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I love the unpredictability of sports.

I also really, really, really love the show, "Jerseylicious."

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Friday links


I had to write links in HTML again. That's why there is only stuff about whiskey.

Friday Links: This is Going Down in Flames.


It's the freakin' weekend baby 'bout to have me some fun.*

Friday Links: FIRE* Edition


Welp. This is embarrassing. What happened? The Capitals are playing better right now. Yeesh.

Friday Links: Join the Jackwagon Edition


Now that the typically defensiveminded Barret Jackman has scored 2 goals in 2 games, it seems that he is now nothing but offense. I fully expect him to grow flowing sex locks like Letang over the...

New season. Old spellings of names.


Alright. Tonight is the night. Hockey is back. Our beloved Blues are back. But I've noticed not everyone can spell the names of people on the team. Autocorrect is a fickle bitch, but he is not to...

Game One. Get yo' freak on.


The first game of the NHL season is in October. The first game of THIS NHL season is January 19th. I'm annoyed. You should be too.

Friday Links: The Fans Who Cried Wolf Edition


Links, like hockey, are back!

Sunday Links: Eh, Whatever Edition


Seriously, whatever.

Saturday Links: Training Camp Starts Edition

AHL training camps are starting across the USA [minus Colorado].

Sunday Links: How to Find Happiness After Heartbreak Edition


Short answer: booze. Booze is so good. And it comes in so many forms and colors and it's just fun. Long Answer: There's a website for that. Exchange love and significant other and crap like that...

Friday Links: Barret Jackman Smirk Day.


You heard it here second. Today is smirk at everyone like Barret Jackman. I will be Roman Polak and punch people who do. It's a good balance. Links: This is the only link that matters because...

Sunday Links: Locked Out


Ironic. I just finished participating in Fans on the Field today where I run through the major sports arenas in Denver, Pepsi Center included. Blues News: Backes. [PHT] Hockey News: You...

Saturday Links: The Impending Lockout: Sobering to the Point of Needing a LOT More Alcohol Edition


Blues News: Everyone to Peoria. [Star Journal] David Backes pukes on airplane ride. [Twitter] NHL Signings in the last 24 hours*: Shane Doan. 4 years. $21.2 million. [NYTimes] Milan...

Sunday Links: I Love Quarterbacks Eating Dirt Edition


It's true. Defense is the best. BOOM. I still don't agree with the Ravens winning that Super Bowl, though. Blues Preparing for a lockout and to play at the same time. [WaPo] Blues Related D...

Saturday Links: Bob Loblaw Edition


College football? US Open? Playing outside? Whatever, it's Saturday. Get it. Blues News: The Blues made USA Today! [USA Today!] Be the first! to own! a Tarasenko! Jersey! [St Louis Blues 14 Fund] ...

Friday Links: Do You Remember Edition


Today marks the one year anniversary of the Lokomotiv plane crash. Lokomotiv: Remembering. [NHL] It's been reported that the pilots of the Yak-42 falsified training documentation. Gut wrenching. [...

Friday Links: Hartigan's Unofficial Olypmic Drinking Game


So yesterday brought Tim Thomas' Facebook, Alexander Semin's contract, and Logan Couture’s Twitter, but today brings us the Olypmics and my abridged drinking game. Drink One: You hear the...

Saturday Links: Needs More Waffles Edition


Summer has great potential to be a great, great season if it weren't for the weather. Weather is stupid. Blues News: BREAKING: Ty Rattie is tiny. What? It's not breaking? This has been linked...

Friday Links: The 13th. Ba-ba-baaaaaaa Edition


So speaking of nightmares and such, this goal horn has woken me up for the last two nights. This frightens me to no end. Blues News: It's pretty quiet right now, but we all know things like to...

Sunday Stuff: Jarome Iginla's Birthday, Free Agency Starts, It's Hot Outside Edition


Instead of writing links, I penned this. GM Baby, slip a Suter under the tree, For me. been an awful good fan, GM baby, so hurry with that sign tonight. GM baby, a 27 year...

Friday Links: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii WANNA ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT Edition


Thursday is trivia night. Thursday is also when all I should due 90% of my admin work stuff. Friday links don't work because I start drinking at like 6. Just saying. Blues News: EXTENSION! [PD] ...

Sunday Links: Here's to Hildy Napping Edition


If these trades keep happening, July 1 is going to be exciting as last year's trade deadline. Sure, it's Iggy's birthday, but I'm greedy and want more. Blues News: Draftees, draftees, draftees,...

Wednesday Links: H.A.G.S. Edition


Have a great summer, every one. Oh, I was wondering what happened to 50 Cent yesterday, as I normally ponder the life choices of rappers. I just watched an update on a news station about 50 and...

Saturday Links: ALL THE SPORTS Edition


This could be the last day with hockey. How is it June already? I found some vintage Hitchcock that is worth his weight in gold. There's also moonshine tasting now in life. WC ticket news, some...

Friday Links: Euro Something 2012 Edition


Fun story: Until my permanent license arrives in the mail, I'm left with an invalid out of state license and a piece of paper. Bouncers are going to love that. Do not try to deny me alcohol...

Sunday Links: Anastasia's ALIVE? Edition


Have you heard there's a rumor in St Petersburg? Have you heard what they're saying on the street? Blues News: SCORE: Tarasenko is coming to St. Louis at some point. [pjstar] Looks like this is...

Friday Links: National Donut/Doughnut Day! Edition


June 1 is not between October and April. It's kind of a sad day, until you learn it's National Donut Day! Lot's of shops are giving everyone free donuts. Mine was delicious. Blues News: CapGeek...

Friday Links: Childhood Ruined . . . or is it? Edition


Today is National Geek Day or something. There might be a rumor that it's also National Wine Day, not to be confused with whine. Go watch geeky things and imbibe on grapey things. Links (sorta,...

Sunday Links: Again? Again.


Okay, now we're just losing it. The Rangers vs Devils debate went way too far last night, and went straight to an Albany Devils vs Connecticut Whale all - out fight. The casual Devils fan thought...

Saturday Links: Spring Cleaning Edition


It's metaphorical. The whole idea of spring cleaning - taking stock of what you have, whether necessary or not, more than enough or not - holds true to the end of any sports season. It's a pain,...

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