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Doubts surronding Dontrelle Willis' reason for placement on the DL.

It was noted in APV's fanshot here that Willis had been placed on the DL because of an anxiety disorder. Detroit had to petition MLB to get the ok on DLing a player for the disorder and it was granted. There seems to be some suggestion that MLB might retract the allowance following criticism about the way WIllis was reportedly diagnosed, through a blood test. I have never come across an anxiety disorder diagnosis by a psychiatrist (or any other physician) done through blood testing. To my knowledge, no such test is commercially available (i.e. has gotten beyond the research phase), and even if it did it would not be the sole diagnostic criteria. Either Willis and the team are minimizing the diagnostic criteria he presented to the team doctors or this is not an Anxiety Disorder. If it is the latter, I'm wondering what Detroit would gain by having him on the DL instead of sending him down to the minors?

Hafner story over at ESPN

Jerry Crasnick does an article on Hafner as he prepares for this upcoming season. Pretty in-depth. This line was interesting, as it speaks to some of the reasons why Shapiro thought it was a good idea to pitch Hafner the extension: "The Indians are known as a progressive, statistically enlightened organization, but Shapiro spends a lot of time talking about character, commitment, the "human element" and the personal qualities that made Hafner seem like such a good long-term bet." I do like the fact that he lives in the area (Cleveland) all year and helps out with the Boys and Girls Clubs and donating his time to the Animal Protective League.

Indians fans get prickly in Goodyear

Sound's like it set up like a prison down there the way this reporter writes it. I was wondering, anyone been there this year have an opinion on this. And oh my,,,,"By the way, we hear the Bertman's mustard wasn't there for the inaugural game. Good grief!"

Cleveland Indians Team Health Report

Will Carroll over at Baseball Prospectus has released his team health report on the Cleveland Indians. It is a pay site to read the whole article. I recently bought a month subscription preping for a fantasy baseball season, and also to read Goldstien's look at our prospects, its not a bad deal for month (about $5). The highlights: "The Indians do a great job with both prevention and management, which allows them to make educated bets on risky players like Kerry Wood. Year in and year out, Soloff's staff is always a contender, and that usually makes the Indians contenders as well." Coded has red (highest likelyhood of injury) Vic, Haf, Pavano, and Wood. No surprises this year, but also throws in Reyes as being "one point from being red". Once again no surprise. Carroll has raised concern two years in a row about Carmona, and uses his loss of control from last season as the source of concern of elbow issues, but for us following Carmona through winter ball and spring training, it looks as though he has recovered his control. Not sure if the control problems from last year would have strained the elbow and now make it more susceptible to breaking down while in his first season after recovering his control?

Statistical Shenanigans (Part 1)

I thought this article about correlation and regression coefficients as applied to baseball statistics was quite interesting. I know Chuck has brought light to this point and will probably agree with this following line by the author (John Beamer): "Correlation and regression coefficients are perhaps the two most abused statistical measures by (baseball) analysts. How often do you see a baseball study quoting a correlation of 0.2, or an R squared of 0.49, and being told that the result is meaningful? Quite often I’d posit. Is it? Some studies say a correlation of 0.3 is strong, others dismiss it. Who is right?" In a fanpost over at Beyond the Box Score, Sky Kalkman, three quarters a way down this thread, (a discussion about coco crisp defensive projections, which is neither here nor there) brings up a valid point regarding variance due to inaccuracy of a measuring statistic (or statistical tool) vs. variance due to (repeatable) skill and variance due to luck, in regards to using UZR defense metric. I've been somewhat concerned at what comes off to me anyways, as an acceptance of UZR (and any defensive metric) as equally valid a statistical measure as EQA or wOBA for that matter at sites like Fangraphs in evaluating a players overall value and using these values to formulate arguments in their articles. Anyone who has picked up a medical or scientific research journal can tell you that correlation coefficients are documented in about all of these published studies to demonstrate the strength of the(se) finding(s). I would like to see it be demonstrated more often in the baseball statistical analysis that I consume.

Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects

Carlos Santana and Matt Laporta go 26 and 27 respectively, The Weglarz pops in at 58, and some respect for our boy Adam Miller in at 82. There's also an interesting link here, that breaks down their list looking at where these players signed from, if drafted where in the draft, nationality, etc.

Young Guns

Josh Kalk over at The Hardball Times takes a look at a few young pitchers primed to make an impact around the majors this upcoming season, and surprise surprise Aaron Laffey leads the article. Color me excited about this quote from the article's author: "Laffey has a reputation as a sinkerballer, but he actually throws more four-seamers than two-seamers. However, Laffey's four-seamer has more downward movement than a league average sinker and his sinker is Brandon Webb-esque with its sink. "

Prospect Retrospective: Grady Sizemore

John Sickels recently completed a piece looking back on Sizemore's way through the minors. Per the comments on Sickels' page everyone has a player that reminds them of Sizemore.

BP Top 100 Prospects

Kevin Goldstein lists his top 100 prospects. Cleveland Indians' Matt LaPorta ranks at 30th, Carlos Santana at 33rd, and Nicholas Weglarz at 83rd.


In Our Defense!

 looked at our infield defense last year using David Pinto's Probabilistic Model of Range (PMR) defensive charts published over at Baseball Musings. As you might remember, improving our infield...


Linking Wood and DeRosa

In evaluating the Wood deal there was some dissent and disagreement in whether it was a good signing by the Indians. Kyle Boddy over at Driveline Mechanics wrote up a strong argument against the...

Marion to Cavs?

Rumor floating around about Shawn Marion being shopped by Miami and linked to a possible offer of Andy V, and Wally.

MLB.com top 50 prospects: Adam Miller makes #41

The rest of the list comes out in groups of 10 over the next four days. This quote from Miller's page is encouraging: "Adam is fully healthy and was throwing the ball very well in the Dominican Winter League. This is the best he has looked in awhile. It's all about health with Adam. We are going to have to watch his workload in '09 and the best way to do that is in a bullpen role." -- Indians assistant GM of scouting John Mirabelli


Adam Dunn anyone?

Matthew Pouliot over at rotoworld does a list of where he thinks the current crop of free agents will land. He recently re-hashed it since doing it earlier in the offseason, but both times he's...

Indians pursuing Hoffman, other closers

Nothing incredibly new here, confirms contact made with Hoffman's agent, but also multiple other back-end of bullpen options. This is an interesting point though: "Unlike some rivals also looking for a closer, such as the Tigers, the Indians could have an advantage by being flexible with a multi-year contract. Hoffman is not expected to fall into that category, most likely fitting under a one- or two-year contract, but other options could. Kerry Wood is believed to be seeking a contract of at least three years, while Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes will likely draw long-term contracts even if the bidding doesn't go as high as originally expected."

O/T: Christmas Ale has arrived! Christmas Ale has arrived!

As the calender turned to November, the elves at the great lakes brewery released their stock of Christmas Ale upon Cleveland and parts surrounding. Heed this warning though, the days of being able to down 5 Christmas Ales and successfully fly and land the Goodyear Blimp down to Akron, complete simple math problems (i.e. figuring the tip on your bar tab), or remembering where you parked your F'n truck are gone. That was months ago after a tolerance had been built up. Take it easy in the first few weeks, if you wish to avoid unfortunate outcomes such as nocturnal enuresis, waking up with work suit from previous day, or gout. But rejoice! as soon the winter months will become a blur and Cleveland Indians baseball will usher in the spring in what will seem like only days from now...

So How much would you pay Cliff Lee?

Tango Tiger asks how much a year you would pay Cliff on a four year deal.

Hafner Powers Aeros to Game 3 Win

I was going to make a fanpost about bringing up Laporta to the bigs once the Aeros season concludes, but I'll ask it over here and include Hafner in the discussion as well. The reason I ask about Laporta is that Milwaukee has just brought up three of Laporta's former teammates in Mat Gamel, Angel Salome, and Alcides Escobar. Milwaukee is obviously in a different position than we are in that they are fighting for the playoffs and any of these three players may provide a boost (particularly the catcher Salome). But why not bring up Laporta once the AA season ends? (I know service time, right?)


The 2009 Outfield

I know we've had a few threads discussing what we think the next year's team will look like (welcome back Casey Blake!), but I wanted to take a closer look at the outfield situation by first...

Future Shock - Carlos Santana

A quick little write up on the catching prospect we received in the Blake trade who has been tearing it up since the trade: "He's been even better since the trade, slugging .367/.441/.600 in 15 games for High-A Kinston in a much tougher offensive environment." Its pay content, but since the Santana blurb is the lead on the page you can read all about him even if you don't have a BP account. What is cut off is a little info about Beau Mills, in short he's impressing scouts with his bat, but his defense even at first remains problematic due to poor footwork. But hey still learning a new position, right?....

Eastern League All-Star Game: Five Minutes with Wes Hodges

A short interview by David Laurila from Baseball Prospectus, with Akron's Wes Hodges who's .315/.389/.474 line has got the 23 year old AA thirdbaseman on the path towards being one of the better prospects for the Indians.

Breaking down the draft: Picks 27-35

Alex Eisenberg over at THT has been breaking down the recent draft and has finally reached the Indians pick, Lonnie Chisenhall. There's a nice comparison of Lonnie's swing development, and few encouraging assessments (i.e. he has improved his ability to wait back in the zone before swinging).

BP top 100 update part 1....

Its pay material so the link won't give you much. But Miller drops a bit but remains in the top 60, while Hodges is bumped up a bit just within the top 80, and noted as a good bet by scouts to hit .300 in the bigs.

Martinez to miss 6-8 weeks.

So if anything Shoppach will get a nice chance to show what he can do with regular playing time. And hopefully it includes more running around the bases with a Babe Ruth homerun trot with a that goofy smile on his face.


Reining in Expectations for Marte

I think the majority here would support the idea that Andy Marte should be receiving more plate appearances than he has thus far and some would argue should be given the third base job outright...



Over at some yahoo fantasy baseball article , Brad Evans surmises that Victor Martinez has stopped swinging for the fences and has simply settled on being a singles hitter. He backs it up with some...


Watching Cleveland Indians Baseball: Like giving yourself testicular torsion

What a lineup today, heck what a lineup for the season thus far! In the past few days, we've managed to assert ourselves as the worst hitting team in the AL and the third worst hitting team in both...

Choo starting Rehab

It says that Choo's rehab assignment can last up to 20 days, so assuming the max twenty, we're looking at a June 1st decision timeline on where Choo fits in. Looking at Franklin Gutierrez's split vs. RHP so far (.615 OPS), Choo's bat can fit nicely in RF spelling Gutierrez on days against tough righties. Based on the limited use of some bullpen arms this year, I wonder if the Indians will go with an eleven man staff, and carry the extra fielder giving them more time to decide what to do with Marte and Choo.

SportsTime Ohio will debut a new show Tuesday at 6 p.m. "Indians Minor League Magazine" will take...

SportsTime Ohio will debut a new show Tuesday at 6 p.m. "Indians Minor League Magazine" will take a look at the farm system, highlighting prospects and staff. It will be hosted by Al Pawlowski and the immortal Mark Schwab. For those of you wanting a little more Indians minor league news.

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