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camby just got waived....


i hope we pick someone like him up. even though he's 39

well looks like shaun livingston is back in the NBA


I don't know i'm always happy to see him back in the league. hopefully he'll get to show the wizards what he can do.

nick young at a random wedding


that is our backup shooting guard. at least we know he's a fun loving guy.


WHY is there so much deandre jordan hate?

"overpaid" DJ (4 years 43 million) totally respected apparently kendrick perkins (4 years 35 million) h...

chris paul's tweet


Guys, I want to know what kind of clipper fan you are. what was the first thing you thought when you read that?

so my friend texts me today asking if I want to go to the suns game. his dad works for some...


so my friend texts me today asking if I want to go to the suns game. his dad works for some company that has a pair of season seats and i've gone before. Usually they are about 15 rows back, really good seats. anyway i meet him at staples center, and we're going in and looking at the tickets, and they say "row A". and im like, weird whats row A. anyway, this is the view from row A in section 112. I was sitting right behind billy crystal. and my friend was like, do you want to start a fire vinny chant now? and i'm like, i think we'd get thrown out or something. CP3 came to talk to him at half time and maybe 5 min into the 3rd runs by after he scores and points at him. it was so surreal sitting there, that i was sort of just in this daze all of the first half. but yeah great game. DJ looked really bored and half asleep when VDN wouldn't put him back in but well can't argue with the result, it was a close game when DJ was in, and not after.

I would have wanted to sign gerald green as a backup SG just for this


OMG that is insane. maybe he's not the best shooting guard in the world, but i think having him as a backup would have been great. plus look at that , can you imagine CP3 lobbing to him.

An Ode to marko jaric


Well this only vaguely has anything to do with the clippers. But it so reminded me of how awesome marko jaric has been for us. Not only did he get us sam cassell, in a way he also helped us get chris paul via the minnesota pick. And I supposed blake griffin jumped over this car and marco's wife is in the commercial. Thank you marko for all the good deeds you have done for us.

"Gallinari said, "We know that once Blake takes off, it's almost impossible to block his shot. So...


"Gallinari said, "We know that once Blake takes off, it's almost impossible to block his shot. So you've got to find him before he takes off. Timo was able to be on the weak side at the right time. It was a tough foul, but sometimes you've got to do it." Credit former Clipper Andre Miller with the suggestion. "He had a lot of dunks on us in the first half, and Andre Miller said, 'The next time he tries to dunk the ball, let's try to put him on his behind,'" Al Harrington said. "He almost still made it, but it was a hard foul and he missed. It was a definitely a statement for us, defensively, and it set a precedent for how we were going to play the rest of the game. Teams try to bully us because we play so fast, so it was good to be on the other end of it for once."" YES ANOTHER REASON TO HATE ANDRE MILLER

JR smith is basically campaigning to be on the clippers....


that was 2 days ago. this was 1.5 months ago.!/TheRealJRSmith/status/147155717625880577 I know some of the guys here don't like him. I personally totally would love to have him on the team (espcially after tonight's ryan gomes playing like crap starting for caron experience). but on the other hand, when was the last time you saw a player openly campaigning to play for the clippers!!!

apparently this is what comes along with JR smith.


I probably could be ok with it...since we still need a prototypical shooting guard sized player.

Bill simmon's predicts 44-22


He says 34-32 for the lakers and says the clippers are +10 on that. hahaha.


I've basically accepted losing EJ but we now need to move on...

Here is a list of guys we "could" go after.... JR smith (somewhat insane... but he is really good) who has an opt out for his china contract... Rudy fernandez who wants to start somewhere.... j...


kaman for collection of random young guys on the rockets? 3 way with hornets maybe?

had this idea earlier. now the rockets have a lot of young players, some of them are not very good but they are cheap and young and COULD be good just no one really knows... that said they need...

wilson chandler in china.


he's willing to play for some random chinese team. I hope after his 1 season in china people forget about him, and the clips can snap him up.


kaman for jeff green?

so... my friend and i were discussing this.  What do you guys think?   Yeah I know jeff green hasn't been awesome for the celtics, but as a 3rd banana type on the thunder he was pretty good.  and...

jamario moon !


haha i just finally saw this though i figure its old. jamario... ouch.

Deandre's finger-roll


Deandre's finger roll and dribbling from half court. I hadn't seen this from today and wow haha.

blake's tweet about baron


Definitely gonna miss playing with the big homie @Baron_Davis but wish him nothing but success and health.

so .... 47 year old michael jordan or ryan gomes?


HAHA, hypothetically now, who is the better small forward. i'm going with mj here.


sort of "good" news as far as our chances of beating the blazers on thursday

granted this could not happen to a better player, but if he's out for the game, i like our chances.  i still think a game on a back to back on the road will be tough but... h...

I hadn't actaully seen this yet, and i'm still a little shocked.


I hadn't actaully seen this yet, and i'm still a little shocked.


crazy idea.. but what about kaman for camby...

Now I know there will be some grumbling about how we actually already had him.  But doesn't camby work better with the rest of our team, given he's like an older wiser version of deandre, and we...

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