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World Cup IKTS 2014: Current standings

After watching 48 games of international clashes (ok, I admit I missed about 5 games or so) it's time to take a look at our Short Fuse World Cup I Know The Score competition. AStar had a very...


The Short Fuse World Cup 2014 IKTS

Put your Brahma, Caipirinha, Cachaça or Guaraná to the side, turn off the great music for just a moment, and take your eyes off those bundas for a minute. We need YOU to take part in the Short Fuse...

Position Statement for Tommy John surgeries among Baseball Pitchers


The American Sports Medicine Institute's (ASMI) official statement regarding the recent "cluster" of Tommy John surgeries (via MLB Trade Rumors). Contains nine recommendations for the baseball playing youth (among them: to specialize on becoming a pitcher only in later stages)

"Easy" introduction to using sabermetrics for analysis


An SB Nation stats page explains stats page stuff to stats page newbies.

Q&A with Sal Butera on Blue Jays video challenges (Tor.Star)


In an interview with Brendan Kennedy, Sal Butera explains how the review system actually works behind the scenes. Quote from article: Certain angles sometimes you get blocked. We had a play in Toronto where Ryan Goins had slid in (Goins was called out on a pickoff and slow-motion replays seemed to show he was safe, but the Jays never challenged). I never had the angle that eventually they ruled it on.

OT: Writer for TFC's SB Nation site on MasterChef Canada


Totally non-baseball related: One of the folks writing for the SBNation site for the Toronto FC, Waking the Red, is a participant in the first season of MasterChef Canada. The season started yesterday evening, and John Leung from Calgary made it to the next round. Good luck!

Working the graveyard shift at the Rogers Centre


Full title: What I learned from working the graveyard shift at the Rogers Centre

Author: Ryan Kohls

from last month's issue of Toronto Life magazine

An interesting "report" about working at the Rogers Centre when the spectacle of baseball is over. One of the "unseen" areas of our beloved sport.

Watching Like a Girl: How mainstream sports reporting gets female fandom wrong


Interesting article from The Walrus by Stacey May Fowles. Discusses the female Blue Jays fandom experience and some recent stereotyped portrayals of female baseball/sports fan.

Canadian player in German Cup Semi-final


Just a quick reminder for those with an in interest in Canadian soccer players, German soccer, or the combination of both: Today is the German Cup semi-final between Greuther Fuerth and Borussia Dortmund Kick-off: 3:30 pm EST (8:30 CET). I didn't see any live tv broadcast for Canada but a tape relay on Sportsnet World at 10pm EST has been advertized. Greuther Fuerth will feature Canadian forward Olivier Occean who is the current top goal scorer in the 2. Bundesliga.

Guys are just becoming perfectionists with their art. That plate is our canvas and we want to hit...


Guys are just becoming perfectionists with their art. That plate is our canvas and we want to hit the spots that we want to.

Tim Lincecum on this season's high quality pitching. I don't know whether he borrowed that quote from someone else, however, I like that approach almost as much as Doc's machine-like style.

Richard Griffin: Interview with Brandy Halladay


Toronto Star's Richard Griffin interviewed Brandy Halladay and they talked about the trade, leaving and loving Toronto etc. A really interesting and moving interview.

Jays face Halladay on Friday


The Phillies appear to have switched the rotation to keep Halladay on a five day rest. He's going to start the opener against us on Friday and Hamels will start on Saturday.

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