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I love the unpredictability of sports.

I also really, really, really love the show, "Jerseylicious."

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Sunday Links: Oh Jeez Edition


You know what was funny last night? The non stop updates on the Oilers scoring frenzy on the Blackhawks. I think I said something about Corey Crawford being "awesome" yesterday. You know what was...

Saturday Links: More to Come Edition


Blues at Wild tonight. Be there or be not in Minnesota. Blues News: My first instinct is to link this article every day for a week. Perron cleared for contact. Hmm, that's a pretty awesome...

Friday Links: Office Party Edition


Another full week for the Blues - more wins, a Shanaban, Fantasy Dream Night. I mean, my office is having a party today. I don't think it's related, but I'll pretend that the awards given out are...

Sunday Links: That Was Pleasant Edition


Wow, that win makes not being able to walk up and down stairs today almost insignificant. Blues News: Holy new guy, 'Cock man! [Post Dispatch] Go Rattie, go! [Buzzing The Net] The Blues are...

Saturday Links: I See Your Tesla Coils . . . Edition


 and raise you a pantsless bear with a leaf blower. I win. Blues News: So there's a game tonight. 7 pm. St. Louis, MO. Blues Thanksgiving Promo.[Blues] When I saw this headline for Kris...

Friday Links: What's Happenin'? Edition


New coach, a PPG, a win, a SO loss, a trade. That's what's happening. It's been a hell of a week. Blues News: Well, there was that trade last night. [Post Dispatch] And if you want a recap of...

Sunday Links: Falling Back Edition


I love a good double meaning for links. I hate the double meaning of today's title. Yay, for setting the clocks back. Fucking BOO for a Blues lost. Blues News: The more recent "woe is the power...

Saturday Links: BLUES WIN!!! EDITION


I wish there were some way to differentiate between Hartigan and Drunk Hartigan. Oh, wait. right here. First full week on the job and the newbie was treated to too many drinks. There's a lot to go...

Friday Links: St. Louis Bludinals Edition


I'm sure pre-riot Vancouver was very lovely, but now it's just, eh. Blues News: Cards personnel coming out to drop the puck and participate in practice is great. Fantastic. Really showing team...

Friday Links: Yum. Waffles Edition


I had waffles for dinner last night. It's like the dinner gods knew the Flames were the Blues' next game. Blues News: Blues to honor Demitra and Korolev Nov. 8. [bnd] Still in Canada! The Blues...

Thursday Links: I'll Take the Large Nose for 2 Edition


Blues News: Three in a row, oh yeah, three in a row. [Post Dispatch] You bet I'm going to link last night's Three Stars where Billy Brian Elliot is No. 1 AND had the Blues 1,500th win. [Puck...

Wednesday Links: Turning Strauss Shots Into Car Bombs Edition


Ignore the title. Just documenting some late night trade action on the Link Rat floor. Blues News: I've been jonesing for a game. Good thing there is one tonight. at 9. [Post Dispatch] There is...

Sunday Links: The Running Man Edition


Confession: Sugar Ray is one of my favorite '90s bands. You can catch them in St. Louis today after that Half Marathon / Marathon thing going on downtown. Good luck to all those running and stuff. B...

Saturday Links: Putting the FUN in Fundamentals Edition


Coach Davis Payne voiced his concern over the inability of his team to play a full 60 minutes of hockey. He then went all hybrid Herb Brooks and Gordon Bombay on their asses and focused on...

Friday Links: We're BAAACK!


Ah, nothing like a dinosaur reference early in the morning. The state of North Carolina and I have had a lot of good times, and one really bad one. I've even been meaning to road trip to a game, so...

Sunday Links: St. Louis' Day Out Edition


Busy, busy, busy! Blues hunting Ducks, Cards hunting "Beast Mode", Rams hunting a first win. Get it done. Blues News: The west coast trip continues against the Ducks tonight at super late west...

Saturday Links: Ghosts of Years Past Edition


Blues News: Check out "Men Behind the Note" tonight before the pregame stuff. [Blues] Hey, the Blues are visiting one of our least favorite hockey players! [Post Dispatch] At least we like their f...

Friday Links: Rule 76 No Excuses, Play Like a Champion Open Thread Edition


  The Internet blackout in this area is unbelievable. All I have is my iPhone, but I keep getting kicked back to the "Download the App, NOW!" page. What nonsense. It's okay! This is a perfect team...

Sunday Links: Shake It Off Edition


Yeah, it was the first game. Yeah, there were some good parts. Yeah, it didn't end as well as it should. Yeah, we should shake if off and move on, but I'm wasn't ready until now. Blues News: C...

Saturday Links: Christmas + Birthday + First Day of School Edition


If you couldn't tell by the 24 posts in 24 hours, we're a little excited by the first game of the season. I hope the team isn't as rusty on game days as I am right now. What was I supposed to do?...

Friday Links: That Was Long Edition


The Bruins award ceremony thing before the Flyers @ Bruins game was looooong. I was able to watch Phil Kessel skate down the wing and shoot; Phil Kessel skate down the other wing and shoot;and Phil...

Sunday Links: Really? Already? Ugh. Edition


I think each Blues member needs their very own cow for milk to build strong bones. Blues News: The boys go see "Drive" together, hilarity ensues. [Post Dispatch] Doug Armstrong wants to make the...

Saturday Links: WAKE UP! September's Over! Smell the BaCon Air! Edition


Yep, your request to be woken up when September ends was noted. Well, here it is! October! Blues News: FANfest today! Send in your pictures. [Post Dispatch] What the eff, Jeff? The cliff note...

Friday Links: Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying [for Bloozockey] Edition


There were Internet issues last night, then I got distracted by the sun rising [didn't know the sun did that!] coupled with a touch of productive procrastination and that equals late links. Blues...

Sunday Links: Disappointed in Big D Edition


I'm feeling bitter. F-You Friday just wasn't enough. Blues News: 5 in 5 is brutal. [The Hockey News] Slimming down the roster. [St Louis Blues] Hockey News: More suspensions. I wait with...

Saturday Links: *Blows Whistle* AGAIN Edition


Man, all of these preseason games in a row are crazy. Just like Coach Herb Brooks and his millions of sprints to make Team USA, TEAM USA. Blues News: Jake Allen! This article will also be known...

Friday Links: Plugging Along Edition


Blues News: Oh Dan O'Neill you crack me up (wink, wink). [Post Dispatch] The Wild have a write-up, but the best line has to be about their game tonight -"back in action tomorrow night, where...

Wednesday Links: Back in the Habit Edition


Well, how do you feel? A game situation practice isn't the easiest thing to watch from a fan perspective, but being able to project what the guys can do is pretty awesome. But it's good, I'm happy. ...

Sunday Links: Keystone Light Edition


Sunday Links: Keystone Light Edition

Saturday Links: Looks Like We Made It Edition


Saturday Links: Looks Like We Made It Edition

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