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I love the unpredictability of sports.

I also really, really, really love the show, "Jerseylicious."

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Friday Links: The One Where the Hawks Fans Made Fun of the Blues Fan ALL NIGHT Edition


Yeah, there are a ton of Hawks fans in Texas. Between the Blues score and personal victories, fist pumps were aplenty. There may have been a plethora of high fives. My arm is sore. Blues News: B...

Sunday Links: Powerful Power Play Edition


Most games that title would only be appropriate for April Fools, but Perron had 2 PP goals. Is this real life? Blues News: Winner Winner Very Annoying Autoplayed Video Chicken Dinner. [Post...

Saturday Links: Three Points is a Dirty Word Edition.


Ugh. Stop bringing a third point into the mix! It's getting ridiculous. I guess it's my duty to mention the great Avalanche/Blues trade of 2011 when the Avalanche play the Blues. I wish it weren't,...

Saturday Links: High Five Edition


Halak has five. Elliott has five. The Blues are playing team defense. I like it. Blues News: DAVID BACKES WAS IN HOUSTON AND DIDN'T TELL ME!? [OzarksFirst] St Louis' success measured by the...

Sunday Links: Life of Brian . . . Elliott Edition


What an inspiration is our little All-Star. He rose like a Phoenix from the Ashes. He's endeared into our hearts as Billy Elliott. Honestly, I've never paid him much attention, and it's safe to say...

Saturday Links: ASG Links #2


Ugh. The only game on at the hockey bar last night was from the National Basketball Association. Yes, two of the most riveting teams in the history of riveting teams - The Washington Bullets...

Friday Links: ASG Links #1 Edition


I wish I could be like Ovechkin and decline working for the people this all-star weekend. But, I respect and cherish each and almost every single one of you guys. Blues News: Should they stay or...

Sunday Links: Weeners and Limericks Edition


So Hartigan was busy last night and had me, thesystm (@dscoul), cover the links for this Sunday. Not really sure what I'm doing here, but we'll see how this goes. Apparently she promised a limerick...


Miller Light* GDT

Last year's Ryan Miller stats: 5 SO 2.59 GAA 0.916 SV%. The year's stats before that: 5 SO 2.22 GAA 0.929 SV%. This year's lighter version? 1 SO 3.16 GAA 0.897 SV%. He's given up so many soft...

Saturday Links: Fill in the [_____] Edition


Get out your No. 2 Ticonderoga and piece of paper to create your own links with SLGT Mad Libs! The way to play, after the jump you will have all of the parts of speech you will need to list. Then...

Stir-Fryday Links: I'm Hungry Edition


I'm out of ideas for titles. Whatever. Blues News: There was a game last night.[Post Dispatch] Outrage at something! [Post Dispatch] #BradLeeJinxesTheBlues #BradLeeHatesTheBLues...

Sunday Links: I didn't see the game last night and apparently, neither did the refs Edition


Judging from everyone . . . EVERYWHERE . . . the refs sucked the big one. If you're still pissed [even with the win], air it out right here, right now. When will this get better? Blues News: P...

Saturday Links: BRIGHT LIGHTS! LOUD NOISES! Edition


You drunk people always make my nights better. Keep it up. Blues News: Praising The Cock. [The Hockey News] All about Jason Arnott's stick. [Post Dispatch] Oh, the Wild? This game will move as...

Friday Links: Lemons and Limes Edition


Don't get the title? Email Brad Lee, and he'll tell you all about it . . . and why he hates the Blues. Blues News: Who doesn't love David Backes? Mr. Cock loves him. [BND] Negative eighty eleven...

Saturday Links: Dirty Jokes Abound! Edition


I'm pretty sure our minds will be even more in the gutter today, if that's possible. Something might explode. The Cock. B.J. Johnson. Duncan Siemens. Did I miss anyone? Blues News: The Cock...

Friday Links: Red Wings Suck Edition


Confession. The title has nothing to do with last nights game, but it has everything to do with life. Am I right? Also, who drank a lot during that second period? That was tough. Blues News: You...

Friday Links: Czech, Please! Edition


Being a hockey blog of sorts, is SLGT obligated to inundate you with all of the happenings of the Eastern Conference, right? Well, I missed THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR last night, but I did...

Sunday Links: Merry WJC Eve Edition


Or you know, Merry Christmas! I opened all of my gifts on Friday because I am insanely patient. I stumbled upon this gem of an article about Brian Elliott. It's quite special. By the way, we're...

Saturday Links: Whoa oh-oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh oh-oh Edition


I'm going to start calling Chris Stewart, "Bob" because he's doing that whole "baby steps" thing. I like the added prensence, and he is getting back to CGDS form. Blues News: Contest: Name the...

Friday Links: I'm on a boat! Well, a plane. Edition


Hip hip hooray for 6 am flights at airports 45 minutes away. That's my plan for today, while the Blues are going to be playing some hockey against the Coyotes. Blues News: Captain Schwartz. Team...


Questions about Traveling to CO

Hey MHH! Hartigan from Game Time here. I am headed to Colorado tomorrow for an awesome vacation, and I have a few hockey related questions. Does anyone know where in Steamboat I can watch any...

Sunday Links: Our Boat is JUST FINE! Thank you! Edition


It would help with the flow of the game if the Blues just played a man down the whole damn game. I also believe that the whole drink everytime there was a mention of the Thornton/Perron thing was a...

Saturday Links: Winnie the Poo Edition


Brad MF'n Winchester is back in the building for the first time since he got traded away. Riddle me this, why does it have to be the Sharks?! That team just makes me sick to my stomach with nerves. ...

Friday Links: Sorrowful Ice Cream Binge for Brucey B. Edition.


A loss for the Ducks means Haagen Dazs will have an instant bump in sales today. If this trend continues, Haagan Dazs might just be the breakout star on Wall Street. Blues News: Winner, winner, c...

Sunday Links: What? Edition


Typically a 5-2 loss to a divison rival would send me into hysterical fits of rage, but David Perron is back AND he scored a goal. I'll take it. I won't be so forgiving Tuesday, so the Blues better...

Saturday Links: Perronmas Edition


On the first day of Perronmas, my true love gave to me - a pair of pretty white skates. Blues News: Perron is back! [USA Today] The Steen holiday pack is a terrible snore - intentional...

Friday Links: Lack of Pith Edition


Nothing clever or interesting to put here today. Blues News: You can't have a game preview against the Avs without bringing up "The Trade." Just try it. Impossible. [FoxSports] Oh look, the...

Sunday Links: This Will Be Interesting Edition


It's a small, small world. Today The Cock faces a team who fired him with a team who is responding well to his coaching style. Also the BJ's have a guy named Clitsome, I can't take this seriously. ...

Saturday Links: Dance Little Monkey Dance Edition


Such a nice outing by Elliott! Now if only the Blues can somehow manage not to hang their goalies out to dry during critical moments of a game, what a goalie tandem. What a tandem. Blues News: O...

It's Black Friday, Friday Links:


I think I feel into a Rip Van Winkle situation yesterday after dinner [Texas cooks/smokes a turkey right] and slept for 12 hours. Also, I think Donut King might be the real Rip Van Winkle. Blues...

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