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What is the Value of each Sun?

Statistics are incredibly important in the NBA. They are important in talent evaluation, contract negotiations, but maybe most important to the casual fan in supporting or denying a particular...

Nash vs. Dragic, 5.5 years in

On January 21, 2011, I wrote a post entitled "Nash vs. Dragic 3 years in". Shortly thereafter, Dragic was traded to Houston along with a first round draft pick for Aaron Brooks. I was devastated....

Spacing: The Final Frontier

The Phoenix Suns are enjoying unexpected success in a season where they abandoned the safety of their tank in favor of a swarming ground assault. Reminiscent of the 88-89 or 2009-10 Suns, they...


Haremoor's: 'Twas the Night before Christmas

via i1117.photobucket.com ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and through US Air No footsteps were stirring, the silence was rare. The stockings were hung from the rim with great care, I...


Let it ride...

Well, here we are, a quarter way through the season, and guess what? We don’t suck. In fact, we’re pretty good. Surprise! Some of us are less surprised than others, but when even Hornacek can...

How many PGs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

There’s been a lot of discussion around The Bright Side about the recent acquisitions and the future makeup of the Suns. The inevitable line-up lists, the minutes distribution, the laments that...


A FUN Guide to the Phoenix Suns 2013-14 Season - In Latin

I, like every other Suns fan, have been wondering why we have (purportedly) 5 PG’s under contract for the coming year. Especially when we need a shooting guard (and one of the PG’s (Goodwin)...


Championship Models

What wins NBA championships? This one is easy. Talent wins championships. I made the case a couple of years ago that money wins championships, but that’s really only true if the money buys...


Will the Suns be Wiggins bad in 2013/2014?

With the addition of Alex Len, Archie Goodwin, and Alex Oriachi, and the apparent retention of (so far) Gortat and Brown, Ryan McDonough has put his big, wet stamp on the Phoenix Suns and made a...


Gordon or Bust(ed)?

There has been much lusting after Eric Gordon and Nic Batum on this site - young, athletic, volume scoring SG's who are Restricted Free Agents this year. Portland made a large number of drastic...


So, you want to bash Frye? Go ahead.

In a recent discussion, it was posited that the reason the Suns were on the outside looking in was largely due to Channing Frye's shooting woes. This is a difficult assertion to argue with - it...


Trolling, Tanking, and on being a Fan.

TROLLING From the Urban Dictionary: The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the Internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks:...


Guide for Suns Fans: How To Watch the Rest of the Season Like an Old Bull

A look at the rest of the Suns schedule in comparison to other playoff contenders and some advice for younger Suns fans.


An interesting idea for a title run.

In a couple of posts I wrote in 2010, here and here, we determined that the best way to build a championship team was to get top 5 players. But there aren't many available, are there? We've...


Nash vs. Dragic 3 years in...

       Lately on BSotS, the whipping boy du jour has been Goran Dragic.  It seems that he's being blamed for the woes of the second team, given that his +/- numbers are the worst among rotation...


It's not easy being 2NASHTY

2NASHTY.       The man, the myth, the legend.  Prolific commenter, BSotS ambassador to the SB Nation, passionate Suns fan...and (self-admitted) horrible speller.  During the playoffs last year, I...


Positive Thinking and the Pendulum Theory

     Recently, Eutychus wrote a very intriguing post called " The Pendulum revisited: Phoenix Suns Apologetics101 ".  It discussed his Pendulum Theory, and as most things do, it got me to thinking...


What, me superstitious?

     Well, here we are.  6-7 late in November, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM and GLOOOOOOOOOOOOOM are running around like hyperactive Chihuahuas that got into a stash of cocaine, the trade machine is broken...


Building a (Suns) champion...abridged version.

     I wrote a post recently called "How to build a Champion".  It took a look at a couple of articles and some financial data to see what positions were most important in building a title team....


How to build a champion.

What Does it Take to Win a Championship? An In Depth Look at NBA Past Champions by BSOTS Own Haremore


Those who ignore history are doooooooomed to repeat it.

So, here we are, 1-3.  We suck, trade Hedo, trade Clark, trade JRich, trade Frye, bench Nash, bench Hill, slap Robin... These are some of the alternatives that have been suggested as the panic...


A nostalgic look at the summer of 2009 on the Bright Side...

Things are slow…it’s late September, and we are searching for basketball news.  This morning, I decided to delve into the archives to see where we were last summer – coming off of a...


How to train your Dragic

       In all the discussions I've read here on Bright Side of the Sun, there has been a marked absence of discussion about one of our greatest assets.  No, not Steve Nash, the ageless wonder, the...


Comparing Amar'e to Bosh, Boozer, Lee, and Dirk

  Alright.  I'm bored.  Draft is Thursday, July 1 is coming apace, but all there is to read about basketball are Lakers, Amar'e is gone, Sarver is cheap - endless arguments about what the Suns...


How to write a narrative. OR...The BB Gods are CRAZY.

Allright, the narrative has been written, and now we know that the basketball Gods are f'ing mean.  And BAD writers.  Everything being said, I wish we could have gotten scenario 2 or 3, but at...

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