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O'Brien, Vanderlinden, Fisher and Schiano

Greetings all. I think O'Brien's done a pretty good job, but he's made a few bad decisions which is typical of any person's first time being a big boss. I think it's interesting that NFL teams are...


Gestapo Tactics

I was issued a warning for my recent post, which has been deleted, entitled "Fire Butler." I described my extreme dissatisfaction with last week's performance, noting that the team did not appear...


Fire Butler

Yeah yeah, sanctions, blah blah blah blah. I'm sick of excuses. These guys look similar to the Florida A&M pass coverage. I'm no Paterno-ite. I'm no O'Brien-ite. I'm a Penn State fan who watches...


Reflections on Sick Trash

by hatch, Black Shoe Diaries Jul 23 2012, 11:01a

Lou Holtz just made an excellent point: PSU ought to put a December trip to Hawaii on the schedule as a de facto bowl game for the next several years. Other programs that have been sanctioned (and...


An SMU Alum's Views on the Death Penalty

I grew up a fan of Penn State but I attended SMU. I thought maybe a few thoughts about what actually happened at SMU and the impact that the death penalty had on the culture of not only the...


No Coach By January 3

(Thankfully) Interim Athletic Director Joyner has announced PSU won't have a coach by January 3. Evidently he'd like the new coach to be able to have some time to converse with recruits before...


Penn State's Coaching Disaster

Despite being the second team to fire its coach, Penn State continues to languish as the only program without having made a hire. I attribute this primarily to the fact that a panel of...


Enough Repenting

Yesterday the university president was going to have a pow wow with media and students to discuss "issues." Today Penn State announced they are going to give $1.5m to "advocacy groups" related to...


Incredible Hypocrisy

Individuals had knowledge of child sex abuse in 2002. Instead of taking this information to the police, they sat on it. Nine years later the story came out. I'm not talking about Penn State.   I'm...


Because PSU Football Falling into a Black Hole is "Good for the Kids"   Maybe we can dig up some protesters who can explain how the program falling...


Can we all stop apologizing now?

Yes, self-righteous ESPN, we get it. Sexually assaulting children is morally reprehensible. As though we already didn't know that.   The fans didn't do this. The students didn't do this. The...

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