul Play

More on Lebron's foul rate, from Basketball Prospectus. Basically its been blown out of the water, that or Luol Deng is more of a superstar than James.

Cleveland Indians' Manny Acta makes a winning impression on fans at town hall meeting

halfway down the article there are some responses Acta makes regarding Choo being in the process of gaining his U.S. citizenship, Raffy Perez possibly being used as a starter, and Travis Hafner playing regularly as opposed to taking off every third game.

John's Farm System Rankings

This is an interesting post that was made by a regular poster over on John Sickels minor league baseball SBN site. He uses Victor Wang's system of valuing prospects applied to Sickels' rankings and guess which organization comes on top...

Cleveland Indians pitching prospect Josh Judy confounds the odds as well as hitters

There's mention of the Indians' annual winter development program. That Mark Shapiro created in 1996. As Judy states here, "A lot of guys involved in the winter development program have reached the big leagues." Also Peter Gammons spoke (will speak?) there, along with the St. Ignatius football head coach.


Trade Peralta?

In reading some articles about Mike Lowell being almost assuredly traded this offseason (the Red Sox signed Adrian Beltre recently, and have already tried unsucesfully to trade Lowell to Texas),...

Cleveland Indians Top 20 Prospects (John Sickels)

John Sickels lists his top 20 prospects for the Cleveland Indians over at his SBN site Minor League Ball. He notes that this list is "extremely preliminary". T.J. "Big Momma's" House getting some love making it in the top ten.

There is something serendipitous about Austin Kearns being signed to a a minor-league deal by...

There is something serendipitous about Austin Kearns being signed to a a minor-league deal by Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro. Both have long been admired for their potential, but both are widely perceived (at least in certain circles) as disappointments. Despite that perception (which is surely at least somewhat grounded in reality), both have had their moments -- Cleveland's 2007 ALCS run, Kearns' 2002, 2006, and 2007 seasons. By signing Kearns and Shelley Duncan to virtually no-risk, minor-league contracts, is Shapiro showing he's still capable of smart moves? Let's see what Kearns and Duncan have to offer.


Where Does Production Come From

This is an article from The Hardball Times. The author states his methodology as such: "Using Wins Above Replacement and corresponding dollar values from FanGraphs, I found the dollar value for every player who was worth 1.0 WAR or more in 2009. This introduces a bias by excluding many free agents who didn't earn their keep, but it has two benefits: It keeps us focused on players who really contributed, and it reduces the size of the project to something more manageable." There's a table halfway down the article that breaks down where each team got its production from and is simply another (graphical this time) demonstration of where the Indians front office has excelled and failed at.

Reflecting on the Cliff Lee Trade

Marc Hulet over at fangraphs takes a look at the trade with a bit more perspective as the season has progressed.


O/T "Sugar" (2008)

Seems the fan posting has been a bit slow of late, trudging to the end of a deflating Cleveland Indians season like this one will do that though. So I hope you don't mind a post that is not...

Prospect Review: Michael Brantley

John Sickels reviews Brantley's rise through the minors and how Sickels graded him at each level.

Ricky Vaughn makes "New Arms of the Week"

Beyond the Boxscore has pitch f/x on Ricky's performance against the Yanks, and that bum Heywood....

There is Hope on the Horizon in Cleveland

Once again perpetuating the belief that Matt Laporta can't play the outfield and the Indians would be dumb to play him there..... Also Jordon Brown fans sing praise! The no-pop first baseman should apparently be freed from his cage! Release the beast! And check out the big brain on Hagadone, ETA 2011.....from this organization!

Confessions of a rebuilding team’s fan

This article from THT was done by a Padres' fan in response to the Jake Peavy trade to the Chicago White Sox, but I think it has relevence to the Indians (and well he mentions the A's and Indians' fans directly a couple times). I think its worth considering how "typical" fans (and hell, us too) have reacted to the Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez trades in the context described in this article.

Windhorst: Channing Frye to sign with Phoenix

I for one am happy we didn't get Channing Frye (assuming we spend that money on another player). Kevin Pelton did a list of the remaining restricted and unrestricted free agent power forwards available this year here and lets just say we'd be better off with bringing Joe Smith back instead of Frye.


Offseason Moves Favor Cavs Thus Far (Updated through 7/14/09; Magic looking better)

(lack of) Moves so far this off-season have favored Cavaliers

Where's Jhonny's Power?

David Golebiewski takes a look at Jhonny's new found love for groundballs and infield pops.

John Sickels American League Central Draft Impressions

Likes the White pick, but doesn't comment on him being moved to the bullpen. Given some time to let it sink in, what do you all think of the draft strategy of this team?

Sizemore Will Come Around

This is more of a fantasy baseball piece, but the author looks at Grady's underlying numbers and finds that apart from being jammed too much and sucking on the basepath, he's been incredibly unlucky in the 'ole baBIP department.

Rest or Rust

Takes a look at the impact of long layoffs between series. Interesting, read, basically there isn't much of an impact for heavy favorites as they advance.


Fausto FX (Updated through 5/20/09)

APV wrote an excellent post recently comparing the Cleveland Indians performances thus far in the season to their pre-season projections. Fausto Carmona was one of the players highlighted who has...


The Existential Wedge

Fear not those of you defenders of Wedge from the heathens' call for his head. Do not shed a tear if that axe falls, the firing range fires, or the screw pierces the mine sweeper with the echoing...

Prospect Retro: Cliff Lee

John Sickels takes a look at Cliff Lee's rise through the minors.

"In certain cities, you can hear people heckling you from the stands," Sizemore said. "There are so...

"In certain cities, you can hear people heckling you from the stands," Sizemore said. "There are so many people screaming in New York, it's just noise. They were loud today, too -- until when we went up 10-1."


Teams who've won 65 games go on to win the championship 11 out 13 years

"History says such teams have an excellent chance of winning NBA championships. Eleven of the 13 65-win teams have won titles. But there never have been two 65-win teams in the same season." I think it just says something for how good a team has to be to win these many games and how much better this team is than the group of opponents it plays in the playoffs on average.

If you're in a really deep league and short of pitching, consider Jake Westbrook. He's ahead of...

If you're in a really deep league and short of pitching, consider Jake Westbrook. He's ahead of pace for returning from Tommy John surgery, and he could be back by June.

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