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I love the unpredictability of sports.

I also really, really, really love the show, "Jerseylicious."

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Friday Links: Sue, Sous and Sioux Edition


So much, let's just jump in. Blues News: Aww, Shattenkirk gets a little hometown love. [Greenwich Post] The Blues play-by-play men are under contract for next season - discuss your thoughts. [Post...

Sunday Links: One Goal Edition


I didn't get to watch hockey last night, I got to watch NASCAR. I'm shockingly okay with this. I'm shockingly not okay with the previous sentence. Blues News: Beer and Hockey - it goes together...

Saturday Links: Goalies Galore Edition


Goalies aren't my thing, but everyone else seems to like their crazy asses. Let's give the people what the want! - Something Hartigan has never said, and probably never will - it's just the...

Saturday Links: Goodbye Texas Edition


Poignant that I"m leaving Texas on Cinco de Mayo, isn't it? It's summer which means it's Hartigan road trip season. I know you are saying, "but, hockey is still going on!" Yes, exactly. Making...

Friday Links: Oh Boy Edition


After the game last night I feel deflated. I'll allow myself this morning to be angry, frustrated, sad, and the whatnot. Then I'll get over it. The only reason to look at past failures is to learn...

Sunday Links: Well, That Sucked Edition


Yeah, that escalated quite quickly. According to the Avs fans watching the game with me, that second goal against Elliott was typical Elliott. I refuse to believe that. Not a fan of the game last...

Saturday Links: Back in the Lou Edition


Who is excited for a game that starts at a decent hour? THIS GIRL. Let's go BLUES. There is hockey ALL day long. How exciting is that? First thing is first. Microbrewery tour. I will toast my...

Friday Links: Happy Red Wings Can Be Eliminated Today Day Edition


Shared barbs last night with a Sharks fan. Turns out he made it to St Louis for game 2. He had nothing but nice things to say about the niceness of the fans around him. You all are just winners....

Sunday Links: Don't Ever Open That Door Edition


Sorry, I'm not sorry. When this posts I will be in downtown St. Louis waiting to run 13.1 miles, because some of us are only half crazy. I'll probably be asleep before the newspaper men get all of...

Saturday Links: It's Raining Outside Edition


It goes without saying that tonight is Game 2. It also goes without saying that the Blues are playing the Sharks and Fear The Fin will be talking Blues/Sharks stuff, too. Blues News: Hey, cool...

Friday Links: Game Time Saves Face Edition


True story: The written/paper/published Game Time found outside Scottradeon game days is a saviour. How? Some of us found ourselves in a "Yo momma battle early this morning. Being faithful Game...

Thirsty Thursday - Blues First Round Schedule Released


The NHL has posted the Playoff Schedule. First game for the Blues is Thursday! Game starts at 6:30 CST and will be broadcast on CNBC. Let's do this.

Sunday Links: Playoff Beard Growing Contest Edition


That's a wrap, folks. It's time for the guys to participate in the beard growing contest. There are two different categories. The first is the best bad beard and the winner will win the Jarome...

Saturday Links: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Edition


I had a crash course in writing in HTML this morning. Fun fact: to bold something, it is < Strong > and < /Strong > TROGDOR Hockey. Let's chat. Bergland's goal = beauty. Everything else did not...

Friday Links: Gonna Get Biznasty Edition


Happy Birthday to an awesome person! May you have the greatest day ever. [You know who you are.] Blues News: On this day in 2012, the Blues will host the Coyotes. [CBSSports] On this day in 1947,...

Saturday Links: Magic Edition


Alright guys, look in the mirror, and tell me what you see. I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody! Blues News: Kelly Backes is the saintliest of...

Friday Links: Bummer. Edition


Blues News: I like this kid. [Wikipedia] Ladies sing the Blues. [St Louis Blues] Hey, Puck Daddy linked this article. Did you see it? [St. Louis Game Time] Reading Time 5 Minutes. [Post...

Sunday Links: Let's Talk Arizona Edition


Did you know that Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings Time? Did you know that it was 44 degrees there last Sunday and it snowed? Did you know that John Denver lived there? Did you know you can...

Saturday Links: Mastodon! Edition


Insert a comment so witty and funny it turns you absolutely green with envy. Blues: I want to know what's going on with the Blues defensemen! Gimme! Waiting until later today is not acceptable. [...

Friday Links: Coach said to fake right, break left edition


I'm pretty glad I stopped watching the game after Colaiacovo destroyed his back by hitting a goal post. A shoot out loss isn't bad, but the boys need to start scoring goals against really good...

Saturday Links: St. Patricks Day Edition


The name Hartigan is of the Irish persuasion. So I've created an optional drinking game that is in no way affiliated with whatever doesn't get me into trouble. Let's begin! Blues News: You're...

Friday Links: Are You Actually Surprised at the Andy Mac Debacle? Edition


No. Not really. Blues News: Ward. It had to be Ward. [The Charlotte Observer Newspaper] EGADS! Ticket prices will rise next year! It seems that it will be on a sliding scale. [Post Dispatch] P...

Sunday Links: Mr. 2700 Edition


Confession. I didn't watch the Blues game last night. Instead I went to watch Ty Conklin and the rest of the Red Wings AHL team get smacked by Joe Fallon and the Wild's AHL team. A good time...

Friday Links: On the Menu - Roasted Duck Edition


Let's cut to the chase. David Backes > everyone else. Ever since this article, Backes' offense output has been on fire. Blues News: Question. Is there any other coach in the running against...

Sunday Links: "We Lost to THOSE Guys?" Edition


Yes. We get it. You think the Blues are not a legitimate team. Why? Exactly. Now knock it off. Blues News: This team. I love them. [Post Dispatch] Andy McDonald's easy peasy goal. [Blues] The S...

Saturday Links: Fin-ish This Trip Strong. Edition.


See what I did there? I am sitting in my living room. Drinking Starbucks. In Texas. In a Team USA hockey jersey. I love America. And David Backes. I'm so American. I love it. Blues News: There was...

Saturday Link: Horny Edition


Some days you just have to pound it out. Also, with Road Music coming up in a bit, what does this matter? Blues need to focus on defense with Russell's concussion. [Post Dispatch] Jay...

Friday Links: Winners and Losers Edition


Busy day. Blues News: Blues Won . . . by beating the Predators. [CBC] Central Division stuff: Predators Lost . . . to the Blues. [Post Dispatch] Blackhawks Lost . . . to the Stars. [Chicago...

Sunday LiNKS: Mardi Gras 151 Edition


Drink if you thought Sobotka played one hell of a game yesterday. Drink if you almost fell out of your chair when Jackman scored his first goal in 151 games. Drink if you said "GODDAMMIT CHRIS...

Saturday Links: Pitchers and Catchers Report Edition


So you may or may not like baseball, that's not really the issue at hand. What this means is Spring is fast approaching which, in turn, means playoff hockey is fast approaching. Cue wide mass...

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