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Proud new papa of a 3 year old daughter. I could not ask for a better little girl, but ask me again in 13 years. I work in an IT Department in a West Texas credit Union. While I've never taken a statistics class I should since 1) I'm their database analyst and 2) I love stats - you'd think I should be a baseball fan instead of football.

Stats are important only to a certain extent in football, and I try to focus on the relevant ones (like why Vince Young should have NOT won NFL Rookie of the year in 2006; it should have gone to MJD or Marquis Colston - VY lucked out to play on a bi-polar team that either had a rock wall defense or a Swiss cheese defense)...but I digress.

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User Blog

Texans Sign Joseph - Make Defense Almost Respectable

Noticed Paul Kuharsky posted an article on his ESPN Blog - the Texas appear to have bowed out of the Nnamdi race, but still received a nice parting gift - Johnathan Joseph. h...


Estimated Cap Numbers per Team

This is based on the magical $120,000,000.00 figure being thrown around.  Also, base figures courtesy of ESPN. Note - teams can also "borrow" $3 million from next years cap to build in some wiggle...

Cecil Shorts III a New Father

Congrats to Cecil Shorts, father of a 8lb 1oz, 20" long baby. "Happiest day of my life!" "Ima be a cold father!!" "I have the coldest feeling in the world right now! I can't even explain how happy I am!! Thanks for all the love! #muchlove right back"

Long Arm of the Law Stops at "The Finger"

That guy next to you, wearing his Tim Tebow jersey, annoying you? Congratulations, sir, there is now a legal precedent to flip that s.o.b. off.

2001 Jacksonville Jaguar Playbook

Don't know how they got it, but here's a pdf of the 2001 Jags playbook (400+pages - 20 MB file).


Pass Happy League?

We hear so much about the rules favoring the offense (specifically when it comes to passing the ball).  Think back 10 years ago, and if you're like me, you remember the stud runningbacks, the...


Aimless Meanderings: It's Been Awhile

Life and work have gotten in between me and my posts.  Not like they're knockouts or anything, but I like to put my thoughts out there to see if I'm truly delusional or if there are some others...


Aimless Meanderings: It's Worse than I Thought

Want to beat the Jags? Run it.I was playing around with stats while avoiding work, and I saw something startling; the Jaguars rush defense was really, really bad.  I scratched my head and thought,...


[BLANK] is the reason for the collapse.

Scapegoat - Noun 1. a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.2. a goat let loose in the wilderness on Yom Kippur after the high priest symbolically laid the...


Fun with Numbers: Pass Defense

When judging pass defense, most of us just look at passing yards allowed or sacks.  I thought, why not rank all of those things and do some stupid number tricks to see a little more of the overall...


Thank God he wasn't fired

Weeb Ewbank was a foreign name to me.  But in checking profootball references coaching records, it stuck out that the man had coached 20 years, and had an all time record of .502 (130-129-7). ...


Aimless Meanderings: Fire the Coach Part Deux

This post isn't for or against firing anyone.  This is merely pointing out something some of us had said, but I don't think we'd ever looked at. Tom Coughlin was coach of the Jaguars for 8...


Aimless Meanderings: Garrard is who we thought he was

David Garrard: Not quite top 10 Quarterback of the Decade Of the 142 quarterbacks drafted since 2000, David Garrard is:11th in Games Played (86)9th in Passing Yards (16,003)10th in Completions...


My Post to StampedeBlue

Perhaps it's fanning the flames, but I personally believe that Brad Wells is an embarrassment to SBN.  I doubt my post will stay there, so here we go. As blogs become more prevalent of course the...


Aimless Meanderings: Oh Lord not Again

Jags - you're making my patience speeches pretty hard these days. "You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas."...


Aimless Meanderings: Fire the Coach?

BOOOOOO!!!!  The “Boo” birds are out in force today after that horrific outing last night, the “fire Del Rio/Garrard/Wayne Weaver” crowd is back in full force.  So, what would happen if...

Prisco: Spread the blame when examining bad O-line play

I normally cringe when I see a Prisco article, but this one is pretty interesting. NOTE: he ranked the Jags line in the middle of the pack (16th).

Worst Pass Defenses Making the Playoffs

The Jags secondary needs to start stepping it up. The worst pass defenses since 1990 to make the playoffs have well under the Jags current 282 yards/game (for some reason I thought that was higher - thanks Buffalo)... Highest in the past 30 years was the '95 Falcons (allowed 283 yards/game).


Aimless Meanderings: Goosfraba Edition

The sky is falling; the sky is falling.  The Jag Nation is entering the panic week 2.  After an elating win over the Broncos the bottom has fallen out.  Mike Vick, while a bit erratic, put up...

Good News/Bad News: Jacksonville Jaguars

I love profootballfocus. I don't always agree with them, but they have some really interesting articles.


Madden NFL 11: First Thoughts

The GoodRunning GameThe running game appears to be back.  The offensive line actually opens up holes this year.  In Madden '10 I literally gave up on being run first and ran a spread.  I...


Where Do You Find NFL Talent?

"Jacksonville should draft talent from local schools and the SEC REGARDLESS of talent"... I'm paraphrasing, but upon hearing that opinion expressed from a caller on the June 2nd Jaguars This Week...

Who is Tyson Alualu

We're starting to see what Tyson did on the field, but nobody really knows WHO he is.

Blast From the Past - Jaguars' Hard Knocks

If you want a blast from the past check out Hard Knocks from back in 2003-2004 on Hulu.

With the 3rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Gerald McCoy, Defensive...

With the 3rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle, University of Oklahoma. Tampa Bay has one of the worst defensive lines in the NFL right now, and after allowing 158 yards rushing per game they need major d-line help. They'd have preferred Suh, but luckily McCoy was here for perfect need + value. If St Louis wanted, they could have Tampa's gnads in a vise grip; while Tampa could use an upgrade at offensive tackle they really need help on the d-line, WR, RB, OLB, and CB. Eric Berry would be a luxury (especially at a whopping $31 million guaranteed), and Jason Pierre-Paul would be a major reach with huge bust potential. If St Louis and Detroit both grab the 2 defensive tackles then Tampa should fire sale; they have 10 picks right now including 3 picks in the top 64. Trade back and accumulate more picks, because they are void of talent just about everywhere.


Aimless Meanderings

The "New" NFLWhen I wrote an article supposing a majority switch to the spread offense in the NFL I didn’t realize its evolution would occur so quickly.  It’s appalling to me that the NFL is...

Jags vs Colts Replay

The replay of the Jags/Colts game from NFL Network Online

Mathis breaks finger, could have ligament damage

A weak pass defense may get a little weaker. Rashean Mathis will have surgery to repair his broken finger. Luckily the Jags have a bye, and the surgery is not season ending.


NFL Revenue Sharing: How it works

The NFL revenue shearing plan and the Jaguars


Change and the Jaguars: Is the spread-offense the future?

Will the spread offense become the future of the NFL?

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